FPS Wallet

Trick by Brent Braun and The Magic Firm
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FPS Wallet

59.95 usd

Trick by Brent Braun and The Magic Firm (From $59.95)

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FPS Wallet - magic
FPS Wallet FPS Wallet FPS Wallet FPS Wallet FPS Wallet FPS Wallet FPS Wallet FPS Wallet FPS Wallet FPS Wallet FPS Wallet FPS Wallet

Now available in gorgeous, real black leather.

The search is over. A card-to-wallet designed to stay in your pocket, not your top drawer, is finally here. With it's slim and elegant minimialist design, and premium functionality, the "FPS Wallet" from Brent Braun and The Magic Firm is the everyday carry magic wallet you've been waiting for!

"Brent has solved it. I've seen countless wallets on the market but this is THE most practical for the modern performer. Best in class." Joshua Jay

The "FPS Wallet" (or fun, practical and sophisticated wallet) is so much more than just another magic wallet.

This extremely slim wallet is constructed with 100% leather. There is room for your ID, cash and credit cards. It even uses the same RFID-blocking material found in many modern wallets to prevent unwanted scans of your credit card information.

"The FPS Wallet" looks and feels like a normal wallet that you can, and will, carry with you everywhere. However, it also holds a powerful secret.

Inside, you'll find a remarkably simple, yet fast and practical, loading mechanism that Brent will teach you how to take full advantage of in the included tutorial. You'll learn how to set up the wallet, load it and use all it's features, including Brent's real-world handling of the Signed Card to Wallet and a special bonus routine from Gregory Wilson where a borrowed ID appears in your wallet.

You can get "The FPS Wallet" in either sleek, carbon fiber black, true black leather, or a special brown version featuring 100% Crazy Horse leather—the highest-quality leather in the world. The "Brown FPS Wallet" features a coating of natural wax that is buffed and polished to a smooth finish. It will only grow more beautiful with age as natural usage will change the tones of the leather to create the rich, multi-hued sheen that fine leathers are best known for. A stunning "True Black Leather FPS Wallet" is also available for those who want a more traditional black wallet without the carbon fiber look.

Key Features

  • Perfect every day carry wallet
  • So slim you'll barely notice it in your pocket
  • Super fast and smooth loading system
  • 5 credit card slots (4 internal and 1 external)
  • Clear ID window
  • RFID-blocking equipped

"Brent put decades of experience into creating a wallet uniquely designed for real world, regular pants, front pocket card miracles!" Michael Ammar

Finally! A flawlessly functional Card to Wallet, that actually looks like a wallet. Brent just raised the bar." Ryan Plunkett

"A wallet that finally fits my style. It looks so much like my every day carry, I have to constantly remind myself about the magic secrets within." Garrett Thomas

"Love the wallet. Smooth loading and for once it actually looks like wallet someone uses and not some crappy $5 wallet you found on the floor." Ryan Schlutz

"I've seen and played with a lot of wallets over the last 20 years. FPS wallet solves all the issues I've had with other wallets and it does it in a sexy, practical everyday carry style wallet. Simply brilliant." Adam Wilber

"Here's the thing with most 'card to wallet' wallets...... They are either HUGE & don't look anything like a normal wallet. Or they just look dumb. Or worse... Both! FPS looks more like a normal, plain hip pocket wallet than any other card to wallet I've seen." Nate Kranzo

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Customer reviews for FPS Wallet



So I did some research in several forums and magic reviewers, and this was supposed to be the best card to wallet, and guess what!? It is!

Great quality, can totally be your EDC (doesn't look like a magic or cheap wallet at all). In my view, it is kind of pointless to talk about EDC, since I think that it will really depend on what do you want to perform that day and so many other things (like if you are NOT planning to do card to wallet, or want to do some mentalism, you would probably pick some other wallet to carry that day). Anyways.

The wallet is great, the load is smooth, and the best here, is not just the quality wallet you get, but also the education/teaching you receive is just perfect (to the point and thorough at the same time). No stone left unturned, and you will end up with so many powerful routines to play/perform with (there is even one including a little flashlight, loved that one!).

Bottom line, this is how any 5 stars product should look like!!! Solid 5 stars.

If you like card to wallet, or want to learn card to wallet, look nowhere else. GET this!




