Trick by Craig Petty
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Trick by Craig Petty (24.95)

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EDCeipt - magic
EDCeipt EDCeipt EDCeipt EDCeipt EDCeipt EDCeipt EDCeipt EDCeipt EDCeipt

Instantly know what freely chosen item a person is simply thinking of with “EDCeipt”, a powerful and organic EDC stunner from Craig Petty.

"Craig has been making waves in the community recently for very good reasons. He is creating masterpiece after masterpiece. EDCeipt is no different; it's incredible!" Peter Turner

What is “EDCeipt”?

“EDCeipt” by Craig Petty allows you to read minds with just a few receipts you can carry in your wallet.

5 receipts. 30 items. They choose one. You always know what it is...instantly. No fishing or memory work required.

"EDCeipt" is super easy to do. It uses a criminally-overlooked principle that takes just a few minutes to learn. You'll be able to perform a powerful and direct mind-reading effect anywhere you go. “EDCeipt” is the textbook definition of packs small, plays huge.

How Does “EDCeipt” Work?

“EDCeipt” is a definitive masterwork exploration of the Calculator Card Principle. This principle has been around for ages, yet is often brushed over by magicians and mentalists who underestimate the impact it can have.

The biggest problem with the Calculator Cards was always a lack of justification for the props. It was often just weird, suspicious cards with random numbers that failed to engage the audience, and instead made them curious to sniff out the method.

“EDCeipt” solves that problem by integrating the idea into a totally recognizable object: a super-realistic, innocuous store receipt. These receipts have been carefully designed to look identical to a real receipt from a real store (US and UK versions available). Made from tyvek, they not only feel real but are durable enough to stuff in your wallet and use for countless performances.

More Than Just a Single Trick

The core effect described above is actually just the tip of the iceberg. Craig has teamed up with some of magic and mentalism's most brilliant minds to deep-dive, explore and push the boundaries of tricks and ideas that you'd have never thought could be possible with just 5 seemingly-innocent receipts.

No stone is left unturned in the detailed instructions featuring tricks, routines, ideas and concepts from:

  • Michael Murray
  • Peter Nardi
  • Simon Lipkin
  • Lloyd Barnes
  • Javier Fuenmayor
  • Mark Lemon

You also get a BONUS 2-hour special from Peter Turner that is worth way more than the cost of the project on its own. He dives into everything from chair tests to liar/truth teller, crazy visual reveals, social media routines, how to perform over zoom and so much more!

In total, you get an unbelievable 6 hours of instruction and performances. An insane value when you consider the price also includes the high-quality props as well.

Expert-Level Reactions with Beginner-Level Skill

“EDCeipt” strikes the perfect balance for all magicians and mentalists. It requires almost no skill to perform, yet is powerful and versatile enough for any professional performer. Use it for everything from walkaround close up magic to street magic, stage and parlor magic, or even your Zoom magic shows.

”EDCeipt” by Craig Petty Key Details

  • Super easy to do
  • No memorization required
  • Sits in your wallet ready to perform anytime
  • Packs small and plays huge
  • Realistic receipts (US and UK versions available)
  • Tyvek material for increased durability

"I've been spending my whole life making my magic organic and Edceipt is just PERFECT. This goes straight into my wallet!" Henry Harrius

"Craig has reworked and polished a classic effect into something that is not only practical to carry, but finally makes complete logical sense. I can't wait to start using this." Michael Murray

"An original application of a great method. Brilliant thinking Craig." Christian Grace

"Craig has done it again. A magnificent multi layered routine with the perfect blend of method and mystery culminating in an impossible reveal as astonishing close-up and it would be on stage." Matthew Wright

"EDCeipt will find its way to wallets of magicians worldwide. It is organic and it looks at an old principle from a fresh perspective." Perseus Arkomanis

"Craig has created something special with EDCeipt! He has taken an old and underused principle in magic, and not only modernized it, but made it look like true mind reading." Kyle Purnell

"Craig's new effect EDCeipt fuses a classic methodology, organic natural props and the legendary Petty routining to create a hard hitting close up piece of mind-reading magic. I love this kind of conversational, off the cuff mentalism, I like tricks with an easily understood hook, logical props and a complete presentation - and EDCeipt delivers. Tuck it in your wallet, and you're all set to blow some brains." Phill Smith

"With EDCeipt; Craig has taken a tried and tested concept to new heights with the introduction of logical and flat-pack props, alongside lashings of clever and funny moments to drive audiences away from the possibility that any method aside from real mind reading could be at play!" Dee Christopher

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Customer reviews for EDCeipt



Fantastic trick and brilliant routine by Craig!! I think you really need this.

So easy and fun to perform, and you are so far ahead of the game here. Cool urban "mentalism" on the go. Endless possibilities.

Method: 10 (genius)
Teaching: 10 (all superb content, index/TOC would have been nice)
Quality: 8. Receipts are printed in Tyvek, so they feel a little bit suspicious. The other "negative" I found is that -at least- in the US version receipts are from different states, so ok maybe I am being too strict here, but why you would be doing groceries all over the states... again, most likely this will go under the radar anyways. As a 2.0 version I would suggest: (i) print a few copies in real "receipt" paper, and (ii) have the stores located in same city/state so the story can flow better if under scrutiny (would suggest a big city such as NYC, LA, or even Vegas, that anybody could easily claim that he/she visited there), and this trick would be 10/10 in all my categories (for what is worth :).



