Hoodoo Haunted Voodoo Doll

Trick by Mark Traversoni and Mark iNFiNiTi
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Hoodoo Haunted Voodoo Doll

43.00 usd

Trick by Mark Traversoni and Mark iNFiNiTi (43.00)

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Hoodoo Haunted Voodoo Doll - magic
Hoodoo Haunted Voodoo Doll Hoodoo Haunted Voodoo Doll Hoodoo Haunted Voodoo Doll Hoodoo Haunted Voodoo Doll Hoodoo Haunted Voodoo Doll Hoodoo Haunted Voodoo Doll

The classic "Okito Haunted Doll Effect" has been nightmarishly resurrected. It returns with a vengeance thanks to the "Hoodoo Haunted Voodoo Doll" by Mark iNFiNiTi and Mark Traversoni.

Invite your spectator to experience some black magic. Ask them to think of someone they don't like and explain how you can use your black magic skills to enact revenge. There may be some giggles in the audience. But they will soon be replaced with gasps as you introduce a creepy coffin box housing a terrifying voodoo doll.

Have this bizarre 'artifact' examined before placing it flat on your hand and instructing your spectator to imagine something bad happening to their victim of choice. All that's left to do is for them to stick the wooden pin into its heart to commence the dark spell.

Under your control, the somewhat 'haunted' voodoo doll begins to rise... all on its own... right under your spectator's outstretched hand... until it's stood up straight looking them right in the eyes.

You can even place a glass over the doll to isolate it entirely and, with a little practice and a steady hand, even get it to stand on one leg before getting your spectator to blow it down and complete the curse.

  • No wires
  • No threads
  • No magnets
  • Super easy to perform
  • Always ready to go

The devious secret behind this spine-chilling effect will have them believing black magic is real. There are so many different presentation possibilities for close up magic, bizarre magick and mentalism.

What You Receive:

  • Hoodoo Haunted Voodoo Doll
  • Wooden Pin
  • Creepy Coffin Box
  • Online Tutorial (featuring iNFiNiTi's macabre routine in which the Voodoo Doll disappears at the end)

PLEASE NOTE: Each Voodoo Doll is handmade, so it may differ slightly from the images shown. Also, despite the twisted realism, this is not a "real" voodoo doll that will actually harm anyone....hopefully.


Customer reviews for Hoodoo Haunted Voodoo Doll



With a little practice, this has been one of my favorite "bizarre" effects to perform .
I love that after doing the "business" of making it work , that it can be examined.


Community questions about Hoodoo Haunted Voodoo Doll

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  • Emir asks: It's difficult to ask this without exposing, but, does this woodoo doll work the same way as the well known one? Basically, do I have to do the thing to myself, in order for it to work? Because that is the only criteria for buying this.

    • 1. Russel answers: Looks like it to me.
    • 2. Kin San answers: yes you have to do the "thing" to yourself. Hopefully you won't get a infection?
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  • Joshua asks: Can this be performed in the spectators hand or must be in the magicians hand?

    • 1. Steve answers: Magicians hand only. Thanks
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  • Chad asks: Can this be performed painlessly. Any tips on making the method not hurt or cause damage if spectator grabs for the doll?

    • 1. Jim answers: Handled properly, there is no pain. You may need to experiment with the placement. Tips? Learn to be in control of your performance and audience. Rehearsals, experience and confidence will help.
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  • John asks: Does the gimmick retract or hide so the doll can be handed out for it to be examined

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This can be examined
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