Trick by Menny Lindenfeld
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Trick by Menny Lindenfeld (99.95)

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Deformer - magic
Deformer Deformer Deformer Deformer Deformer Deformer Deformer Deformer

Menny Lindenfeld (the creator if the Ox Bender), is releasing his Deformer gimmick and let us tell you that this is worth your attention. Before you do anything, watch the trailer and see some of the crazy bends that can be accomplished with this fantastic gimmick.

What exactly is it? Deformer a new metal bending tool specifically designed for bending spoons, forks, keys and even nails, into impossible shapes. Crucially, it allows you to bend metal objects in new ways that you simply cannot do with just your hands. It is easy to use and designed for real world performances. The gimmick hides in plain sight.

The gimmick is high quality: made of metal and designed to last a lifetime. It resets instantly and there are no switches, pulls, or awkward concealments. There are also no clothing restrictions.

Here is just an idea of what Deformer will allow you to do:

  • Easily bend a perfect spiral twist into the neck of a borrowed & signed spoon, under the noses of your spectators, during a live performance.
  • Bend as many as 4 perfect spiral twists into a single spoon.
  • Bend, twist and break forks. During a live show performance, with almost no effort, twist the tines of a borrowed signed fork - into a corkscrew shape.
  • Bend the tines at the centre (upwards, downwards, or sideways).
  • Bend two tines simultaneously.
  • Create an “S” bend in a tine.
  • Twist borrowed keys into a spiral shape.
  • Easily break a key in half.
  • Bend a key into an arc shape.

Deformer comes with comprehensive video instructions (lasting over 2 hours). Menny teaches you more than 20 different effects to do with the gimmick!

DEFORMER™ by Menny Lindenfeld is the most amazing metal bending tool I have ever seen." Uri Geller

Customer reviews for Deformer



What a great gimmick and it does hide in plain sight. The video instructions and performance tips make this a splendid effect. Will take a little practice but all effects do. If you want to bend metal this is the way.


Community questions about Deformer

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  • Gui asks: hi does it work with any kind of fork of spoon like no exceptions ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are always exceptions ... for example really thick forks, or wooden spoons! But the Deformer does allow for a lot of different types of cutlery.
  • Craig asks: Hi does the gimmick need to be in your hand/hands when performing the metal bending?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: Yup! you will need to hold the gimmick when bending the object
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  • Avi asks: What are the angles for this trick

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You're pretty much angle proof but it will require slight misdirection.
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