Trick by Henry Harrius and Armando C.
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Trick by Henry Harrius and Armando C. ($99.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Tuesday morning
Magnet-0 - magic
Magnet-0 Magnet-0 Magnet-0 Magnet-0 Magnet-0

Magnet-0 (pronounced Magnet Zero) is, for us, all about the image. The most brilliant part about this terrific effect is the visual you get to create for your audience. Balancing a borrowed coin on a sharpie cap and then sealing it off with an inverted glass is...weird. But weird in a fantastic way.

The visual is arresting and you can't not look at the whole setup. Then, you walk away from the table and with a pass of your hand, cause the objects to animate from a distance. Your ability to cause the coin or key (or any small object) to fall off the cap at will is unforgettable. The visuals could not be more memorable.

Included in Magnet-0 is the one simple thing you need to work your magic. This effect is incredibly easy to perform and is almost self-working. You can (and should) borrow the quarter or key and, of course, any wine glass or tumbler will work. By utilizing a super quick and easy switch, you can even borrow the sharpie or have an ungimmicked sharpie available for examination.

As with everything produced by Henry Harius, Magnet-0 is made to last forever and to work again and again in real-world environments.

We're always on the hunt for new and original effects, and this is one that we believe is truly worthy of adding to your repertoire.


Community questions about Magnet-0

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Mark asks: Can you cause the coin/key/small object to fall off whenever you like, or is it a timed release (such as with a PK pen falling off a ledge)?

    • 1. Benjamin answers: That's answered in the video.
    • 2. Luke answers: Answer is on Henry Harrius’ website remote can be instantly triggered or with a 7 second delay it’s up to you
    • 3. Olivier answers: When is there the answer in the video?? I listen it twice and did not find the answer...
    • 4. Gary answers: At 51 seconds in the video it says on the screen there is a time delay function
    • 5. Rene answers: Read the Text on the left side. There stand "Time Delay Function" !!!
    • 6. Stephen answers: It appears to work on a vibration principle. Is this true? If so, wouldn’t someone else be able to detect it?
    • 7. Jeff answers: It comes with a remote control. There are two buttons. One for instant drop and one to set a 7 second delay.
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  • Lukas asks: Can the cap be examined instantly? Can the timing be controlled?

    • 1. Scott answers: I don’t own this but from the video I am comfortable answering no.
    • 2. Scott answers: Sorry, no to the first part of the question no idea on the second.
    • 3. Luke answers: Yes two options are instant and 7 seconds
    • 4. Theodore answers: On the video there is a clear switch of the caps so I would say no.
    • 5. Brett answers: You will have to do a switch at the end and yes the timing is all under your control.
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  • Josele asks: Do I need Medium/High sleight of hand to perform this?

    • 1. Luke answers: Very low sleight of hand ability-switch is easy to learn and no audience members attention will be on the object being switched anyway
    • 2. Isak answers: It’s so simple, I think the hardest part is just to balanse the coin on the sharpie cap...
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  • asks: How far can I be to control the movement?

    • 1. Peter answers: About three or four feet. There is an optional seven second delay, so you could be very far away when the coin falls.
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  • Paul asks: Is it silent

    • 1. Peter answers: Yes, it is.
    • 2. Derek answers: It's not completely silent. There is a low-level buzz/vibration that is audible. You can easily experiment to figure out how much ambient noise you need to cover the sound, and what kind of surfaces either augment or diminish the sound.
    • 3. Brett answers: It is as long as you are not performing at a extremely quiet place
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  • James asks: Does it work with non magnetic materials such as brass keys or coins that are not magnetic?

    • 1. James answers: I’ve seen a review with the answers - it can be any material you can balance in the sharpie cap
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  • James asks: I assume you have to use a black Sharpie cap, not any colour or style of marker cap?

    • 1. James answers: Again the review answered this - it has to be the sharpie black cap
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  • Gerald asks: Is the cap metal or plastic ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Plastic.
  • Douglas asks: When it says "7 second delay", does that mean you only have 7 seconds to perform the feat or 7 seconds after it is activated?

    • 1. Jim answers: There are two buttons. One is instant, and the other is the delay. The delay starts the countdown after you press it.
    • 2. Chan answers: The two buttons are on the rexxxe. That means you have FULL control when you want to drop. With the setup taught in the tutorial you can perform it hands free (7 seconds delay function) or perform it with one of the hand gently touching your pants. Hands does not need to reach into your pockets.
    • 3. Douglas answers: Chan, thank you! That makes more sense to me. I guess I was thinking the timing delay was in the cap itself.
    • 4. Douglas answers: Jim, Without exposing anything, I am going to assume that instant/7 sec delay buttons are on said person. I guess I literally have a timing issue in the set up. My mind, as convoluted as it is, is tell me that if it is "instant" then you don't really have time to set a glass over it, and if it is a 7 sec delay, then you have about 5 seconds after you put a glass over it to for it to drop... hope I am making sense with my though process.
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  • Bud asks: Is the cap shiny? The cap appears to be a little dull looking in certain images in the video.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It looks like a normal Sharpie cap in person.
  • Andrew asks: Is anyone else struggling to get access to be able to charge it? I have watched the tutorial video and it comes off easily on his unit but mine does not. I have tried pressing really hard and twisting, placing on a table etc but nothing! Is there another way to open it, if not I feel I have just wasted £90 on a trick that will run out of charge soon and I cannot re charge it!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sorry you're having problems with it. Please email our Support Wizards at and someone will take care of you. If your device is faulty, we'll replace it. You've not wasted £90. We've got you!
  • Kenneth asks: How small is the remote?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's about the same size as a remote to unlock a car
  • Bud asks: I'm having the same problem as Andrew is having as stated above. I cannot get access to the charging port. Twisting it doesn't work & I'm afraid to pry the plastic lid off. Bud

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Please email our Support Wizards at and someone will take care of you.
  • Anh-Liem asks: are we able to change the battery easily if needed?

