Introduction to Watch Stealing

Magic download (video) by Anthony Grupido
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Introduction to Watch Stealing

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Magic download (video) by Anthony Grupido (10.36 - normally $12.95)

Ever wanted to learn how to steal a watch off someone’s wrist without them noticing? Stealing a watch like a professional pickpocket is one of the best ways to add a powerful and hilarious moment to any magic or theater show, and it’s easier to do than you’d think!

Anthony Grupido, a Detroit-based magician that has garnered millions of views for his watch steal videos on TikTok and Instagram, is here to help you get started with learning how to steal watches. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to secretly remove a watch from someone’s wrist, this is a great place to start. And you can save 25% with a discounted introductory rate for a limited time!

This quickfire guide to stealing watches offers an overview of the skills you need to steal watches with leather or rubber straps including:

  • Ways to steal a watch based on how its positioned on their wrist
  • Applying the right pressure to make the steal go unnoticed
  • Choosing the right person
  • How to disarm a person prior to the steal
  • Anthony’s go-to approach for covering the steal

There is no fluff here. "Introduction to Watch Stealing" will show you all the basics of watch stealing in less than 10 minutes. Just be warned, once you enter into the exciting world of pickpocketing, it will be hard to stop yourself from exploring the many exciting possibilities it offers. (If this video gets you hooked, we’d definitely recommend picking up a copy of Hector Mancha’s bestselling book The Wonderous World of Pickpocketing).

Download "Introduction to Watch Stealing" by Anthony Grupido today before the special launch price expires!


This how to steal a watch starter guide was developed for entertainment purposes only. The skills here should only be used to borrow a watch during a magic or theatrical pickpocketing show. All personal property should be immediately returned to its owner after the performance.


Customer reviews for Introduction to Watch Stealing


Laura Bautista

I just bought this video on the Black Friday promotion for 99 cents and what a blast! Anthony is a funny, talkative and didactic magician. This is just an approach to pickpocket and watch stealing and therefore, its mere 10 minutes will introduce the basic movements and techniques. Don't expect anything in depth, but it's certainly worth it.
You will need a "helping hand" to practice before taking it into your repertoire but once you master it, surprise is guaranteed



What a great introduction!



It's definitely an introduction; but contains all of the info needed to start with certain watches. A little less than 10 minutes and focused on watches with straps only. With most people wearing smart watches, it shouldn't be a problem as they are on rubber/silicon straps. However, no bracelets (ad copy does mentions this). I bought this on Black Friday for 0.99 and for that price, it's a steal (pun intended). But for the 12.95, there are better downloads from Vanishing Inc. Also, I planned on picking up the Wonderous World of Pickpocketing with this book, but that sold out. But this DL is a slightly more than a quarter of the cost of a dedicated introductory book on pickpocketing. Maybe they should have bundled both?

TLDR: A good introduction to practice with friends but with certain caveats.



Meh! I do a watch steal in my work, and this is not how you do it, lots of details are missing in this tutorial. For one , I have a problem of him ripping a watch a way after steal like that, for two not placing other hand on the wrist to continue the pressure is kind of way to mess it up.



I was hoping to see the techniques in real life action. The routine provided was weak, and the pulling and tugging of the arms doesn't seem like a convincing misdirection.


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  • Cayden asks: dose this teach you how to steal a watch with a clasp and a buckle or just ones with buckles?

    • 1. Jim answers: Only ones with buckles.
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