I have found my EDC wallet! This is SOOO good! The ID transpo is the best part (tip: you don't have to use the flashlight. I've been doing it without and skipping the flashlight phase and it works - in my opinion - better than with the flashlight)



FPS Wallet is a great wallet for everyday life and always handy. It lets you do miracles. The load mechanism is the best. I couldn’t recommend this wallet more or any FPS products through Vanishing Inc.



For card-to-wallet, the FPS Wallet does everything advertised and more. There is ample room for other cards or bills. The money clip allows for each bill storage or an out-to-lunch effect. The card load is smooth and reliable.

And it looks like a normal wallet you'd actually use on a day-to-day basis.

I cannot recommend this wallet enough.



Wry good wallet that I am currently using as my EDC. The look is great and the load is smooth, MOST of the time. I say MOST because it does hang up from time to time. However it is the best front pocket CTW that I’ve seen



I love this wallet. I’ve owned several cars to wallet wallets over the years. This one is sleek, attractive m, and super easy to use. I can see this replacing all my other wallets for sure



The FPS Wallet is incredible. Brent Braun is a genius. I had watched many reviews on this wallet before purchase because I had never owned a magic wallet before. It was well worth it. At seventy dollars this is already a good price for a standard leather wallet. But, this isn’t any ordinary wallet. It also comes with Brent’s expert teaching which is just as good as the wallet.



Great wallet. But if your looking for anything other than a fast card or id card to wallet then idk. Its very well made and is best card to wallet ive ever used.



I am someone that doesn't care for wallets, they can feel cumbersome. I have started traveling around a lot, so a wallet is became necessary. I figured if I was going to get one, it might as well be one I can perform with. I am so glad I got this wallet! I got the brown version. It feels and looks great. I do wish they had a fake leather option, so here's hoping in the future they do. As to be expected it does take some breaking in. Things get stuck or can come out the wrong slot, when trying to get them out of the I.D. slot. However, it is getting better the more it breaks in. I was surprised that after a few days I could effortlessly get a palmed card into the wallet. Ah, I should also mention that the 2 slides it comes with were both in the wallet I.D. slot. In the video, Brent says one is in the box and I got worried it was missing, but all was well.

If I have one criticism it would be that Brent speaks really fast in the videos. But you will learn a ton. How to load it from different areas on your body, a no palm load, how to remove a slide, etc. When I read about the Gregory Wilson trick, I thought, "It can't be that good" I was so wrong, it is amazing!

The wallet has definitely got my mind buzzing, I have already used the no palm load as a billet switch to great success. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a nice everyday wallet that they can also perform with.



First of all, the wallet itself is sleek and functions great as my everyday wallet. On days I'm not performing magic, I sometimes forget that it's even a wallet meant for magic--it just seems like a high quality wallet! The card-to-wallet mechanism is cleverly designed and the load is easy to perform. The reactions you get for this trick are pretty incredible.



I just bought a 2nd one as this is my every day wallet. The loading mechanism is superb and the video instructions could have been sold as a separate download.
The style is modern and the workmanship is excellent, I suspect I won’t open the spare for a number of years, but as I have tried many wallets over the last 30 years I am not taking any chances that by this time it will be needed that it will still be available.
Do yourself a favour and buy one, you won’t regret it.



It'a great and easy to use! I also really love the quality of the build. Explanation videos are good too.



*Note: This review is for the BROWN (smooth crazy horse leather) version of this wallet.

WOW! I have owned so many CTW solutions over the years, but this one really stands out as an exceptional concept executed exceptionally. The wallet is nice and thin, making it functional and believable as an EDC. Loading is super quick and smooth, and the secret is so cleverly hidden, I'll feel zero magician's guilt putting it in a spectator's hands. To top it all off, the leather and craftsmanship are top-notch. In fact, as far as I can remember, this is the nicest wallet I've ever owned, magic prop or otherwise.

All of this greatness, and we haven't even addressed the detailed, easy-to-follow instruction. Every angle and subtlety of this classic of magic is considered and thoughtfully communicated in nearly two hours of video. This is the REAL work.

Bravo, Mr. Braun! This bad boy is a masterpiece.



The FPS Wallet exceeded all my expectations as a product. It's design is super clever, functional and will be a fooler. I can't imagine a better wallet for this effect, but with that covered, I'd like to turn my attention to the other star in this: Brent Braun's included tutorial.

This is not only one of the most thorough tutorials for any magic product I have ever purchased, but it is expertly presented by Brent who shows a keen awareness of where to put emphasis, and where your attention should be focused on every aspect of the learning process.

