Trick by The 1914 and Lewis Le Val
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Trick by The 1914 and Lewis Le Val (30.00)

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Iris - magic
Iris Iris Iris Iris Iris

A devious tool that enables you to create unforgettable and meaningful revelations

While many understand the idea of palm reading, few are aware that the lines, marks and patterns of our eye's iris can tell you so much more than any palm ever could. (or, at least that's what you tell your spectators).

Brought to you by Lewis Le Val and The 1914, "Iris" explores a new concept called "eye gazing" that allows you divine a very specific part of their life that they are merely thinking of. Then, after an impressive psychic reading, you then impossibly reveal on of their most personal parts of their life: their star sign.

This is truly powerful mentalism that feels so natural and fair. That's because there are no anagrams or anything that needs to be written down. In fact, the wildly clever method is hidden in plain sight right on the two high-quality cards you receive. Your participant can examine these cards as long as they want. They'll never find anything.

As these two cards are all you need, "Iris" can be easily brought everywhere. It's the perfect pocket mentalism effect or everyday carry magic trick.

The included instructions not only teach you the basic effect, but offer a wealth of insights on how to give unique and personal readings. While this information is crucial to taking this effect to the next level, it's almost important to note that "Iris" is a fail-safe way to test these cold reading skills.

Many beginners shy away from cold readings because of a fear of failure. However, "Iris" is the perfect solution because it gives you the tools you need for a successful cold reading while also offering a bulletproof ending for those times the cold reading doesn't go as planned. This built-in safety net allows you to hone your cold reading skills without any fear.

With this special tool in your pocket, you'll be able to leave all of your audiences with an unforgettable and meaningful memory of the experience they shared with you.


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This is a masterclass in cold reading. Lewis goes through quite extensively how he does cold reading. The effect itself is really easy to do. Of course, the cold reading portion requires a lot of practice but it will be worth it. Very powerful and beautiful routine.


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