Double Cross

Trick by Magic Smith and Mark Southworth
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Double Cross

65.00 usd

Trick by Magic Smith and Mark Southworth (65.00)

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Double Cross

The super visual, easy to do trick as seen on The Tonight Show. 

Remember the old trick of making ash jump from your hand to the spectator's hand? Remember how strong an impact you used to get from something so easy it was almost embarrassing?

Double Cross is a similar effect, now updated for the 21st century. 

What Happens?

You ask your spectator to close their hand into a fist. You then draw an X in the middle of your palm before closing it into a fist too. 

After the magical gesture of your choosing, you open your hand to show your X has vanished. The spectator opens their hand, and the X is right there, in the middle of their upturned palm. 

This gets reactions of a Blaine TV special, but without the need for a camera crew. 

The method is not only ridiculously simple, it's practical too. You get a specially made gimmick that is always ready to go. Simply pop the pen in your pocket and you're ready to create memorable miracles. 

You get everything you need to perform this: cunningly made Double Cross Sharpie, secret gimmick and an incredibly detailed, HD video instruction produced by MagicSmith. 

Remember: it's fully self-contained, resets instantly and you can perform it completely surrounded. You can even get refills for the gimmick here


Customer reviews for Double Cross







This is one of the greatest pieces of magic ever created. The only downside is if you sweat during performance it will be a little difficult to do, unfortunately I haven’t found a workaround for that. But this is still one of the greatest products available. It’s used by professionals like David Blaine, Dan White, etc. The effect is incredible and if you do your job right, the spectator will believe you never even touched them.



seems good



Double Cross is deceptively simple to perform and absolutely destroys spectators. I was hesitant to pick it up for a long time dude to some reviews saying that they had issues with theirs but I bit the bullet and couldn’t be happier that I did.



I love it! I’ve been wanting to learn this type of magic for long time and now I love it!





This is an incredible impromptu trick to carry around with you everywhere you go. The reactions are priceless, and it's extremely easy to perform.



Such a beast of an effect. Need to improvise something on the double ? Or you're just looking for a kickass effect. Definitely worth every penny.



Love performing this effect there was some things I just had to adjust cause it was difficult for me but other than that this effect is brilliant



A lot of thought has gone into this fine effect which goes over very well, and it's easy to perform especially if you're used to "handling" a spectator.
Expensive cartridge refills, and my pen dried up within only a few times of performing, however, Vanishing gave me an excellent and fast service in replacing the dried up cartridge with a replacement. Will have to see how long this one lasts.



Best sharpie magic along with smoke 2.0. With bit of misdirection this is easy and strong effect. I also use this with smoke device and the reaction is 10× better.



This product is well worth your money. I know its steep at 60 bucks, but the effect is so powerful I can say with full assurance that its worth it. It is very easy to learn and you can be performing it within an hour or two, just got to practice and make it look good, but oh man, people will remember you for this



Even though I just got this all it took was an hour of practice and I am now able to perform the routine. This is probably my favorite gimmick of all time. It gets the best reactions out of all my gimmicks. All in all really great product! 9.9/10.



I love this so much. It is flawless and kills every time. It is one of my goto effects and it's always in use. It is worth every dollar so I suggest you buy it now even if you're on the fence.



A killer effect! Gets amazing reactions and is really smart!



One of the best effects of 2015! I love it! Gets amazing reactions!



I take this everywhere with me! I love it! The reactions are amazing!



If you want a modern, pocket-ready version of the classic Ashes on Palm effect, this might fit the bill. Choreography and timing are what make Double Cross really sing in spite of a straightforward, relatively simple method. Don't be fooled by the ease of it; put in the rehearsal time and really fine tune the tempo and offbeats of this thing, and you have a powerful piece on your hands. Not really for me ultimately, but the years and years of strong reviews do not lie.



Love the effect only problem is have trouble with the pen secret as it a bit tight and I have a disability that effect my finger that I have to adjust it. Which mean also refill are a a pain it part of stuff it 25.00 or 6.00 and not including shipping. So if you have trouble with your fingers movement and loosing things this trick will run you almost $100 dollars


Community questions about Double Cross

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  • Brian asks: how simple is this trick to learn and perform for someone new learning magic

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This trick will take some practice, but is not out of the reach of a beginner.
  • Jeffrey asks: In regards to using an ink cartridge from a normal sharpie for the I need to break a sharpie to get to the cartridge???

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: I'm afraid that you will need to do that
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  • Bishoy asks: Does the ink come off easily from your hand cause I tried doing it with a regular sharpie and it barely even rubs off.

    • 1. Willems answers: It is not the same as a normal sharpie, there is an secret of how to get it off and it is very easy to do!
    • 2. Jack answers: This is a special sharpie that is required to perform the trick. If it was able to do with a regular sharpie, it would be a download.
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  • Jesus asks: Do you guys sell the sharpie with out the trick cause I bought the the trick but I have lost the sharpie

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately not.
  • Paula asks: do you haver refills for Double Cross pen?

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    • Louis asks: Can this trick still work without refills and if i do need refills can i get them at my shop

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It will work without refills, but eventually, you might need them. We do sell them!
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