    • 1. Brett answers: It is a usb charging device, as long as you carry a laptop or portable charger, you will be good to go.
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Customer reviews for Magnet-0



I was lucky enough to get an early copy and am THRILLED with it. I own every Harrius product and this may well be my favorite. For those worried about reliability - do not. This hasn't failed me once. The gimmick is extraordinarily well made.



I have a problem.... I'M ADDICTED TO HENRY HARRIUS PRODUCTS. PLEASE SEND HELP. If he keeps making products this good, I'm going to go broke very soon :D :D :D (It's great. And thanks for the shipping upgrade. Mine arrived earlier than expected).



Gimmick - Very well made and will last a long time. 9/10
Instructions - 10/10 - they cover everything you would want.
Effect - 10/10 (wait until you see the reactions this gets)



I got MAGNET-0 for Christmas from my Friend from America.
I can guarantee it's a fantastic trick. I recommend it 100%.
If you like to amaze people, this is the gimmick you need to buy.
My compliments to Vanishing who put this product up for sale.



All I can say is 'Magnificent ' !!! Great job by the inventors of this effect. If you cant do this, you cant do anything. You'll love this.! Buy wont be sorry.



This is an absolutely excellent product that I would truly recommend to absolutely anyone who is looking for something for their EDC which is incredibly compact yet gets absolutely great reactions which is very from the standard "Pick a card" trick. The gimmick is great and is pretty much sure fire. When you see something like this you think it is too good to be true but being Henry and Armando's work of course it isn't!!!



This is a beautiful routine. My grandkids will absolutely love it. The tutorial is one of the best ever...clear, direct and includes a few variations to incorporate into the performance.



Brilliant very good



Being one of those who got before the official world wide release, I witnessed the whole development process of this wonderful prop in the last two years. Henry Harrius and his team once again set the standard of what a professional prop development should be through time, dedication and routine creation which made Magnet-0 as the debut of workers' series.

Those who did not get the product and bash about anything such as remote clicking sound has no idea what it is in real live performance situation. Watch the explanation video and all these problems they mentioned are solved if follow the instruction as taught by Henry and Armando C.

As always, Magnet-0 maintains the gold standard from Henry Harrius Presents and I cannot wait to see their team's next release, soon.



Performed this trick in addition to others in my repertoire to my grandchildren. Judging from the reactions (wide eyes, gasps and facial expressions) Magnet-0 by far stood out as the most awesome and amazing. To see those reactions means to me it was worth every penny!



Sucks I can't see my downloads



i LOVE MAGNET-0. V’inc, how about a possible second spare for my belated birthday that just passed ? :) this has been the most fun making objects move so easy to do there is a switch i mean not really it’s such a natural thing you’d do but if you want to say it’s a switch then that’s all you, compared to what you have to switch with most things, this is so natural. this goes GREAT with ORACLE ! been practicing my heart and soul to a seance light hearted seance like sit down showing how much power you have. there is no mags no strings it will blow you away what this every day thing can do. A lot of work/ thinking went into this. Can’t recommend this highly enough. if you like to make things move/ tip/ fall over at your command, look no further! Henry always continues to amaze me and you have no clue what you’re getting into. You WILL be FOOLED & in LOVE! this thing was so hard to get i couldn’t get it here but know it’s a project here i believe so supporting the guys and to help make a review help you. Any questions , add n dm me on FB!

- Andrew Ace





Henry Harrius does it again! Magnet-0 will FRY your spectators. I use this beautiful trick in mostly close-up settings but as of late i've been working it into my parlor show. It's an unexpected trick and differentiates itself from the same old stale card premise. 5 stars all the way!



Magnet-0 is more than just a 'trick'. This is an amazing concept that can be utilized in many different routines.
These young men are not only geniuses, but charming as they present and explain the routine(s) in detail. They have covered every base and this product is worth every cent.



Just a follow-up on the issue of the plastic lid covering the charging port. There are no threads in the Sharpie cap, (at least not mine), which means the plastic lid does not unscrew to get to the port as Henry appears to be doing in the video. The cover has to be 'popped' out. Not sure if this is true on all Sharpie caps or just the new pre-ordered ones like I have. Other than that, my initial review still stands - this is a superb item!



Top Gimmick, Top teaching. Thanks to Harry and Armando!



This is a really top-notch product. In general, anything Harry puts out you should buy. Immediately. Beautifully made, and works perfectly. This is the type of gimmick where the effect is limited only by your imagination, routining, and connection with spectators. In the wrong hands, this might fall flat. In the right hands, this can be a miracle that people will never forget. The gimmick does all the work -- to make a miracle you just need to think about how to set the stage and showcase whatever story of supernatural powers you want to tell. It's not cheap. But if you like the effect, and think you can create a good presentation around it, rest assured that the gimmick will do the rest and is absolute fantastic quality. No 3-d printed gimmicks here.



Great product





These two guys are terrific teachers. Armando’s difficulty speaking English is actually endearing, as is his final story about the grandfather. The explanations were careful and clear. A good piece of work.



Magnet-0 by Henry Harrius and Armando C.