Trick by Craig Petty
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Trick by Craig Petty (59.95)

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Keymaster - magic
Keymaster Keymaster Keymaster

A must-have EDC for any close up magician. The beloved original “Keymaster” by Craig Petty is back again in limited quantities. Move and vanish holes off a key in your spectator’s hands with this complete hyper-visual routine you can carry with you anywhere.

"This looks brilliant and the final phase was totally unexpected. Two strong moments of magic that happen right in the hands of the spectator!" Marc Oberon

“Keymaster” burst onto the scene when it was used by Dynamo on his smash-hit TV show Magician Impossible. Magicians around the world could not get enough of this incredible moving-hole effect that leaves audiences stunned. But, the original has been out of production for years.

Now, “Keymaster” is back and better than ever. You get an enhanced, high-quality gimmick and tons of new ideas and routines that take full advantage of the potential this effect offers. There are ten effects that can be linked together to create a complete close up magic act you can carry in your pocket, including routines that incorporate business cards, ring on string, and many other incredible ideas. This is practical and powerful close up magic at its finest.

For the main effect, you take out two keys and place one of them in the spectator’s hand for safekeeping. Turning attention back to the key your holding, you then impossibly pluck the hole right off. The spectator then opens their hands to see that the key they were holding the entire time now has two holes.

It doesn’t stop there though. Because you can then take that key and visibly move the second hole back to your key. But, this time, it’s now on the stem of the key. A mind-boggling visual they’ll never forget. Especially when you consider the fact they can now examine the keys.

“Keymaster” by Craig Petty comes with specially-crafted gimmicked keys that are ready to go out of the box. While it’s not self-working, the sleight of hand moves needed are very basic and are taught in great detail by Craig in the instruction video. Magicians of any skill level will be able to perform “Keymaster.”

Owners of the original “Keymaster” will be happy to hear that, in addition to the original three gimmicks, you now get a special bonus fourth key that you can show has no hole on it at all. All of the keys are created from blank templates for one of the most common lock types in the world. So, it’s even possible you could take them down to a hardware store and have them cut to fit the lock on your door. Talk about organic magic!

You never leave home with your keys and now you’ll never leave home without “Keymaster” by Craig Petty.

"A great solution to the moving hole plot. Brilliant!!" Tom Elderfied

"That is definitely a worker!" Brendan Rodrigues

"Well done on producing a MONSTER close-up magic trick. I saw you dem this in Blackpool. It's a knockout. The way you manipulated the hole was magnificent. I was shocked when you pulled it off in front of my eyes. I will be pulling this out to perform at every opportunity. Nice one Craig." Andy Peters


Customer reviews for Keymaster



As someone who owns the original Keymaster from years prior, I was somewhat hesitant to pick this up. I was perfectly content with my set for a long time but this new updated release seemed better produced and made, so I took the chance. Very glad I took the plunge! Not only is the set better made than previous releases, with the inclusion of a gimmick that was not initially available, but the tutorial is also far more in-depth and thorough, with many new routines that explore the full potential of these gimmicks. I've performed the original routine for many years but these new additions - from routines with business cards, strings, bank notes, and playing cards - have made me reconsider how I approach the effect moving forward. Craig demonstrates how this is not a one-trick pony but rather a workhorse. This release is a masterclass, a vast improvement, and a true gem for EDC enthusiasts and professionals. Highly recommended!

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A very, very strong effect that audiences love. This is one that people remember and tell their friends about - I'm always being asked to do "the key trick". It's a perfect EDC as it's very small, easy to carry, and very tough. The gimmicks are all solid brass and will last forever. Craig's instruction is top notch, and I learnt a lot of things that helped with my magic in general. The sleights involved in the main routine should be completely doable by a beginner with some practice. I would definitely recommend this to a beginner who is willing to put in a little bit of work. You will learn a great deal and build your confidence. An absolute winner no matter what your skill level is and 100% worth the money.