Many of the elements to these tricks were relatively new to me, and I had no difficulty following the instruction. Not only that, the nuances provided on each step of the presentation were so insightful, not just for these tricks, but for magic in general.

This is a master class in teaching, and other magic productions should take notes. The video itself is worth the price of admission, and the wallet will not disappoint.



This was my first "magic" wallet, it looks like a regular wallet. It has become my everyday wallet now. The load will take some time to master but it works well. Also a really good price! I had wanted do to card to wallet for a long time and this gimmicked wallet allows me to do that for a reasonable price. The quality appear to be very good.



I've always hated magic wallets. They either have zippers that no one would have, looked like something my great grandfather would carry or couldn't be used for anything but that one trick.

NOT ANY MORE! This wallet is great. Not only will you be able to do several magical things with it, its actually a real wallet you can and will use daily. Also included with the purchase is great (both in length and quality) video instruction.

This is one trick you'll never leave home without!



Great wallet, the load is super smooth , instructions are clear and for all skill levels.
I used to work in a magic store so I’ve seen many wallets that accomplish this come and go, this is by far the best I have handled.
I do prefer the method of stealing and loading the card by Patrick Kun but good news is that if you are new to palming cards you don’t have to worry , Brent will walk you through in sort of a master class of card to wallet, even a routine where you don’t have to palm anything so you can start performing with your new wallet,

Quality wise is superb , love the design , I do find the money clip very useful for some routines I do , but if doesn’t appeal to you , you can simply remove it.

And if you are a magician and had a card to wallet before , you’ll be glad that the s***ers on this one will not get stuck, they go in like butter along with the card.



A great wallet, it looks good, it is well made, its nice and slim, there are no obviouse signs of the loading system to the spectators when using this wallet.
Just under two hours of the video tutorial, (WOW), covering every thing you need to know on how to handle the wallet, including variouse tricks which are explained in detail, with different camera angels so you can see whats going on from the magicians view, and from the spectators view. Very well thought of video, with so much information, plus the wallet, a great item to purchase.



Very nice quality. It will take a little breaking in, just like any other leather item, like shoes. Break it in and it will feel as if it's an extension of your body.



Sadly, there is nothing above excellent to rate this wallet. The load is so smooth! Brent Braun has taken all that you ever knew wrong with the card to wallet tricks and solved them with the FPS wallet. There are multiple load techniques taught on a Masterclass level tutorial by Brent. He doesn't just show you how to do the Magic bits once and walk away. You will receive an in depth training from Brent that covers all the nuances. Interestingly, you'll also get numerous compliments on your new fabulous looking sleek wallet. I have never been complimented on my wallet until the FPS came along. At the store, grocery, gas station, etc. there have been numerous compliments. Brent also teaches you a Gregory Wilson take on the wallet that is stellar. If you haven't bought this yet....well, there are no excuses. This is something you'll want in your pants!



Best wallet I've ever, this one immediately went into my pocket (replacing my EDC) not my drawer. No need to choose between form or function, it has both. The only thing I didn't like was the money clip. Not only did it add bulk, but I wasn't sure about the function either. Luckily it slid right out and it was simple to modify one of the pockets to easily accommodate bills folded in half. Now it is perfect!



Got the wallet early from Brent. Let me tell you it’s great. Right before I got FPS I got real mans wallet and Card to wallet to quiver. Truth is they just went the drawer. FPS is THE ultimate card to wallet with some really cool features. It also looks amazing. Just look at it for yourself. Also the tutorial is long and detailed with lots of great ideas. Brent goes over everything. My favorite part is the money clip is removable and can be moved. Not only that you perform an out to lunch routine. Oh and I did I mention it can be loaded in your front pocket. Don’t miss out on it. This one is going to go quick.



I received a prerelease wallet. Brent has created a great wallet for everyday life. He then goes on to teach a plethora of knowledge that lets you do miracles with the same wallet. The most brilliant part of the wallet is where you load it. On most wallets you need to hide the loading pocket or hold the wallet in a weird way so spectators can’t see the load. On Brent’s FPS wallet the load slot has a reason to be there that people won’t even think you could load the wallet through the slot. I couldn’t recommend this wallet more.



I was lucky enough to get a prerelease copy of the FPS wallet from Brent. This is truly a highly functional and great looking wallet. The money clip can be repositioned or removed completely, and gives you the ability to perform other effects. This is a quality wallet! The leather and stitching are beautiful! The loading process is as smooth as butter! You will not be disappointed!



