My Magic Money

Trick by Mickael Chatelain and Gi'Mick Magic
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My Magic Money

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Trick by Mickael Chatelain and Gi'Mick Magic (35.00)

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My Magic Money - magic
My Magic Money My Magic Money My Magic Money My Magic Money My Magic Money My Magic Money

Mickael Chatelain seemingly never runs out of creative ideas as he's once again changing the game for visual magic with My Magic Money.

This simple, yet remarkably clever, gimmick can be carried in your wallet or pocket, allowing you to perform more than 10 different miracles at any time. It's incredibly simple to use and provides insanely visual moments from appearances to disappearances, transformations and more.

You can even easily chain different effects to form a powerful close-up magic set.

  • No sleight of hand required
  • The versatile gimmick handles everything
  • Instant reset
  • Simple and unbreakable gimmick that will last you a lifetime
  • 10 routines taught, but an endless amount of creative possibilities

Oh, and HERE'S THE BEST PART, despite the examples below using "€", My Magic Money can be be adapted to nearly any currency!

Here are some of the effects you'll be able to do within minutes of learning the secret behind My Magic Money:

Vanishing Bill
Two bills go into your hand. You pull out one. The other one should still be in your hand right? Nope. You open your hand to show it empty. You can then produce the bill again whenever you'd like.

Misled Bill
A real fooler based on a classic effect. One 20€ bill penetrates a 10€ bill in full view! Yet, in the end, the 10€ bill is completely unharmed.

A 20€ bill is shown on both sides, folded in quarters and then held at the fingertips. In an instant, the bill visually transforms into a 10€ bill right in front of your spectator's eyes.

In the right hand, the 20€ banknote, in the left hand, the 10€ banknote! But wait, are you sure? Your spectators will love this ultra-fast misdirection effect! They'll think they're dreaming.

A 10€ bill and a 20€ bill are placed in your hand. The 10€ bill is then visibly removed. But, when you open your hand again, both bills are still there. You then repeat this with the 20€ and open your hand to see that, while the 10€ bill should be there, you're actually still holding the 20€ bill in your hand...

You now close your fingers again on the 20€ bill... 20€? Are you sure? Open your hand and show that it is the 10€ bill. This one is crazy!

The Journey
Place the 20€ bill in one hand and the 10€ bill on the table. You then pass your hand over the bill on the table and visually transform it into the 20€ bill! Your audience won't believe their eyes when you open your hands and show that the bills have indeed changed places.

Deal Bill
Your spectators clearly see you have one 10€ and one 20€ bill. Place a bill in each hand and tell your spectator that if they can find the 20€ bill, they can keep it. Of course, no matter how many times they try, they'll never be able to win.

Show your 2 bills and your empty hands before you close one of them and turn it palm down. Then, with the other hand, show both bills and have your spectator name either one. Both bills are smacked against the back of your closed hand and the one they chose instantly disappears. You then open up your closed fist to show it's there.

A variation known as BIM 2 is also taught.

Money Switch Bill
A piece of paper or 10€ bill instantly transforms into a 20€ bill with this insanely clean and visual effect that your audiences will never forget.


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  • Alan asks: This can be adapted to "nearly any currency". How about British money? Forgive me if this is answered in the blurb already

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    • Chris asks: Yes, wondering about polymer (plastic) bills...which would be Aussie & Canadian?

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      • Brian asks: Is this a DVD or online instructions?

        • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Online instructions
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