TCC Leather Chop Cup (w/ Balls)

Trick by TCC Presents
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TCC Leather Chop Cup (w/ Balls)

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Trick by TCC Presents (79.95)

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TCC Leather Chop Cup (w/ Balls) - magic
TCC Leather Chop Cup (w/ Balls) TCC Leather Chop Cup (w/ Balls) TCC Leather Chop Cup (w/ Balls) TCC Leather Chop Cup (w/ Balls) TCC Leather Chop Cup (w/ Balls) TCC Leather Chop Cup (w/ Balls) TCC Leather Chop Cup (w/ Balls)

Premium quality, breathtaking aesthetic, affordable price...this is the ultimate chop cup!

There is just something about leather. It exudes elegance and class that truly makes any magician stand out from the crowd. However, as many magicians know, finding a quality leather cups and balls or chop cup set at a reasonable price is a difficult task. The higher quality ones are often too expensive and the cheaper ones were unable to withstand even moderate usage...until now!

TCC is thrilled to offer the perfect solution with their stunning Leather Chop Cup. This professional quality set is quite possibly the most gorgeous and cost-effective Chop Cup on the market today. Each set also comes with two amazing baseball-style leather balls (one of which is gimmicked for the chop cup).

The photos truly don't do the Leather Chop Cup justice. Once you have it in your hands, you'll marvel at its exquisite charm and quality. Check out the video above to see it in action and experience firsthand its pure balance of beauty and impact.

As the Leather Chop Cup was one of TCC's most successful Kickstarter ventures ever, and each one is handcrafted to perfection, we can't guarantee this limited edition release will be around for long.

This is also a phenomenal piece of Tabletop Magic that you can keep on your desk in your office or on a shelf in your magic room or magic library. It can double as an innocent-looking pencil holder. Just dump the pencils out (or even your "Perfect Pen" or "Pointless Pen") and you're ready to perform some truly organic and powerful magic at a moment's notice.

Don't miss your chance to add the TCC Leather Chop Cup to your collection!

If you're looking for a perfect final load ball, TCC also offers a matching baseball-style one that you can purchase separately. Please note that this purchase is for the Chop Cup and balls and does not include a specific routine.

Note—the instructional video that TCC supplies does not include all of the moves as seen in the trailer. As this is a utility item, those moves are shown to illustrate what is possible with a Chop Cup.

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Customer reviews for TCC Leather Chop Cup (w/ Balls)



this chop cup is of excellent quality. the basic routine is well done but too fast. TCC's products are all of exceptional quality, and for the price it's a very worthwhile investment. the m****t is sufficiently powerful without forcing you to use too rough movements. The only drawback is that the gimmicked ball isn't powerful enough. Fortunately, I had anticipated this and also bought the leather ball car combo set, in which the gimmicked ball is top-notch!



I own several chop cups, and even recently ordered a very expensive one from Spain. Which one do I go back to every time? The TCC cup. The strength of the gimmick is perfect. No slamming the cup down hard. Surprisingly, my expensive cup is too strong and I'm currently experimenting with ways to weaken it to match the feel of the TCC cup.

TCC, if you're listening, go make a mini version of this cup. Make it just big enough to fit the same final load baseball so it can be used for walk around. You'll sell a ton of them (I'd buy 2).

No complaints here. For stationary closeup it's great. Just wish I could use it strolling.


Marco Stefano

Excellent made chop cup: the design is fantastic, perfect to hide balls. Very good level of quality of the leather. I'm very satisfied with this product. the box in which the chop cup is contained is nice and can be used to show it in your chop cup collection! The video included is relevant to a basic routine, not the demo one: it would be really nice having the demo routine video explanation included, or maybe sold with an extra fee due.

VI Monthly


I use a chop-cup in my professional work. It is one of the great pieces that plays for both children and adults. I had a leather cup like this and on a busy night left it at a table and by the time I returned it was gone.
I was thrilled to see this new and better cup and even more excited when I received it. It is beautifully packaged and wonderfully made. The cup comes with two small baseballs and a final load baseball that fits perfectly is available from VI.
There has been some controversy about the fact that the entire routine shown in the ad not being included with the cup. VI has explained the reason for this, but more importantly it allows/forces the buyer to work on his or her own routine. I have a routine that has been honed over the years and does very well with both children and adults.
As for the cup, it is beautiful and the leather should throw off anyone who suspects a magnet (although with a good routine this should not be a problem with any cup).
I’ve used wooden cups, metal cups, plastic cups, and even paper cups, but this is my new favorite. Highly recommended.



