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Steam 2.0

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Steam 2.0

44.95 usd

Trick by Paul Harris and Ali Nouira ($44.95)

In stock. Order in the next 11 hours, 6 minutes and it will go out today!
Steam 2.0 - magic
Steam 2.0 Steam 2.0 Steam 2.0 Steam 2.0 Steam 2.0

If you saw Etienne Pradier's wonderful performance on 'Penn & Teller: Fool US' you will know why Steam 2.0 is one of the greatest and most direct pieces of mind reading we have ever seen! We can suggest it enough.

The steam principle was developed years ago by Marc Salem and it has now been updated. Imagine this... You have a spectator write or draw anything on a blank business card. They place it face down on the table and put an envelope on to. Then they cover everything with their hand. You pause for a moment, grab the envelope for something to draw on, and proceed to perfectly replicate what they drew at the beginning. It is absolutely impossible for you to have seen their image, yet, somehow you know it!!

The effect is exactly as we described and it really does seem impossible. The performer never needs to touch or see the card. Whats more, the method is as much fun as the effect. You will be really impressed when you see how clever this is! 

Interestingly, Steam 2.0 opens up some interesting opportunities. For example, you do not have to be in the room when the drawing is made. You could be miles away and give instructions over the phone. The spectator can cover the card with anything they like so that when you come into he room, there is no way of you seeing anything. You can then ask them to hide the card anywhere they like, or even destroy it. Yet, you are still able to duplicate exactly what they have drawn.

  • Very Very Easy to do. STEAM 2.0 is basically self-working.
  • No carbon copies. No electronics.
  • Special blank business card stock stays completely blank on the back after writing.
  • No one can see through the back of the card.
  • You never have to "peek" the card.
  • Turn your back to the spectator or be out of the room while she writes and covers her word.
  • 5 second reset.
  • Adapt to your own Sharpie.
  • Completely self contained.
  • Nothing to secretly load, switch or ditch.
  • Everything can be examined.

Brilliant in and out of box thinking. A winner!Marc Salem

Package Includes:
Enough 'secret stuff' for 100 performances
A Bonus set of 50 STEAM 2.0 bill gaffs for an out-of-your-wallet "money hustle" presentation.
Two (2) Fortune Telling Fish for the Steamed Red Herring presentation.



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Customer reviews for Steam 2.0



There have been many times when I've watched a magic video, got excited about the possibilities, ordered the trick, and then got completely let down when I received it. How wonderful to have the opposite experience here. This delivers on EVERYTHING it promises and more. You will slay your audience with this effect. This has to be the most bang for my buck I've gotten on an effect in I don't know how long. You can easily understand why this has been kept underground by a few for so long.


Official review from MAGIC Magazine

From the May 2016 MAGIC Magazine. Reviewed by John Wilson

Steam 2.0 makes some very strong mentalism possible. It is an excellent alternative to an impression pad. But the potential buyer needs to keep in mind that getting the full potential out of this item will require some thought and solid routining.



This is something that I needed to include in my show. Over the last several years I have begun adding some mentalism, and I have been choosing effects that will balance the 'peaks and valleys' of the show in the course of an hour. Steam 2.0 is definitely something that has stunned audiences. I have recently performed this for a group of scientists and engineers. A tough, skeptical audience that can figure things out. After I correctly read the spectator's mind, there was deafening silence and left them scratching their heads. So many possibilities with this one ! I only have one problem with Steam 2.0. Why wasn't this on the market 10 years ago?? Great work ALI !!



It's easy, deceptive, and so organic. I love it. Works great and the reactions are amazing. Magic is my hobby and yet after performing this trick to my class I felt like a professional mentalist.

Steam 2.0 by Paul Harris and Ali Nouira