Deep Clear

Trick by Paul Harris
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Deep Clear

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Trick by Paul Harris (39.95)

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Deep Clear - magic
Deep Clear Deep Clear Deep Clear Deep Clear Deep Clear

Deep Clear by Paul Harris

20 years ago, Paul Harris set the magic world on fire with Deep Astonishment and Deep Astonishment 2.

Now, get ready for Deep Clear. The ultimate evolution of the classic effect.

What Happens?

A slim ID wallet is placed on the table. The audience can see a small packet of red backed playing cards inside.

A spectator names any short word, let’s imagine it’s “POW”. You then perform a short, fun little routine with a blue backed deck using the named magic word to achieve the magic.

But that’s just an amuse bouche for the real trick.

Sat there on the table, in the clear ID wallet are a few cards. They’ve been there from the start and have not been tampered with. Showing your hands empty, you pull out the red backed cards. Clearly written on the back of the cards is the spectator’s freely chosen magic word. “POW”.

The reactions you get to this can appear muted. The spectator often just sits there in silence. This is because what they’ve just seen is so impossible that they simply cannot compute what has just happened. You leave them with a feeling of nothing but deep astonishment.

What You Get

  • The super slim Deep Clear wallet
  • A USPCC deck of cards that make the trick work
  • Detailed video instructions

What It Isn’t

  • Secret writing
  • Rough and Smooth
  • Forcing
  • Memory work
  • Crib/cue sheets
  • Palming

Technically, it is very simple to do.

Order your copy now, this is likely to sell out.


Customer reviews for Deep Clear



First of all.. its Paul Harris approved. That should immediately make you want to throw this into your close up.
The video content is super well produced and makes it easy to learn and use within about 20 minutes.

I carry this very simple set up around with me to all the bars and restaurants and is a VERY strong piece of middle-end routine or even as a closer. I cant recommend it enough.



As a HUGE Astonishment fan, Deep Clear is really something every Worker should own. Beautiful prop! Nice routine and leaves you endless possibilities of your own,. You can make this a stand alone piece if you layer your routine correctly.



I just posted a full review of Deep Clear!

You can watch it here:

Hope you find this helpful :)



The gimmick is well constructed and clever.
The effect requires no difficult moves.
There is plenty of video instructions and other material that can be downloaded.
The prediction revealed can be made to be something truly stunning and meaningful for your spectator.

The described and performed routine provided is rather convoluted and complex.
You will need to spend time on a routine to make it meaningful to you and the spectator.

VI Monthly


The gimmick you receive is great, and there are lots of possibilites for routining, etc. What's important to know is that, in order to get to the "word reveal" at the end, you have to do a card trick first (the handling of the card trick allows the get-ready needed for the word reveal). That's where the problem with this product lies -- the effect they have constructed and teach for this "intro" trick is awful. Following release, the instructions were updated to offer an alternative handling proposed originally on the Magic Cafe in response to the negative commentary. If you have intermediate knowledge of card magic, you will be able to construct your own "intro" trick with some thought (there are several limitations due to the gimmicked deck).


Community questions about Deep Clear

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  • Ralf asks: Is the spectator allowed to turn over the cards on the table? Can he examine the cards ?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: It's possible, the spectator can tu?n over the cards by himself and examine the cards if they wish.
    • 2. Skott answers: When I perform this, allowing the spectator at the end to turn over is a Deep Astonishment!
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  • William asks: How much of a reset is involved?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is a reset. I imagine it would take about 30 seconds - 1 minute between each performance.
  • Marc asks: Is there a full performance? Or just quick cuts and video editing?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The video is the only one supplied. It is purposefully not a full performance. In its defense, I will say that if you quizzed a layman after a performance, they would describe what you see in the edited video as the "full" performance.
  • Peter asks: So I know this is not rough n smooth cards I wanna know will this last a while?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I've had Deep Astonishment 2 for 20 years and still use it. There's nothing to wear out with this so you should get as much life out of it as I did DA 2 :)
  • Rich asks: Can the wallet be examined?

    • 1. Don answers: No...
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    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There's no palming, and it is very simple to do.
  • Christopher asks: Does this also include the secondary Alakazam video instructions?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: It includes the Alakazam video instruction
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  • Rick asks: Going with the Alakazam handling, can anyone recommend a simpler method for making the chosen card disappear?

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    • Mark asks: Is the David Loosely video of his handling of the trick included with the video instructions? I heard his take on Deep Clear is fantastic.... thank you.

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I do not believe his handling is included
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