This is very cool Chop Cup! The leather and the stitching look very well put together. I assumed from the photos that the inside was a green felt material, but as it turns out, the inside is simply the suede side of the leather, dyed green. I believe this will hold up much better than felt would. I am happy that I don't need to slam the cup for it to work. Not sure why so many were so upset that the routine in the trailer was not included. The routine included is great and I imagine most are going to come up with their own variation on this anyway. Isn't that the fun of this stuff?



A high quality utility item, beautifully finished and presented with a soft storage bag.
The cup handles well, works consistently with the provided balls and looks entirely innocent.
The balls are easy to grip and exquisitely finished; I like the beige/fawn colour more than the typical bright white of some other baseballs.
The cost initially discouraged me but it reflects the quality of the item and I am pleased with my purchase, especially since I don’t envisage having to buy another chop cup.



This is an absolutely fabulous cup and the balls are extremely nice too and of excellent quality. The basic routine included is also very nice too however the instructions are a bit hard to follow and it is just the guy doing the moves slowly with no subtitles or speech but apart from that the quality of the cup is extremely nice so well done TCC !



This is a beautiful chop cup. The leather is top quality and the gimmick well made. The baseballs are fantastic and have a really cool vintage look. The matching final load ball is very well done too. I love this chop cup and will definitely be using it. Well done guys!!



I just received my leather chop cup and wow, it's just an amazing item!
The balls are beautiful but the chop ball is of poor quality when it comes to "making it fit" on the outside of the chop cup (as opposed to the inside in which it fulfills its role perfectly)!
I'm thinking of getting a "hook balls combo set" to compensate for this shortcoming of the baseball chop!
As always, a huge thank you to VanishingInc for the fast delivery!



Been playing with this all day... Great quality and love the leather balls. They might land a bit loudly on the mat, and will experiment with some of my knitted balls. The cup is really well made and aesthetically very pleasing. As other reviewers have mentioned the strength of the gimmick is perfect. Really loving this. Get it!!!



I think I should clarify my review above (Peter) yes the leather chop cup should come with instructions to the routine mentioned. Yes and one should create their own methods etc. So how do the two combine..well by understanding a routine and with practice ideas begin to form where you can deviate away and have your own methods. You can then integrate some of what is on a video and what you have created. Not everyone is proficiant magician..I am not but you need a framework to begin with...not some watered down version in order to play with..but some real incredible moves etc in the video. I am not going to lie but I cant understand why the producers of the product won't release the instructions to the moves on the video...are camera tricks involved?...think not.. but this is what will come to mind when you have a situation such as this and people begin to question. It is all right to have someone proficiant on a video...but there are many who will think so ..and you have lost them...reading all the questions on this it is obvious many are really divided...this is not a good thing. Thanks for you time VI in allowing this(I hope) clarification. When people truely become involved with a magic site..this enhances it true worth as a leader.



Look I haven't purchased this yet but I will after everything settles down and post to Australia is a touch more reliable and to be fair to VI they do say instructions are not what is on the video but a lesser version. But one thing I must say is I have been purchasing magic for over 30 years now and one of the issues associated with magic items in the past was that many video's were not as expected and didn't match what the product could do. It is on the heads of VI to uphold the integrity of magic previewed on the site. VI is a leader and a wonderful magic site but from time to time (and VI has done it before) pull a product if it doesn't match up to expectations from purchasers. I have had no issues with VI and hold then to a high standard, you really are great..but please take on board and think about any critisim about certain products. Keep up the great work guys.


Community questions about TCC Leather Chop Cup (w/ Balls)

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Dan asks: Hi there, is this also available through the UK shop of Vanishing Inc?? Thx Dan LeFay

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, if you select GBP as currency (bottom right corner of site), it will ship from the UK.
  • Jérôme asks: Is it possible to purchase just the routine ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sadly not.
  • Peter asks: Will separate gimmicked & ungimmicked balls be available from TCC? I own a few TCC items purchased from Vanishing Inc. I have always found them to be of top quality and at very reasonable prices.

    • 1. John answers: The Michael O’Brian web site offers a pretty comprehensive routine separate from the cup. Check it out.
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  • Raymond asks: To my understanding the full routine is not included and was only part of some of the Kickstarter choices. A simpler routine is included.

