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Trick by Leo Smetsers and Holland Tricks
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Leo's Coin

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Trick by Leo Smetsers and Holland Tricks (41.50)

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Leo's Coin - magic
Leo's Coin Leo's Coin Leo's Coin Leo's Coin

One of the best kept secrets in Magic...

Leo Smetsers is a prolific creator and performer. His entire life revolves around magic and he has released a wide variety of beloved products over the years. But, this particular effect has been kept hidden...until now.

After years of prodding by his friends, Leo has finally decided to release Leo's Coin, a remarkably versatile coin gimmick you can carry with you on your keyring. That's right, at a moment's notice, you'll be able to perform a variety of different mind-blowing magic tricks from which hand effects to mind reading and card tricks.

As with all of Leo's products, Leo's Coin is the result of years of prototyping and real-life performances. It is incredibly durable and constructed with expert craftmanship to ensure it meets the needs of any worker.

Each sign comes with:

  • Custom designed and manufactured keyring coin
  • Special deployment clasp for easy attachment and removal
  • Comprehensive tutorial featuring 10 killer routines that take full advantage of the secrets this coin holds

From close-up magic to parlor magic, Leo's Coin offers something for every magician.


Customer reviews for Leo's Coin



Quality “custom designed” gimmick with coin , key ring and clasp.
It takes up very little pocket space
It is put on your Keyring and can easily be taken off during performance
It’s an ideal Every Day Carry and you can perform instantly if asked to “do a trick”
Instructions come with 10 effects

Some of the effects are basic
I found the instructional video hard to follow because of Leo’s “broken English”

Overall:Some lovely effects can be made with this ‘gimmick’. It’s always available on your key ring for adhoc performances.



Not quite what i expected, not my thing.


Community questions about Leo's Coin

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  • Mark asks: I might be interested if I knew what this coin did. There seem to be no clues as to what this coin is or how you interact with it. It doesn’t say it is a mechanical coin to do automatic tricks with, it doesn’t say whether it’s just a coin that you can carry with you so that you have some thing to do coin tricks with. So for the price I could just carry a coin around in my own pocket a regular coin a real coin. Can’t buy it if I don’t know if there’s something special about it other than putting it on my key ring.

    • 1. Jeffrey answers: A quick Table of Contents (so to speak) 1 - All Knowing Coin - Deck of cards cut several times after selection made and returned. cards spread and pointing finger on coin divines selection after passing over spread and back to card. 2 - Pate-OH - A set of 5 random objects are removed by a series of decisions by Spec and Magi with the final being made by your "lucky coin" and final object also written on a business card in view the whole time. 3 - The Perfect Time - 4 business cards shown with different time calculations, Spec picks any of the 4, new calcs are done and answer is on coin (matches) (Based on Marc Paul effect) (free website app or paid iPhone app can be used with it) 4 - It All Adds Up - Spec uses calculator on their cell for a series of entries, you divine final answer (on coin edge) I believe this is also based on a Marc Paul effect Hard for me to explain this one, but you may get it from knowing similar effects by Marc. 5 - One In The Hand - A built in "Which Hand" effect. Repeatable. 6 - You Pay, I Pay - Spin coin for who pays for next drink or meal... (hint, they pay) then play it off with some humor. 7 - Coin C.A.A.N. - Card selected after shuffling a few piles and gets found at a position determined by coin (as well as a grid of numbers on a business card selected and eliminated by specs decisions). 8 - Lucky Number - Spec tells you their lucky number, you jot it on a business card. The coin is then produced from a nest of wallets (or however you would want to produce from impossible place and has a color sticker that also has the specs lucky number on it. 9 - Yes and No - 2 "prizes" marked "Yes" and "No", Yes and no are on the coin. Prize determined by coin spin. demo uses confetti or brick. 10 - Stage Routine - A stage or parlor version of a combo of effects 3, 4, and 8. The coin is only "gaffed" in that when you do any of the coin spinning effects, you will get the outcome you ae looking for (something commonly done with nickels in the past). It takes no more pocket space than a credit card with a bunch of effects on it. It lives on your Keyring and easily detaches with the included clasp. There are probably other things you can do with it with some imagination but these are the 10 that Leo included on the project. Many will work over Zoom but I think it will begin to "shine" when you get back out somewhere and someone randomly asks for a magic trick. You will have several just by grabbing your keys and a couple other items you probably always carry anyway, like business cards and a deck of cards.
    • 2. Jeffrey answers: Leo's Coin resides on your keychain via the included lobster type clip for easy removal. It comes with 10 effects (an easy 20 - 30 mins of magic) and takes virtually zero pocket space. The concept is akin to Mark Jenest's "Magi Card" but with totally different routine types. There is a video from his official product launch (but unfortunately on another retailers YouTube) and it ran like an hour and 20 mins which made many not want to watch the full thing). The effects are a mix of mentalism and cards with several built in reveals hiding in plain site on the coin. It is only "gaffed" in a very slight way to help with the outcome of an effect (maybe 2). I got it as soon as it came out and have been able to use it some to very rewarding results. It's made by Leo, where can you go wrong?
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