Go Nuts

Trick by Matthew Wright and Marvelous-FX Ltd
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Go Nuts

49.95 usd

Trick by Matthew Wright and Marvelous-FX Ltd (49.95)

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Go Nuts - magic
Go Nuts Go Nuts Go Nuts Go Nuts Go Nuts

An incredible and impossible nest of boxes for close up magic. Instantly load a ring, inside a walnut, inside a Kinder egg, inside an orange, inside a bag.

Matthew Wright has spent 15 years working on this walkaround version of the classic stage and parlor magic effect. Everything has been designed with workers in mind. The instant loading system is simple, invisible and angle proof, and the reset time is quick and easy.

The only true prep time is gaffing a regular everyday orange which takes less than a minute and can be done in bulk, hours before or on the fly at the venue.

"Go Nuts" comes with

  • Reusable, realistic plastic walnut (or you can use a real walnut)
  • Plastic egg designed to resemble common Kinder egg designs.
  • Gimmicked black velvet bag
  • Specially designed loading system that's always ready to go

You also get comprehensive download instructions that teach you everything you need. As a special bonus, this also includes Matthew's full "Ring on String" routine and his professional stage routine.


Customer reviews for Go Nuts



Im a huge fan of Matt's work and Visions is my all time favourite trick to perform so i didnt think twice about putting this in my basket. I love the facf that i can now do this classic trick in a walk around enviroment and i will be taking this to my next gig.
It does hurt me to say something about this release does seem rushed though. The egg and the wallnut are cheap looking and magnets are clearly visible when you open them up, Matt addresses ways to hide this and also gives reasons as to why its not important but i feel like these could have been made slighlty better. There is also only one sticker supplied that you stick to the egg which he admits will fall off and peel away after a few performances. There was also only one live performance on the instructional download and im sure he would even admit himself it wasnt his best.
He also says you can do it with a real wallnut but doesnt address how, he does supply you with the instructional video for the nut dropper which uses a real wallnut but it would have been nice to see it put together in the updated gimmick.
I must admit though that for the money i am satisfied with my purchase and im looking forward to trying it out


Community questions about Go Nuts

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  • Christopher asks: Can you load something other than a ring? Like a folded playing card?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Due to the gimmick, a ring is the ideal object. A card would get stuck.
  • Chris asks: Is there a way to do this with something other than a kinder? Looking at some of the info it says there is a sticker, so would it be presented as just some kind of plastic easter egg?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately not since the gimmick is made to look like a kinder. If you are crafty, you can modify it to look like a Plastic Easter Egg. Maybe by spray painting it.
  • Marcus John asks: I can see that they mention the magnets on the gimmicks are visible, has this been redone or does it have the same problems?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There has been a redo of the gimmicks and I believe this problem has been fixed.
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