I've managed to get a prerelease copy of this. This wallet definitely solves the issues all other wallets have. This should be in every magicians pants as it's not one of those junk drawer purchases. It's a modern looking wallet that legitimately looks like a wallet. You get multiple gimmicks and a TON of tuition . Buy now, you won't regret it!



I received a prerelease wallet. Brent has created a great wallet for everyday life. He then goes on to teach a plethora of knowledge that lets you do miracles with the same wallet. The most brilliant part of the wallet is where you load it. On most wallets you need to hide the loading pocket or hold the wallet in a weird way so spectators can’t see the load. On Brent’s FPS wallet the load slot has a reason to be there that people won’t even think you could load the wallet through the slot. I couldn’t recommend this wallet more.



The tutorial is comprehensive. The load is deceptive. However, my wallet has ripped after a year of everyday use, mostly as a normal wallet, so I think the advertised durability is overstated. The leather part of the wallet is very durable but the lining one one of the pockets that does not affect the trick but affects the functionality of the wallet as a regular wallet is not super durable in my opinion.



FPS wallet BROWN edition:

I have received the wallet quite recently, so I can´t give a full review in here, but what I can tell is that the wallet is VERY WELL MADE. It is without a doubt made out of REAL LEATHER. The load is smooth and the teaching that comes along with the wallet is very good as well. The size and amount of packets is perfect for me. I would definitely use it as my everyday wallet.

What I am very disappointed about though, is the color of the wallet. I have paid way more just for the different colour wallet, so I expected it to be as from the picture, but it looks nothing like in the picture. In reality the wallet is WAY MORE DARKER BROWN. I would say that is more black than brown. This may seem like a small thing, but when I was buying this wallet, I expected it to be my everyday wallet, and that means that I want it not only to work well, but also to look great. If I could change my mind now, I would go with the black wallet.

Everything about is wallet is great, except the terrible color, which looks nothing like picture states.



I got the black model and have had a lot of fun with it already. This is a great wallet and all the material in the download is well appreciated too.
I do find it's a bit too tight to use as an EDC - but I'm one of those fellas who carries a lot in his wallet. When I bring this with me, however, it never sticks out as unusual in any way and definitely passes as an everyday wallet.
Construction is very solid too.



This will be a great wallet for your CTW. I am happy that we are going more and more away from the old big wallets of our grandpa's that not a single person is using anymore these days. The best thing about it though is probably the teaching provided by Brent with this Wallet. You get an in depth teaching of several routines that will improve your magic on every level. If I would have to point out one negative then it is probably using it as my EDC. I cannot go too much into detail, as it would give something away, but: I am using the wallet with all my CreditCards etc and very often the CreditCard (not the playing card) goes into the wrong compartment. But this is just a minimal thing and only affects 1 compartment. So definitely nothing to complain about.



I DID NOT get a prerelease wallet. I bought it, I waited, I got it - like a boss.
It's a really good wallet. Easily the best hip-card-to-wallet I've ever owned (and I've owned - like all of them). I don't think it's prefect, but it does have a lot going for it. The main thing, is that it's easy to load. All of my other casual wallets are cumbersome and awkward to get the card into. This thing is fantastic. The load is smooth and quick with only a minimal amount of practice. That being said, I do find myself working a bit to hide certain aspects of the wallet that I think are tell tale markers for how a card MIGHT get in it. If you believe that suspicion is method you might want to hide this too. Some of it really comes down to how familiar your audience is with modern style wallets. Still, with just minimal work and handling it's easy to overcome it's small shortcomings... and again the easy load makes it all more than worth the effort. If you're looking for an everyday wallet to carry around and perform card to wallet - you just found it.



Good, but doesn't stand up to daily use well.

I bought the wallet a little over a year ago and have been using it as my daily wallet this past year. Overall, it's a good wallet. I have found two issues with it over the last year, though.

The first issue showed up after a half of a year. The metal clip has a sharp 90 degree edge around it that slowly shaved away the stitching around the ID card window. This can be mitigated by sanding the metal clip down along the edges until it's nicely rounded.

The second issue is much more recent. As my daily wallet, it's subject to regular loading and unloading of my credit card from the slot next to the slit for the gimmick. Sometimes the credit card goes the wrong way into the ID slot, so I took to angling my credit card as I insert it. Over time, this led to the stitching for the lining against the leather to wear until it finally failed.

