Eraser Coin

Trick by David Roth and Meir Yedid Magic
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Eraser Coin

35.00 usd

Trick by David Roth and Meir Yedid Magic (From $35.00)

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Considered by many to be one of the best routines ever invented by coin magic legend David Roth, “Eraser Coin” blends a delightfully deceptive illusion with an engaging premise to create an one-of-a-kind experience audiences will never forget.

After introducing a half dollar coin, you begin to rub the edge with an eraser which begins to impossibly disappear right in front of your audience’s eyes. This is repeated on the other end of the coin, with the sides being “erased” until you hold what looks like a triangle. You then start rubbing the eraser on the face of the coin and watch as your audience’s jaws drop to the floor when they see everything but the area between your fingers is now blurry.

Here’s the best part: this bizarre coin can be handed out for examination.

Unlike other knuckle-busting routines from David Roth, “Eraser Coin” is super easy to do. It is a remarkably visual and memorable way to end any coin magic set.

Each “Eraser Coin” comes with an upgraded version of the original gimmicked coin that has been slightly modified to look more realistic and visually satisfying. You’ll also receive an eraser and access to a comprehensive online tutorial where you can learn the routine from the master himself.

Three versions are available

  • Standard US Kennedy Half Dollar: This standard “Eraser Coin” is made using modern half dollars that were manufactured between 1970 and the present. It is the same version David used to sell at his lectures.
  • 40% Silver US Kennedy Half Dollar: This version is constructed using only Kennedy halves that were produced between 1965 and 1969. These coins are made with 40% silver meaning the edges show less copper during the “erased” phase than a standard Kennedy half dollar.
  • 90% Silver US Kennedy Half Dollar: David Roth’s preferred coin, 1964 Kennedy half dollars are made with 90% silver meaning they look and sound better than any other Kennedy half dollar.

NOTE: As each “Eraser Coin” is handcrafted by an expert coin maker, no two coins will be the same.

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Customer reviews for Eraser Coin


Pun Yin

This is a must have!! If you perform coin magic you need to get this as a finale of your coin routine!


Daniel Michael

Roth's Eraser Coin, to this date, is still a very clever & playful concept. A lot of time & effort would be required if you were to try & prepare the coin (U.S. Half) yourself. This alone makes it worth it. At the opening of the online instructions Meir Yedid covers some of the steps required in the preparing of the coin. They also provide an old presentation by David.



This product produces all that it says in the ad. Every single time I preform this trick I get oohs and ah. Ultra visual. The great part about it is that you can lead into this trick after doing some of your favorite coin tricks then saying, look I like giving my coins a little shine after each performance. Then watch their faces melt as your coin erases. So good!



This is a pretty good trick. I have a matching coin that I will use and let spectators examine before trick is performed and then secretly switch to gimmick coin. This makes it look more real. Price a little too high for this trick but one I’m proud to have.


Bruce F

The closeup I do involves the spectator’s comprehensive understanding of the objects I’m working with. If I were to pull a coin from my pocket and begin messing with it, the onlooker only has my word that the object is what I say it is.
Conversely, if I were to pull a coin from my pocket, flagrantly play with it and pass it around, everyone automatically has an internal understanding of the object I will be shortly working with. The level of audience involvement is many times greater and my starting point is unquestioned.
This trick is way overpriced for what you get and when I ordered it I was hoping a matching ungimmicked coin would be included. It wasn’t… it came with a pink eraser.
I spent additional cash to obtain a matching ungimnicked 50¢ piece.
The gimmicked coin is well prepared and if the price doesn’t bother you and you want a back of a 1950s magazine style trick that slips into your pocket and requires no practice to impress your friends, it will suffice.
If instead you are willing to spend additional money to procure a matching coin and a little time practicing your slight of hand, this effect has the potential to bend reality in front of your onlookers’ faces… and it can be handed out at the end, completing the circle of comprehensive magic for everyone.



I am more into card magic, but saw this trick and it looked really nice. In the end I am disapointed, specially for the price you have to pay. You need to combine or incorporate this in a coin routine to make it impactfull. As a stand alone trick it's not worth much. Only my 6 year old daugther was impressed, everybody else just knows what's going on. My skill level also doenst help offcourse.


Community questions about Eraser Coin

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  • Robert asks: One time use?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Nope.
  • Peter asks: How easy is it and can it be examined before and after the trick?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are no sleights and the coin can be examined. Total winner!
  • Daniel Jose asks: Will I only get gimmicked coin plus Eraser, and I will be able to do the trick? Do I néed a normal half dollar as well? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, you'll receive the gimmicked coin, Eraser, and access to a comprehensive online tutorial where you can learn the routine from David Roth himself. You do not need a normal half dollar.
  • Richard asks: I am sure the answer is YES, but just to be sure ... the coin allows you to perform or show FOUR things. One edge, a second edge, erase the back, and then the thumb print. YES? Richard

    • 1. Tod answers: Hi. I have a silver coin just like described. It is really visual and the spectators can't believe their eyes as you rub away a little, then a lot of the coin. The last kicker is when you show the part not erased. All that with one coin. It is a really nice coin illusion that is a bit different than your usual coin magic. They really can't believe what you did with just an eraser.
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  • Quenton asks: How long does it take for reset?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Less than 30 seconds
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