Number 4 Envelope

Trick by Blake Vogt
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Number 4 Envelope

29.95 usd

Trick by Blake Vogt (29.95)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Number 4 Envelope - magic
Number 4 Envelope Number 4 Envelope Number 4 Envelope Number 4 Envelope Number 4 Envelope Number 4 Envelope

The Perfect Multiple Out Device?

This is some very clever thinking from Blake Vogt. It looks like a regular envelope, but has a beautiful 4 way out system built in. And the best bit? The spectator removes the contents of the envelope themselves.

It’s not just a multiple out device, it can also be used to switch cards, billets, paper and cash.

The dimensions are 3”x4”, so it fits in your pocket easily. Known for releasing quality items, the Number 4 Envelope is made from Tyvek. It’s waterproof and it won’t tear; it will last you a lifetime. You’ll receive one fully made gimmick - no arts and crafts required - and a detailed instructional video from Blake himself which features 3 full routines you can use straight away. Blake will take you through each step of how to utilize this brilliant envelope in great detail.


Customer reviews for Number 4 Envelope



Originally I bought the Number 4 Envelope for interpreting John Archers Comedy Killer Routine...It is very well made, I expect it to be durable, and it really looks totally harmless...I still shy away from handing it out because with 4 cards the envelope feels stiff (wich is quite logical)...But it never got questioned so there was no need to...You might want to check out John Archer`s Routine because in a way you can force a whole suit with the envelope, wich takes even more heat from it...



I really like this concept and the utility. Perfect for what I need. I thought of picking up an additional one though I sort of cringe because, yes, it is a bit pricey. I do understand that you're paying for Blake's ultra creativity and the thought and development that goes in to it. However, I do wish that for that price, a template would have been included or an additional envelope. I had also bought the Tyvek Envelope System (which was excellent as well by the way) and that came with several envelopes (that yes you glue together but that's minimal) AND a plastic template so with that in mind, it makes the price point on this a bit stiff without something additional. Great little useful envelope from Blake, though. I'll definitely use it.



This is hugely over-priced for what it is. Sure it's made of Tyvek. But it won't last that long if used frequently during performances. Why a spare isn't included I can only assume is down to profit maximisation. Which at this price point seems a bit mean-spirited. However the main issue is with the appearance of the envelope itself. It just bears so little resemblance to any envelope anyone has ever seen before it's going to rise suspicions. The notion that you could put this in a spectator's had any they won't look upon it with suspicion is frankly ludicrous. With a bit of thought you could make something less dodgy looking yourself. Mine has started to become mis-shapen after only a bit of time in the wallet between performances. I don't bother with it any more. There are better multiple out solutions in most situations. Sadly the hunt for a decent 4-way envelope continues. Save your money!


Community questions about Number 4 Envelope

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  • Dan asks: Can the Spectator feel the other 3 cards when they handle the envelope? What prevents this from happening?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: In my opinion, some spectator can feel the other three predictions. You can open the envelope by yourself and just show it empty to avoid that
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  • Paul asks: Would these envelopes fit inside the secret compartments of Angelo Carbone's "The Gift"?

    • 1. James answers: It would be too thick.
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  • Thomas asks: Do Parlour sized Cards from CardShark fit inside?

    • 1. Dottore answers: No, unless they are folded.
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  • Joel asks: Will a smaller version be made in the future for business cards?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: the smaller version is not available until now..
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  • Edar asks: Do you know if the envelope can accommodate the 4 photos from Brian Caswell's effect Cataclysm?

    • 1. Jon answers: Looking at the video the cards Blake removes are from a regular Bicycle deck, the Cataclysm photos are smaller so can't see why not...I was just thinking the same thing...
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  • Napoleon asks: The Number 4 Envelope is a fantastic utility device. Is there any chance that a Jumbo version might be manufactured for revelations of Jumbo playing cards in stage shows?

    • 1. Jim answers: I have not heard of any plans for such. Sorry!
    • 2. Napoleon answers: Thanks, Jim!
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  • Francesco asks: Hello, I saw on Blake Vogt's website that the Stage version (bigger) is also sold, is it possible to have both?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately, we are only selling the original Number 4 Envelope.
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