Mint Box

Trick by Daniel Garcia
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Mint Box

60.00 usd

Trick by Daniel Garcia (60.00)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Mint Box - magic
Mint Box Mint Box Mint Box Mint Box Mint Box Mint Box

This FANTASTIC illusion is that rare combination of EXTREMELY strong and practical trick, and also an amazing TOY! You know how we've always dreamed of a trick with a Tenyo-like method but with an ordinary prop that would be something you would carry. This is it! The effect is as amazing as it is simple: a signed, selected card appears in a tin of mints. The hands can be shown empty and the tin is examinable immediately afterward. Truly, what more could you want?

We intend to use this as a closer for Ambitious Card, but you can also use it as a stand-alone effect.

Danny Garcia has devised an extremely clever way to alter the mint tin so it can be examined IMMEDIATELY after the trick. The effect uses an Altoids tin just like the ones so many people carry in their pockets daily. This way, the effect is organic, and feels right both onstage, on television, or in a coffee shop for your friends.

OUR TAKE ON THIS TYPE OF TRICK: You've seen a lot card to box effects on the market. The latest trend is a clear box where we see an isolated card before one is even selected. There are even versions out (that we like and carry) where there is no cover at all...just a folded card that ends up becoming the signed selection.

But let us tell you why we PREFER Mint Box to all the others: we believe the element of surprise is critical to a trick like this. And when the card is in full view throughout the performance, it may amaze your spectators, but they won't be as surprised. Some, if not most, will foresee the ending. If you've ever performed a card in ring-box style effect, you know the biggest reaction comes when they SEE that there is a card in the box. It's crazy, but true: the reaction comes when they see A card in the box, because they assume (incorrectly) that the one they are seeing "must" be the one they signed.

The other reason we love "Mint Box" so much is that this one allows for an extremely clean handling. "Mint Box" is making a big splash because of how clever and fun the gimmick is (you TOUCH this thing and the switch happens). But what is overlooked about this product is Danny Garcia's improved HANDLING. He makes it so, so, so easy to do, and provides some ways to use the box as cover to show the hands entirely empty. You will be doing this in minutes.

So that's it. As usual, we are trying to help you make an informed decision about a fantastic product. No hype in this email: just an accurate, detailed description of what you'll receive, and our highest endorsement. We're excited for you to receive this top-shelf product. The instructions, the packaging, and the product itself EXUDES quality. Jump at the chance to add this to your repertoire.


Customer reviews for Mint Box


Einar Aron

In my opinion, this is the best mercury fold effect since David Stone's Cell. The mint box is an everyday object and would actually make sense to keep it in your pocket. Both the gimmick and the explanation are well made.



Great. Created by a diabolical mind. It is done really well, even at close range, (I performed makeup on the street with friends) I can assure you that the Trick is not visible. But it has a small/big problem, it's very delicate. You have to be careful to use it because it can break. I recommend buying it for those who want something small and effect, to take with them around.



“WARNING - FAILURE TO READ QUICK START GUIDE WILL RESULT IN A DAMAGED UNIT” is printed on a small piece of card stock and is warning you as soon as you open this deviously well constructed piece of art. It will destroy the minds of your victims, without them ever knowing it was the gimmick. They will spend countless hours contemplating without result. FRAGILE - yes.....if handled incorrectly, but it has to be fragile or it wouldn’t be effective. This is well made and anything less than an Excellent Rating by somebody is a fool and didn’t deserve to have ever owned and learned its secret.
Thank you Mr. Garcia.



Gee, I wish I got a free replacement from Bicycle every time I folded a card. What a wonky thing to "grind your gears" over.

Danny is an amazing guy. (He even served me breakfast once!) This tin is clever, and his thinking is especially good. He's also a great instructor that doesn't talk down to you.

The prop is so organic that you could have it sitting around, out in the open, blending in with anything else you have lying around on the table (all of which are gimmicked for more picnic table magical wonders, of course!). The only way it'll get broken and need replacement is if you accidentally place it where the jaw hits the table.



Got it. Love it. As the guy above said, you can't get replacements but I'm not sure you'll need one - just be careful with it like the rest of your props. This is a sure fire winner and it is now in my walkaround set!!



Let's forget the high price (even tough I bought it discounted) because you don't buy materials, you buy effects. Let's forget that it can potentially be damaged and there are no replacements, because not only this is not an issue if you use it properly, but once you know how the gimmick works, you could make one yourself (just look for highly reflective mylar).

The reality is that you don't need a gimmick for this.

Around the same time Mint Box came out, a similar effect with an Altoid box was published for a third of the price, that achieves the same results with just sleight of hands (Toibox by Jonathan Kamm). You're not restricted to a red bicycle deck and you can cleanly show an empty box while you place it in the hands of the spectator.

The main difference (from a performance perspective) is the order of the phases: with Mint Box you can do a chosen card to box followed by a signed card to box, while in Toibox the phases are reversed. One could argue that ending with a signed card is a stronger effect– and they would be probably right –but even if with Toibox you end with a chosen card, they can take it out themselves, and they can inspect everything, something you can't do with Mint Box. Anyway, you could change this phase to end with a signed card if you whish, you can't just let them actually take the card (you know why).

In the end, even if I bought Mint Box out of curiosity, I think the latter is a superior method, so I probably won't use it. Straight to the drawer! For me, the interesting thing was to peak at the (clever) method. It could inspire me to do something else with it in the future.

One thing you can do with this, is a highly visual card vanish from the box for your instagram account that was probably already posted by a lot of other people.



What really grinds my gears is that it doesnt have a replacement if you mess it up if you break it you have to fork up another $60


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  • Neal asks: Is the mercury fold still required for this effect?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: You still need to do the mercury fold
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  • Max asks: Can you customize this to work with a billet?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It would take some notable DIY work, but I don't see why it would not work.
  • CHUN-YEN asks: Is there a blue version

    • 1. Jim answers: Only red. Sorry!
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