Fantastic product with a fantastic tutorial! Great that it comes with 10 routines. As a hobbyist I've learned 2 of the routines, with some practice and dedication, and look forward to learning 1 or 2 more. The routines have a good cover of the amateur-to-pro spectrum. The one thing I found difficult was finding a good keyring to do the routine with, but don't let that stop you from buying it.



The main trick is extremely well thought out, and the gimmicks are very well made. The main routine surprisingly only requires a couple of very basic sleight-of-hand moves which even beginners can learn with a little practice. What I like about this is that the main trick is actually a whole little routine with quite a few stages, so is a little mini-show by itself - unlike some other tricks that are often over in a flash. Craig also teaches some other tricks with the same set of keys/gimmicks, so that really what you get is the gimmick and a whole lecture. For instance, he teaches a fun little string-and-ring type trick with these keys and a nice finish. And for the workers, there are some great ideas of integrating your own business cards into the trick.



I've worked with several key effects over the years, ie. KEY DEPOSIT by Jay Sankey, Keymaster Chrome by World Magic. None are as complete and as organic as Keymaster by Craig Petty. You are treated to what amounts to a masterclass. Buy this. If you don't love it, blame your old Uncle Buck.



Craig Petty is a very clever guy, and a fun teacher in his instructional videos (and a good reviewer on his YouTube channel). He clearly loves this trick, and his enthusiasm is a great thing.
Presentation ability is "KEY" to the tricks you can do with these props. It can be a very powerful illusion, if you present it well, as Craig absolutely does. It will take more than the obvious manual dexterity for a performer to present a Keymaster routine well, and that is a fine thing. Indeed, that is as it should be.
I rate it Good (4-stars), because I think the price is higher than appropriate.



Amazing product, durable, and easy to perform and carry around. It's exactly what you expect.

Shame about the video resolution. Not sure how a well-made video shot in a professional studio can be uploaded in 540p in 2022.


Community questions about Keymaster

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  • Tony asks: I've recently purchased the chrome addition.will the tutorial be separate for those of us who have already purchased the keys.?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, this is a different release, with different tutorial.
  • Curt asks: Is this the recently re-released (2022) edition?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yup.
  • vimal asks: What is the main difference between this and chrome which i just recently bought apart from this being circular head?

    • 1. Craig answers: The main difference is the amount of routines you can do with the set. The new Keymaster comes with four keys. You get an extra key which is gimmicked in a different way to the other keys. Using these four keys there are multiple routines expanding the Keymaster plot. All these routines can be performed individually or can be routined into a 20 mins act which hangs on your keychain. There are routines with keys and cards, coins, business cards, string and lots more. So basically it’s no longer one trick pony. Instead there are multiple routines just as strong as the original routine.
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  • Sean asks: What is the type of keyway of this gimmick? The most common ones typically go into Kwikset (KW1) and Schlage (SC1) locks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I'm unsure of the brand, but the keys come uncut, so you can have them made as your actual house key.
  • Michael asks: Please discuss the skill level required and sleight of hand. What amount of time is required to do these effects? Thx

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The skill level is anywhere from beginner to advanced. Each routine will require a different amount of practice but they're all very doable.
  • John asks: Hi, Which is the best one to buy - the key master chrome at £51 or the keymaster at £52 ? Does the kdeymaster reload work with both of the above?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The Keymaster! The download has more routines available on it.
  • Don asks: Are there any shells or moving parts involved? Thanks'!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No shells and no moving parts :)
  • Jan asks: Can the keys be attached to magnets for cleaner switches / ditches?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I do not believe the keys are magnetic
  • Alexander asks: I assume this is different than Keymaster Reloaded. If I wanted Reloaded, would I need to purchase this plus the upgrade pack? It said the 70 dollar Keymaster Reloaded was discontinued.

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    • Rodney asks: Can you have the keys cut to look like it goes to something?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can and should! This makes it look more like a normal key.
    • Rodney asks: So, really I can just take 4 keys and drill holes in them in different spots and use them just the same?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is often possible to reverse engineer a method, and to create your own version of the props. We'd recommend compensating the creator rather than just taking their idea.
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