    • 1. YinHowe answers: Yup. The routine was an exclusive kickstarter add on. I have made a video review with measurements if anyone is interested. It will take a 2-2.5inch final load.
    • 2. Charlie answers: As has been stated, the instructions were only available to the folks that bought this product through Kickstarter. For those of you who have never bought anything through Kickstarter, the manufacturer (in this case TCC) usually has multiple levels of "support/funding" at increasing prices. Typically, the higher the support level, the more free "perks" are included - those free perks are then ONLY available to certain levels of purchasers. Once the Kickstarter campaign has closed, they are no longer available through Kickstarter. This Kickstarter campaign has closed, which is why Vanishing Inc is now able to sell them. Vanishing Inc cannot provide those instructions because they are not being provided to them by TCC. So please stop bullying Vanishing Inc about the lack of providing a routine that is not available to them through TCC.
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  • Charles asks: I love the routine in the teaser. Is it included?

    • 1. Quentin answers: Nope
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  • javier asks: Does the video play the full and complete routine with its explanation ?. Thanks

    • 1. Barry answers: Does anyone know where or how to purchase instructions to the routine shown in the trailer, which is the main attraction of this item? Also, is the cup sufficiently large to hold a tennis ball for the final loads?
    • 2. Ricardo answers: Twice above Vanishing, Inc. replies that the trailer routine is explained in the video. It is not. This is a problem because some bought the cup because I they appreciated the original trailer routine. Not sure why there is resistance to teach the complete routine in the trailer. By substituting the explanation unnecessary animosity is created.
    • 3. Neil answers: I emailed TCC regarding this because I'd seen various comments stating the full routine was for Kickstarter backers only, and it not being 100% clear on the VI website whether they were offering the full routine as in the trailer. TCC replied with 'Hello, So sorry. this is the agreement we have with the owner of the routine, that the routine only be offered for a very limited time.' VI have now also confirmed this isn't included. It's a shame as I'd have purchased if the routine/moves were included but probably won't now.
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  • Charles asks: TCC responds that they are not supplying the routine shown on the trailer, which was exclusively for their Quickstarter supporters. Fair enough. But might Vanishing Inc., in their role as "curators" prevail on TCC to put up a new teaser video showing what purchasers can expect to accomplish with the product (cups and tutorial) they are actually selling?

    • 1. David answers: I ordered and received the video. It is a much simpler routine than the one show in the ad for the product with the novel moves excluded.
    • 2. Jeff answers: I can't find any instructions for any routine with mine. Not even a download address. Anyone else find any instructions?
    • 3. Dottore answers: The trailer is the only one that TCC supplies. There was no choice of trailers for the product.
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  • Craig asks: What’s going on Vanishing??? Multiple people are saying you’re selling a routine (what’s in the trailer) and delivering far less than that to your customers. If this is true, it deeply undermines my confidence in dealing with you regarding purchases. I am 100% open to hearing what the explanation is. Maybe the facts are not what they seem. I hope that you value me enough as a customer to respond to this post.

    • 1. Jim answers: TCC, the producer of the trailer, video and prop have stated that they will not provide the explanation video that the trailer was made from. None of this, in any way, was the decision of Vanishing Inc. Magic. If you have an issue with the situation, you should contact the responsible party, which is TCC.
    • 2. Craig answers: Jim, my concern has nothing to do with TCC. Vanishing has said multiple times that the full version of the video is included. It is not. Hoping for an explanation or from Vanishing or for them to take responsibility for a mistake and own up to it. I am a really big fan of TCC and am interested in purchasing this chop cup but I want to honestly know what I’m getting as the video explanation is a significant part of the overall product.
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  • Don asks: Seems to be a RASH of unanswered QUESTION at VANISHING INC lately,, & repetitively as well in regards to the TCC Chop Cup, i would STRONGLY URGE (Based on the POOR response given here ALREADY,, that VANISHING inc FIND a way to include instructions for the ROUTINE in the TEASER VIDEO to AVOID a HUGE LAWSUIT & potential Cancellation of MagiFest 2021 in Columbus Ohio,, See how matters can escalate when the WRONG path is taken,,there's a number of people that can make that happen,, they don't wish to right now,, & all that could be avoided SIMPLY by including the "teaser video" routine & everyone will be happy,, !! :) :)

