Trick by Liam Montier and Big Blind Media
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Trick by Liam Montier and Big Blind Media (25.00)

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Klipto  - magic
Klipto Klipto Klipto Klipto Klipto Klipto

A powerful new method that opens up whole new world of possibilities for a classic of magic.

Three borrowed coins are locked in transparent plastic holders, dropped into three ungimmicked envelopes and mixed by the spectator. You can't see the coins. You can't feel the coins. But you instantly know what they are!

"Klipto" is an amazing 3 coin divination that can be performed blindfolded. You can use ANY CURRENCY. As it also resets instantly, it is perfect for walkaround close-up magic.

  • No Forces
  • No Peeks
  • No Markings
  • No Magnets
  • No Tech

This effect is based Larry Becker's 'Kliptomanic'—a mentalism classic. Larry's method could only use certain coins and they all had to be the same. The only difference was the dates, something that's difficult for a spectator to see and remember. Liam Montier's "Klipto" uses an entirely new method.

Now, three different (and totally regular) coins are sealed into three transparent coin cases, (so that the magician can't feel the size or shape of the coins) and then dropped into three genuine (and unmarked) envelopes, which are sealed and mixed entirely by the spectator, and left face down in a pile.

Immediately, the magician picks up each envelope and instantly scribbles a number on it - the value of the coin he believes to be inside the envelope.

Note that there is NO hesitation. Each envelope is picked and INSTANTLY written on.

Then, with clean and bare hands, each envelope is ripped open to reveal that the magician knew exactly where each coin ended up!


Customer reviews for Klipto



This is so very easy to do, and it is a full proof trick too, you choose one off the three different but very easy set up options, with an out if the spectator thinks its gone wrong, (but it hasnt), this out depends how the magick goes. This is definately a great peice off coin magick for a beginner, and a pro. Comes in a nice draw cord pouch, Also comes with six coin holders, three all one size the other three slightly smaller, but all one size, plus you get three envelopes and some sticky dots too, just provide a double blank card and provide the three different coins, you can even use borowed coins, which is all explained in the download.
This is a good easy fun one to do.


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