Haunted Box (Standard Edition)

Trick by Joao Miranda
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Haunted Box (Standard Edition)

250.00 usd

Trick by Joao Miranda (250.00)

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Haunted Box (Standard Edition) - magic
Haunted Box (Standard Edition) Haunted Box (Standard Edition) Haunted Box (Standard Edition) Haunted Box (Standard Edition) Haunted Box (Standard Edition) Haunted Box (Standard Edition)

Have you ever performed an effect that literally made everyone at the table jump in surprise? Would you like to? João Miranda helps answer both questions with his diabolical Haunted Box, a very clever illusion guaranteed to amaze your audience. 

Imagine this scene: Spectators seated around a table. The magician weaves a tale about a card box he picked up, one that displays inexplicable and even peculiar behavior as it goes bump in the night. Is it the ghost of Houdini or a notorious gambler? The magician opens the box and removes a box of cards and a Sharpie, having a spectator select and sign ANY card and then put the card ANYWHERE in the deck. Now the fun begins. The spectator puts cards one by one into the card box while the magician turns his back or even exits the room. Suddenly, without warning, SNAP! The box shuts itself. When the next card of the talon is examined, it is the selected card. The box refused to take this obviously marked card.

The surprise spectators feel when that box closes will stick with them for a good while, and the dealer...well, they may not sleep well that night!

But now the real surprise: This is a 100% self-working effect. No threads, remotes, wires, or spectral assistants. Just concentrate on presentation and let the box do its job! While an obvious close-up powerhouse, the Haunted Box is big enough to play to a whole room! And boy does it close a show!

So treat your spectators to some genuine surprise they won't be able to shake off so easily and buy your Haunted Box today!


  • Five amazing routines to get you started
  • A Standard or Deluxe (aged) box
  • Red and blue Bicycle gimmicks
  • Comes in Standard, Deluxe (find the deluxe here!) and Limited Edition versions (here!)
    "The biggest secret of this box is that it will offer you infinite hours of amazement."Dani DaOrtiz
    "For me, João is a Genius. The ghost that hides inside into this box is a part of his brain... so brilliant!"Mickael Chatelain
    "This is amazing! Finally, a Haunted-themed prop that actually does its job right. Everyone jumps!!!"Bobby Motta
    "A fantastic, easy-to-do piece of magic, limited only by your imagination."Russ Stevens
    "Once again, João demonstrates innovative thinking, taking an old premise and giving it a totally new coat of paint!"Eric Samuels


Customer reviews for Haunted Box (Standard Edition)



This is a fantastic idea. It is present in all my shows. I made some changes to the box to make it older and I invented a story by suggesting that perhaps the box belonged to the great Houdini. And people jump out of their chairs after the waking. Fantastic.


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  • bruce asks: Hi, haven't used the haunted box for a while but Im back into it, the problem is I forgot where the on/off switch is under the bottom pad, please help me out, I did purchase this from you..thanx

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Check your account for the explanation video link and password: https://www.vanishingincmagic.com/account/instructions/
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