Lucky Lotto

Trick by Craig Petty
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Lucky Lotto

39.95 usd

Trick by Craig Petty (39.95)

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Lucky Lotto - magic
Lucky Lotto Lucky Lotto

A powerful EDC using scratch-off lotto tickets. “Lucky Lotto” by Craig Petty is bound to find a permanent home in your wallet.

Direct from Craig’s working set, “Lucky Lotto” allows you to perfectly predict the winning square on a scratch-and-win lottery ticket. It is a super fun and organic new take on the classic “Bank Night” idea that adds a whole new layer of justification to the plot.

You present a scratch-off ticket to your participant and wager a bet. There are four spaces on the ticket—three of them are losers and one is a winner. If they scratch the winning square, they’ll win $20 from you. If they don’t, you’ll win and they’ll owe you a roaring round of applause.

It’s already a tempting bet. However, you go one step further by telling them they’ll get to scratch three of the four spaces. Now, it’s a challenge they simply can’t resist.

Every choice they make is genuinely free. Yet, despite these insurmountable odds, you somehow manage to influence their every decision to ensure that the square left for you is always a winner.

“Lucky Lotto” is super easy to do thanks to the specially-made lottery tickets. They’re super easy to carry with you everywhere and make for a memorable souvenir that you can leave behind after every performance.

Each “Lucky Lotto” package comes with custom-made lottery tickets (enough for ten performances), as well as a detailed tutorial from Craig featuring two different powerhouse routines.

Make every performance a winner with “Lucky Lotto” by Craig Petty!


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Community questions about Lucky Lotto

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  • Nick asks: Are there plans to offer refills at some point in the future? While the effect is entertaining, the price point makes this a bit impractical for an EDC.

    • 1. Jaden answers: I heard they are in the works, I agree about it being slightly impractical for the price though as of yet but once refills come out
    • 2. George answers: 4.00 per card doing bar magic it would cost me out of my pocket $40. a night no ty you at this time but a good trick ,George Coffey
    • 3. Tom answers: Good. I thought it was a fun and entertaining 'EDC' but not at $4 per card. I'll wait to see what refills cost and how many you get before purchasing.
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  • Brandon asks: How many do you get??

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Enough for ten performances, with lower cost refills on the way.
  • Steve asks: Twice during the performance, he says to two of then, "if you get a cross you win" but then when they do get the cross, they don't win?

    • 1. Kevin answers: I noticed the same thing. Seems either he is confused or trying to confuse the game. If that language is part of the modus operendi, what do you do if a spectator stops you and asks for clarity.
    • 2. Michael answers: Craig addressed this somewhere explaining it was just a slip of the tongue that had been accidental. So no confusion and nothing to do with the ‘modus operandi’. Cross is always a loss and that’s how the effect is presented.
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  • Mark asks: I ordered and received product, but not sure where to find tutorial. I see the link and password under the lid, but that doesn’t help.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Please email our Support Wizards at and they'll be able to help you out.
  • Frankie asks: Good day Are there refills available yet for Lucky Lotto? I now perform it regularly and ran out or tickets. Great effect and response from the audience! Thanks for letting me know so that I can continue using this terrific effect…. Frank

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Hey Frank!, Unfortunately refills aren’t available at the moment
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