These are all things I'd expect from a wallet over time, but not so quickly.



I really really wanted to like this wallet. It is beautifully made. I got the brown crazy horse leather option. It's an absolutely stunningly made wallet but I just cannot get the load working at all. I think the problem might be that the brown leather is too "sticky". Even with the card guard it's nearly impossible to get the load right as the load is too tight and prone to stick. The flap design also makes it troublesome to get the card out. I think the black smooth leather might work better and I should have possibly opted for that. Perhaps it's just lack of skill on my side but I have a few wallets and load them with ease. This one is close to impossible. The tutorials are really amazing. Such a pity. I see that the wallet gets great reviews so perhaps take my review with a pinch of salt or opt for the black carbon option.



As much as I wanted to like this wallet from highly-respected magician/inventor, Brent Braun, this "miracle" is going right into my never use drawer. Although Brent provides several excellent routines, not one is evenly remotely possible due to a major flaw in the wallet design. Everytime I loaded the card, it would catch on a lip inside when attempting to remove it. It was almost like a lobster trap, easy to go in impossible to remove. I won't even use this as a regular wallet as it is to large and made of a slightly smelly carbon material which is nowhere close to leather. A disappointing purchase.


Community questions about FPS Wallet

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • John asks: Can this wallet take UK and Euro notes besides US currency?

    • 1. Jim answers: It is designed for US bills, so the smaller UK & Euro notes will fit. The money clip can be removed, so you can use the wallet as a thin credit card/ID wallet.
    • 2. richard answers: The inside of the wallet is 82mmx115mm so it will comfortably hold any bills smaller than that. That seemed to be almost any bill we tested during development. Hope that helps, Brent Braun
    • 3. richard answers: Correction it looks like a £50 note is 85mm tall so it would project from the wallet about 3mm if carried in the money clip. Brent Braun
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  • Martin asks: Is the wallet wide enough to adequately cover UK notes (ie so they don’t stick out of the side)?

    • 1. richard answers: The inside of the wallet is 82mmx115mm so it will comfortably hold any bills smaller than that. That seemed to be almost any bill we tested during development. Hope that helps, Brent Braun
    • 2. richard answers: Correction it looks like a £50 note is 85mm tall so it would project from the wallet about 3mm if carried in the money clip. Brent Braun
    • 3. Jim answers: It is designed for US bills, so the smaller UK & Euro notes will fit. The money clip can be removed, so you can use the wallet as a thin credit card/ID wallet.
    • 4. Ian answers: Virtually no-one uses the £50 note, so there shouldn’t be a problem.
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  • Rikesh asks: Is this made with Faux leather or real leather? Is it vegan friendly?

    • 1. richard answers: It’s is 100% leather but we have been discussing making a microfiber version available for our vegan friends. If that happens it will be a few months out. Brent Braun
    • 2. Jim answers: Real leather, with a carbon fiber look on the outside. I have not seen the wallet bite any vegans, but your milage may vary if you antagonize it.
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  • Alexis asks: I’d like to buy the wallet but I’m concerned because I’m French and the French ID card and drivers license are notoriously big (105x74mm) Will it fit ?

    • 1. Fabien answers: Hello, Yes the French ID card fits in the wallet (external pocket) with just a little cut on the long side (2 mm). With one additional settings this French ID card is a very organic guide for the load.
    • 2. richard answers: The ID compartment is 72mmX100mm so it would have to be a huge ID to not fit. Hope that helps, Brent Braun
    • 3. Jim answers: Hard to know, without all of the item in hand. Keep in mind that you can order it, and if the cards will not fit, you can return it for a store credit.
    • 4. Nathan answers: "Is it vegan friendly?" "...I have not seen the wallet bite any vegans, but your milage may vary if you antagonize it." Um...yeah, this made my day.
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  • Axel asks: is Card to envelope also possible with this wallet?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately not.
  • Richard asks: Is this wallet made from scratch or is it a modified normal wallet?

    • 1. Jim answers: From scratch.
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  • Daniel asks: Is it possible to load the card after mercury fold?