This effect is wonderful. I just keep it in my wallet, ready to go at a moment’s notice. I have only (seriously) gotten through the basic handling, this product has a ridiculous number of routines and scripting ideas for just five receipts. Barely anybody has called me on the Tyvek receipts, and Tyvek holds creases very well. I thought a progressive anagram would also be another good idea for divining someone’s grocery. My only complaint would be the structuring of the Murphy’s video; no time stamps, table of contents, nothing. You’re left on your own to find all of the routines. Other than that, EDCeipt is superb. Would give a 7/5 if I could.



EDCeipt the instructional video is loaded with information along with many approached as to performing this product. It came wrapped with care. I just thought they'd throw the receipts in a standard mail envelope, such was not the case. I was impressed by the care and respect they took just to pack the receipts, that in itself, says a lot. Then in-depth instructions on a product that's sure to impress. Thank you Craig Petty, and the team at Vanishing Inc.



Brilliant! When someone says, "You're a magician? Show me something." I take out EDreceipt. I can either stop after this or go in to Phill Smith's "Stegosaurus" and continue with more "mind reading" and leave my audience smiling and shaking their heads.



This is a brilliant effect. Lots of additional information from many magicians. I will use this a lot. Easily accessible from your own wallet. Public will not have clue how it’s done.



Great effect. Props look very legit. I love the many additional downloads and thinking from some heavy hitters. Highly recommend! ??



Such a fun effect and the quality of the prop is amazing. You can bring this anywhere!



Astoundingly clever variations and combinations of tricks over generations.
When you buy this, you’ll be amazed at how many effects and variations you’ll receive.
Not only different, but an entire book by itself.
Yeah, it’s gonna take time to go through. Worth every second.
Really, you get more than expected and absolutely more than you paid for.



Craig Petty has knocked it out of the park again! The props are incredibly realistic and fun to use. The value of the video instructions, which run several hours, by Craig and so many other magic luminaries, far surpasses the price of EDCeipt! When I see Craig's name on a prop, routine, masterclass, or project, I'm all in. You won't be disappointed!



This effect has been the subject of much controversy prior to release, but I will not get into the politics here.The basic effect is a wonderful spin on a classic method. It’s easy to do, and pack a bigger punch than it has any right to.

Craig is not a mentalist, which he freely admits, but this effect can be adapted to suit comedy or the more serious performer. (I’ve only watched Craig’s segment so far - looking forward to delving into Peter Turner’s thoughts).The receipts are made of Tyvek, which some have questioned. However, I don’t foresee this being an issue in the real world. They use real shops and real branded products, which further sell the illusion.Overall, I really like this effect, and (ignoring all the internet ire and the toxicity of that awful green website) highly recommend this.



Incredible! Craig has done it again. I know there is some controversy surrounding this trick, but it is still fantastic! Super easy, but gets great reactions! The tutorial is closer to 7 hours, and the instruction is amazing! If you buy this, you will never leave home without it and always have a miracle on your hands!



I think the idea and effect are wonderful and the accompanying videos are amazing and very thorough. A lot of thought and work was put into this.
I took one star off because the receipts themselves are all the exact same length and to me that takes away from them coming across as real receipts. They put so much work into making these receipts look real in every other way, except for the lengths.
Clearly most people won't notice it and it will fly under the radar, but it would have been nice if they were different lengths just to make it that much more believable. It was the first thing I noticed about them when I opened the package.
Otherwise it is great and there are many wonderful ideas presented. I'm thinking of going shopping at different stores and buying these items so I have my own real receipts to use.


Community questions about EDCeipt

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Jim asks: Isn't this the exact same effect as Paul Fowler's TRANSACTION?

    • 1. Jack answers: Same plot, different method.
    • 2. Craig answers: Paul’s trick is very clever and a totally different method. We were aware of each others releases before either one came out. They could even work together if you wanted
    Post an answer to this question
  • Ike asks: Does this come in the US or UK version? You

    • 1. Troy answers: In the video it says yes.
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  • Chris asks: Can the video material be downloaded or is it exclusively on DVD?

    • 1. Craig answers: The tutorial is online and can be downloaded if you wish
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  • Dan asks: I don't live in the US or the UK... Can you tell me the store names for each region ?

    • 1. Craig answers: You can the files when you buy the trick so you can make them up with local stores. Also Pete Turmer goes through a very clever method of how to make the gimmicks using actual stores where you live without having to design anything
    Post an answer to this question
  • Anthony asks: Does EdCeipt use the same method and produce the same effect as the previously marketed Age Receipts by Michael Weber and Tim Trono?

    • 1. Mr P answers: My understanding is that they are two different effects, based on an existing magic principle. If I’m not mistaken, EDCeipt includes a slightly longer tutorial video.
    • 2. Claire answers: A previously marketed Age Receipts does not actually exist, per se. You may be thinking of the Real Secrets release “Age Receipts”, a short article of a trick, which was, like all other Real Secrets releases, explicitly forbidden from discussion or any mention of its existence in the company of people who did not subscribe to these releases. Until EDCeipt came out, anyway. The calculator card principle, meanwhile, is timeless.
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  • Stephen asks: Is it not suspicious using Tyvek paper?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Tyvek feels a lot like receipt paper.
  • Brian P. asks: I see that I can make my own receipts using local stores. This is a great option! Must I use “regular” paper, or are Tyvek refill blank receipts available? (I like the fact that the gimmicks are printed on Tyvek, and would want to use the same material for the “local” store receipts that I create.)

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    • Michael asks: Who can/should I contact regarding a problem with something on the instruction page? Repeatedly I have looked and redownloaded the zip to find no UK file. Despite hearing otherwise from the cafe that it has been updated or is being sorted.

      • 1. Jim answers: Have you asked customer service? Wizards@VanishingIncMagic.com
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    • Eric asks: Does this relate yo power ball 60 in any way?

      • 1. Kirk answers: Not that I know of.
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