    • 1. David answers: Well, I’m going to watch the video and figure out how to make my moves look like those moves. What, figure it out on my own? I must be a REAL magician. And maybe my ideas will be better. Thank you VI for the resources with which I can do just that.
    • 2. steven answers: Don asks: Seems to be a RASH of unanswered QUESTION at VANISHING INC lately,, & repetitively as well in regards to the TCC Chop Cup, i would STRONGLY URGE (Based on the POOR response given here ALREADY,, that VANISHING inc FIND a way to include instructions for the ROUTINE in the TEASER VIDEO to AVOID a HUGE LAWSUIT & potential Cancellation of MagiFest 2021 in Columbus Ohio,, See how matters can escalate when the WRONG path is taken,,there's a number of people that can make that happen,, they don't wish to right now,, & all that could be avoided SIMPLY by including the "teaser video" routine & everyone will be happy,, !! :) :) For God sake man. watch the routine... besides take the cup and make it your own.. Why would you want to do someone else routine ?????? COME ON MAN...
    • 3. Jim answers: TCC, the producer of the trailer, video and prop have stated that they will not provide the explanation video that the trailer was made from. None of this, in any way, was the decision of Vanishing Inc. Magic. If you have an issue with the situation, you should contact the responsible party, which is TCC.
    • 4. Barry answers: Fine, if VI is not able to provide the instructional video for the trailer owing to policies of TCC, then VI should NOT show the trailer as advertisement for this item. Don't advertise what you do not and cannot provide. This is a policy decision that VI is directly responsible for and the blame cannot be pinned on TCC.
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  • Travis asks: I ordered the chop cup however I never received any video. I thought it was supposed to come with the chop cup and balls. It said it came with the video, I never received it

    • 1. Jeff answers: not in mine either.
    • 2. Dottore answers: The video is in your account's library.
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  • Quentin asks: Hi everyone, The leather chop cup was my first (and last) purchase on this website. I bought this trick for the routine, I was so disappointed when I discovered the short version of the routine... And even though the routine was not delivered by TCC to Vanishinginc., they should have noticed the consumer about that... I can notice that I'm not the only one who feels fooled by Vanishinginc.

    • 1. Barry answers: Hi Quentin, got it set up now: mustbemagick2020 See first letter of Andi's last name for where. Hope to be in touch soon.
    • 2. Barry answers: Hi Quentin, thank you for your efforts! Sorry for being so cryptic, I was trying to make my address a little less obvious and try to give you the necessary information via some hidden clues but I think I hid the necessary information too well. I was referring to Andi Gladwin (co-founder of Vanishing Inc). Last name begins with "G". So that is where to direct the email. (The first of the two options you mentioned). Hope that's clear now. And, if anyone else has bothered to read through all this just to figure out my temporary email address, good for them! Hope it will all be clear now!
    • 3. Quentin answers: Guys, after few hours of observation, I'm able to explain all the routine. I'm gonna record the solution, if someone is interested, give me your email address in comment. Cheers
    • 4. Barry answers: Hi Quentin, thanks that is a generous offer. I've been studying the routine as well. I can work out most of it although there are a few places where I am still a little stumped. I would definitely be interested in discussing this routine with you. Trying to figure out how to provide an email contact since I don't think I want to make it public here. I will probably have to create a new email account but do check back here!
    • 5. Quentin answers: I can understand, this is why i ask for people address and I don't share mine... Let me know when you're available on your new email address! :)
    • 6. Quentin answers: Hi Barry! Your address is or "See first letter of Andi's last name for where". ???? sorry but i didn't understand this sentence... my native language is french...
    • 7. Raymond answers: I agree the original routine is terrific and I agree it is unfortunate that TCC was not able to secure the release of the full routine for everyone. I also believe Vanishing Inc. meant no malice and were confused when they stated the full routine was included. It is quite rare for a manufacturer of a magic item to not give or not allow for purchase of the full routine. That being said they are lots and lots of great chop cup routines out there that are published. My favorite routine (which is available for purchase from the creator and from Vanishing Inc.) is from a wonderful Spanish magician called Pipo Villanueva. You can see his routine called MiniCup and Balls at take care Ray
    • 8. Cristóbal answers: Thank you! My email:
    • 9. Jeff answers:
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  • Howard asks: I am interested in getting additional baseballs for these cups. Can you tell me the size 3/4" 1" etc.? Also, do you have any balls to recommend for a large load finale?

    • 1. YinHowe answers: The Mini Baseballs are approx 1 inch. It take a 2-2.5inch final load. You can check out the video above for detailed measurements.
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  • Gary asks: Hi Do you have the Brown TCC Chop Cup available to buy in the UK or will this be a special order Cheers.

    • 1. Bruce answers: Please email for this kind of question
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  • James asks: What size load do these cups hold?

    • 1. Jim answers: A small lemon is perfect.
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  • jose alejandro asks: what is the size of the cup?

    • 1. Jim answers: The height of the cup is about 90mm. On the outside of the cup, the width of the mouth is about 70mm. On the inside of the cup, the width of the mouth is about 58mm. The width of the top of the cup is about 56.5mm. A final load with diameter of about 50mm should fit. I hope that helps!
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  • Roel asks: Why should I purchase a cup and a ball when the routines are not included? Like buying a car but without the key.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Most people already have a routine that they perform. This is so that you can have a high-quality prop.
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