    • 1. Jim answers: I don't see why not.
    • 2. Marcus answers: Yes it will take a Mercury Fold card. I just tried it to make sure. The load is so smooth!!!!
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  • Stuart asks: Is the load made before or after the wallet is brought into view?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Depending on your skill level and knowledge, it could be either.
  • Stuart asks: You can ignore my previous question, since I watched the trailer. However, I have another question. Are the credit-card slots big enough to hold two credit cards? I generally carry more than four pieces of plastic, and you indicated the wallet could be used as an everyday wallet. Also, is it durable enough for everyday use?

    • 1. Jim answers: Nor sure on the credit cards, as I only have one. This is made by a wallet manufacturer, and it is very durable.
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  • Mark asks: Previously, the latest and greatest Card to Wallet effect/wallet was Greg Wilson's "Real Man's Wallet". I purchased said wallet. Are there any significant differences in the FPS Wallet from Greg's to justify purchasing an FPS, particularly since neither, at least to me, was inexpensive?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The Real Mans Wallet has a similar load feature but it came out several years ago. This is a similar wallet in terms of function but the appearance is much more mordern
  • Allan asks: What are the measurement dimensions of the wallet..?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: 84mm x 235mm, when opened.
  • Christian asks: Hey VI team :) congrats Brent on an awesome product. Does the brown leather version has the same security protection feature to your credit cards (blocks signal) ?? Cheers

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes it is the same, just in a different color
  • Perry asks: Is the brown one the exact same size as the black one because it looks bigger in the trailer?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: To my eye, the wallets are the same size.
  • Sean asks: If the brown and black wallets are identical. How come the brown ones costs more? Is there photos available for the brown one?

    • 1. Dottore answers: The prices are set by the distributor, and they may change at any time.
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  • Alan asks: Will the front pocket load work with normal jeans or do they need to be a bit “baggy”?

    • 1. Tricia answers: It will depend on the cut of your jeans and your body. It works for me.
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  • Michiel asks: Is there a vegan version of this wallet, lets say made with PU fake leather or anything of that kind?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately not.
  • Andrew asks: Could you also steal the card or ID from the wallet from the same place it’s loaded?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes
  • Mark asks: I know you say the wallet will fit most American currency--but how about the new $50? And how about if you put the bills in backwards, or upside down? And with the card-to-wallet part? Does it work even if the card isn't signed, like it is in the video? Okay that's about enough of that. For now.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can fit any sized bills in the money clip provided, that is the best way to store them. The card to wallet part can be a signed or non-signed card but it is a palming card to wallet.
  • Roel asks: I have a question about the FPS Wallet: what is the function of the litte hole on the front of the wallet? Is it to make the chip from the creditcard vissible, so you just have to hold the chip in front of a card reader instead of taking the card out of the wallet. I have tried this but it doesn't work.

    • 1. Jim answers: I believe that the hole is there to facilitate the ejection of cards in the pocket.
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  • Tom asks: Is this just a card to wallet or can this be used as a peek wallet as well?

    • 1. Jim answers: It is exclusively a card to wallet.
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  • Octavio asks: I am having a hard time on which wallet to buy between the Nexus Wallet and this one. I know it might come down to personal preference, but for a beginner to intermediate, are there any suggestions? Thank you

    • 1. Jim answers: This does come down to personal preference.
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  • Aidan asks: Can the wallet fit standard poker size playing card?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes!
  • Willems asks: Can you place coins in the wallet, I’m from Europe and I carry bills but also like exchange, with coins and I don’t see where you can place that

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Coins will not fit in the wallet
  • Stephen asks: Please clarify, I see the two options, the brown seemingly is 100% real leather. And the black seems to be a combination of a carbon fiber exterior with real leather interior. Am I correct in these assumptions? (Someone claimed that the black version is real leather that is merely made to look as if it is carbon fiber. I just can't imagine this being correct...)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The black FPS Wallet is carbon fiber all around while the brown one is 100% leather.
  • Dustin asks: Can the card be loaded in a suit coat pocket?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can definitely use it in a suit coat pocket but it might be a little low in the pocket.
  • Christian asks: Can I vanish other objects like coins, rings, and other more "tick" items and appear it in the wallet like example the JOL wallet? Or just cards?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's much thinner than the JOL wallet. So it is made for cards.
  • Daniel asks: As someone new to card magic does anyone have a preference as to what deck to use for this trick?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can use any deck you'd like!
  • Tri asks: Which one is better to do "Dream Card by Darwin Ortiz"? FPS Wallet or Speed Loader Plus Wallet? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Both are very similar in terms of their location for loading the card.
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