Grandfather's Top

Trick by Adam Wilber
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Grandfather's Top

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Trick by Adam Wilber (40.00)

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Grandfather's Top - magic
Grandfather's Top Grandfather's Top Grandfather's Top Grandfather's Top Grandfather's Top Grandfather's Top

A remarkably organic and insanely visual levitation with a powerful story and surprising ending that will tug at the heartstrings of every audience!

For centuries, levitations have always been one of the most powerful and memorable magic tricks a magician can perform. There is just something so captivating about seeing an object impossibly float in mid-air. In fact, many professional magicians still use a levitation to close their show because there is simply nothing strong enough to follow it.

The problem with most close-up levitations though is that they often lack a meaningful ending. You typically make something float, hand it out for inspection and then end the routine. "Grandfather's Top" from Adam Wilber solves this problem with a refreshing new routine designed for both professionals and hobbyists alike.

This astounding effect begins by removing a spinning bottle cap top from a small cardboard box. Throughout the routine, this top begins to take on a life its own it, effortlessly floating from hand to hand and eventually around your body. It then vanishes in mid-air, only to be found again safely back in its box—providing a poetic ending to a beautiful routine.

"Grandfather's Top" is a true showstopper that is sure to become your new favorite closer for your close-up set. It is designed for all skill levels from beginner magicians to seasoned pros.

What's In the Box?"

  • Custom-manufactured spinning top gimmick
  • Switching box device
  • Everything needed to float the gimmick
  • Access to more than an hour of comprehensive video instructions

Customer reviews for Grandfather's Top



This really is very good
Have so many ideas for this
Just wish the box was wood but still great



A lot of fun to see the reactions of the people watching.



This is a quality product. The props, the download, and the concept are all excellent. The downside to this is that it is likely to sell really well, so everyone will have to work very hard to make their performance personal, in order to stand out from the crowd. For medical reasons, I have to perform sitting down, and when I contacted Adam Wilber, he was kind enough to give me what limited advice he could.



Excellent instructions
Impact is high - a purely magical effect.
Super storyline that is heartwarming and keeps the audience attention.

You will need the appropriate lighting conditions to perform otherwise it will be noticeable.
There is some arts and crafts required prior to performance.
It will take some practise to learn and to be able to perform it comfortably.



All I can say is wow! This is my go-to levitation effect. The surprise ending is a great kicker for the audience. This method is great and you may have learned it before if you are familiar with thread work. What you get is the gimmick, the levitation apparatus, and the download. The thread you are given is incredibly weak and has snapped partway through many of my performances. Switch it out for elastic prymm which is used for many other gimmicks. He teaches you how to have the perfect amount of thread for busking.



An interesting twist to close up levitation.
You’ll enjoy and have fun.


Community questions about Grandfather's Top

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  • Brian asks: Adam mentions this as a closer, but what kind of setup is needed for the IT? Can you truly perform your close-up set ready to go, or is there some preparation you have to have before performing this that has to happen away from the spectator?

    • 1. Paul answers: In the video Adam states that the spectator puts the top and spindle together which implies that it can be done at any time in your spot. Have you never seem Fay Presto's floating bill which she sets up 'on the hoof'.
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  • Tim asks: Please,please tell me it doesn't use loops of thread or anything similar!!!

    • 1. Rob answers: You’re fine, it uses actual real magic.
    • 2. Tim answers: Just got the trick. Urgh! It uses threads. I was hoping it might use something a bit different. Not real magic but just a different take on it.
    • 3. Chris answers: ??
    • 4. Chris answers: I meant LOL
    • 5. Chris answers: Great review
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  • Ronald asks: Do you need to be wearing long sleeves?

    • 1. Adam answers: You don't need sleeves unless you want to do the wave vanish at the end.
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  • Len asks: Do you need to wear long sleeves for the vanish of the top? Can this be repeated immediately for walk around especially the floating of the top?

    • 1. Adam answers: You do need sleeves for the wave vanish but you can perform other vanishes that don't need sleeves to close the routine as well. As far as strolling and set up, like most IT work you will need a minute alone to get ready but I've done my best to show you how I handle this in strolling settings to keep it simple and workable. -Adam Wilber
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  • Peter asks: Will raven work for the vanish?

    • 1. Adam answers: I've never used a raven for it but I imagine it would work beautifully for it. -Adam Wilber
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  • Vassilis asks: Maybe that's a dumb question but is it possible to change the "bottle cap" on the gimmick because it doesn't match to any drink in my country or is it justified in the script ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Not a dumb question at all! And yes, you can change the cap.
  • Matthew asks: Been bought this as a birthday gift. As someone with next-to-no levitation/thread experience, what difficulty is it?

    • 1. Jim answers: Medium to hard. But your experience may differ, as this is purely subjective. It depends on your skill level and your amount of experience as a performer. If you study the routine and practice with it, it will be within your difficulty level. If you don't study and don't practice, then the will be outside of your difficulty level.
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  • Christian asks: Does it use a Steve Fearson setup?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can use the Steve Fearson setup with it.
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