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Keymaster Chrome

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Keymaster Chrome - magic
Keymaster Chrome Keymaster Chrome Keymaster Chrome Keymaster Chrome Keymaster Chrome Keymaster Chrome

As used by DYNAMO on his hit TV show, KEYMASTER is an incredibly visual effect where the magic happens in the spectator's hand!

You place a key in the spectator's hand and right in front of their eyes remove the hole from yours. A quick tossing motion and their key now has two holes! You give them the blank key and visibly remove a hole from your key. With another tossing motion, they find a hole in the shaft of their key! And now everything can be handed out for examination!

It's time to take your moving hole plot to a new level. Buy yours today!

"W.T.F. When is that out? I need this!"Alan Rorrison

"A great solution to the moving hole plot. Brilliant!!"Tom Elderfied

"This looks brilliant and the final phase was totally unexpected. Two strong moments of magic that happen right in the hands of the spectator!"Marc Oberon

"That is definitely a worker!"Brendan Rodrigues

"Wow I need that now!"Julius Dein


Customer reviews for Keymaster Chrome



Everybody is talking about their EDC at the moment, Keymaster Chrome gets mentioned often and it's easy to see why. Packs small but plays big comes to's the perfect EDC that's organic,quick paced and charming . It can be performed in any environment and always gets great reactions.
Five stars.



Quality prop. I will use this.



Took me forever to get this because I kept missing out when it was back in stock. But I clicked "email when its back". Welp, i got the email, ordered it that day and got it less than a week later.

I absolutely love the routine and teachings included in this and have been destroying people since. As with anything I buy, i tend to mess with the original handling but settle into my own. So i combined the 2 routines taught on the download. The best part of this effect for me is that I literally will never be able to make the excuse that "I don't have anything on me" which is just a lazy way of thinking as a magician. But that's another discussion altogether.

Props to everything this is based on, but this version is just so nice to carry. Strong enough to close with (think a bar setting, a few tricks later you "have to go home" so you take your keys out and wham bam thank you ma'am. But it's also weird enough that you could open with it because it's so disarming. (Not a card trick, not a trick theyve likely seen at all so they're way surprised and then they'll be hooked.) I'll post videos of trying it in different positions of a mini show soon.

Overall I give it 9 locks outta 10 only because it will not be something a beginner SHOULD buy, but videos and reviews will likely entice beginners to anyway. But that's how it be.

One last thing, in the video, it only teaches one way to make the first hole vanish look visible. So I recommend stacking two keys and using a D.E.M. to make a vanishable hole. Heres the problem.. I have yet to find a way to make a vanishing hole on the fly. Meaning, I want to be able to go table to table with instant reset. Hmu if you hatch a plan. Anyway, yes. This effect has my approval for sure.

Awesome job Craig and the whole team behind the release. This is the first time that I found a key routine to hse in place of my own pet routine. Lol



I recently purchased Keymaster Chrome and I have to say that overall I am very happy with it. The product is of good quality even though the chrome plating makes them look a little less like real keys and I found that the chrome plating makes the keys a bit slick to handle. I'm practicing the Gatekeeper moves which are a little tricky but doable and the slickness of the keys make the moves just a little less secure. I might have recommended brass keys as I guess the original product was to have them look a little more like real working keys and maybe a little easier to handle? On a very positive note, the routines are excellent and the teaching video instructions are top-notch as well. All of the handling and presentation points are covered and made clear and easy to understand. I'm happy with this purchase and I'm looking forward to getting the routines worked up and smooth. Thank you for your excellent service as well.


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  • Vince asks: What is the skill level for this please ...novice-expert

    • 1. Jim answers: Medium. But your experience may differ, as this is purely subjective.
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  • Stephen asks: Is there any slight of hand required with this trick?

    • 1. Brent answers: Only a little.
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  • Rodney asks: Is this better than the other keymaster?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is the original version of Keymaster, you can do the same things. The newer version has more routines included
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