Dice, Dice Baby with John Carey

Trick by John Carey
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Dice, Dice Baby with John Carey

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Trick by John Carey (25.00)

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Dice, Dice Baby with John Carey - magic
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John Carey's Dice Dice Baby project contains ten super-clean mysteries with dice are performed and taught in exacting detail. There's so much variety in this collection, comprising mental and magical mysteries. Super simple handlings that you will love learning and using!

Six mentalism routines - all of which require NO SLEIGHT OF HAND at all!

Four super visual close-up tricks - get some eyepopping magic a-happening!

Comes with everything you need - ten translucent dice, a carry bag and over an hour of in-depth teaching on a video download!

1. Dice Wave - A beautiful mental mystery involving a game of imagination.
2. Hummeresqe - Put simply, they just think of one of six dice and you nail it!
3. Hot Roddy! - A very clean prediction effect.
4. Evoque Dice - Another simple, but super strong prediction.
5. Gadabout Dice - A coin classic but now with different colored dice! Quick, powerful and visual.
6. Homing Dice - A fun and strong magician in trouble sequence.
7. Clearly Wild! - Wild Card but with dice! Quick and visual.
8. A Perfect 6! - A perfect six-way prediction where they make all the choices. You will love this!
9. Translocation Dice - A lovely Dice Across Across effect with an unexpected finale!
10. Covert Prediction - One deck of cards and a few dice and you will have a beautiful card at any number prediction. Super sneaky!


Customer reviews for Dice, Dice Baby with John Carey



This is an excellent product. I actually learned quite a lot about magic in general studying the tutorial. I love Carey there is something whimsical about him. The dice are really well made, and you get a few of them. Lots of thought went into it and I feel the price is fair on this product. Highly recommend this.



Probably the best dice routines I’ve bought! And it’s cheaper than the others too. The wizards at vanishing recommended this to me and it’s the best purchase I’ve made. I was able (as a very amateur magician) to do one of the routines to my family and they loved it.



You can't go wrong with John Carey or Big Blind Media. Put the two of them together and it's always gold.
If you're a fan of Careys card work you know what you are getting into. Straight forward effects that are easy to perform and have a big impact. The dice provided are standard but definitely eye catching due to their translucence. As soon as you pull these out people start paying attention.
Will you use all of the effects taught here? Maybe? Maybe Not. I use three of them all the time and they are a welcome break for people who watch me perform card tricks all the time. Dicewave, Hotroddy and Evoque Dice are where its at for me.



For those interested in something other than cards or coins, this is a terrific alternative to liven up a set. The dice provided allow easy practice handling basic coin moves (Bobo switch, finger palm) for the effects here that do not require a volunteer. The rest of the set allows one to practice and apply equivoque (magician's choice) in different ways. Dice Wave is awesome! John Carey is down to earth, modest, and really understands the perspective of performer and spectator when explaining each effect and the verbal handling to become a master of equivoque. Highly recommended for fans of Carey and those who want to add dice to their routine.



Everything here is simple and to learn, but it can be very strong for the spectator. The instructions and the video quality ist really good and John Carey gives you some good tips to improve your equivoque. Some of the effects are not very different and too many of them use equivoque, so you`ll propably use only one or two effects. But in my opinion the set is worth the price.



These are simple to learn, all explained In the video tutorial, demos followed by how to, you will see a trick repeated, just a different method with the same outcome, also there are familiar tricks in the video that are done with cards, and coins, this comes with the dice and a nice dice bag.
A good all round dice tricks, easy to watch, and easy to follow the explanations on the video.



This to me feels like a strange theme to assemble these routines for. 9 of the 10 effects don't use the dice as dice. Those routines would work exactly the same with colourful pebbles or marbles.The one routine where you roll the dice to generate a number breaks the other central promise of the project, that all you need is the dice, because that number is used to force a card from a deck.I would say this is very much a beginners product. The mentalism routines are a basic intro to equivoque and sequential elimination, the magical routines are good practice for the Bobo switch.Bottom line, if you're a magician looking to diversify, better material specifically about dice is out there. If you're new to magic, just starting out and like dice, this is a gentle introduction to some easy classic effects.


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    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: The dices can be examined as they are regular dice
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