Trick by Mr. Pearl and ARCANA
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Trick by Mr. Pearl and ARCANA (30.00)

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PINcredible - magic
PINcredible PINcredible PINcredible PINcredible PINcredible PINcredible

This is such a welcome surprise to us; it's a rebirth of the classic linking safety pins, but with more modern pins and handling. We also marveled at the perfect, whimsical linking safety pins that Jerry Andrus refined over the course of his career. Now, Mr. Pearl has devised his own set of pins, and incorporated several STUNNING new links and sequences.

In this set you'll receive everything you need to perform, as well as vivid, detailed video instruction on how make each link and unlink happen. As with all linking safety pin routines, the moves are actually quite easy to perform, and nobody is doing them anymore.

We're thrilled to see such quality props back on the market again, and with a whole new set of moves to amaze audiences with. Mr. Pearl even suggests wearing the pins on your lapel, which we think is a clever way to ensure people ask you what they're for.

""With PINcredible, Mr. Pearl gives a fresh look to a classic in magic. From props to its method, Mr. Pearl leaves nothing to be desired. His handling is extremely visual as well. If you are already performing a routine of this type, you will want to combine it with Mr. Pearl's routine to come up with an entirely new one!"Akira Fuji

Downloadable instructions. Running time: 20mins51secs


Customer reviews for PINcredible



I already have a linking pins routine but was pleased to find a couple of new (to me) moves. The pins are very nice to work with as well.



Richard said "Old wine in new bottles", praising wine and bottles. I have to add: Look at these pretty glasses as well!
I really love these pins.
I'm new to linking pins, so I can't compare the routine, but they inspired me to dig deeper into the stuff.
It is not hard to do, even for a beginner and Vanishing Inc. did a good job by translating the video.



VI Monthly


It was Dai Vernon who suggested that magicians stop thinking too soon! Boy, is PINcredible a case in point! MANY of those who have been around the block in magic for a while have dabbled with this method, but "Mr. Pearl" has brought to it a level of sublime polish hitherto unsuspected. Old wine in new bottles? Maybe. But what wine! What bottles!



I was privileged enough to receive this set when it first came out in Korea roughly two months ago. It became a staple in my repertoire ever since. The method is very practical and virtually angle proof. The reset takes only a few seconds and it can be done right under the spectator's nose. Everything is completely examinable as well!

I recently performed the routine at a gig. There was another magician who left a woman cold with his card tricks. So I gave a shot and performed nothing but PINcredible. The woman was excited and handled the pins for 5 minutes until she finally gave them back to me while saying "That's just impossible!" (Don't misunderstand. I LOVE card tricks and published a couple of books on the subject in Korea.)

This can be performed in almost any situation. Let there be loud music, crazy lightings and no table. This is a real worker for all kinds of magicians!

P. S. It fools heck outta magicians as a bonus.



It's not my kind of system but it's a very good idea. It takes a few hours to learn the system but after that it becomes simple.


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  • Sydney asks: Can you perform the haunted pin from Tarbell with these?

    • 1. Jim answers: It would certainly be worth trying!
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  • Robert asks: The trailer says the pins are 100% examinable. Is that strictly true?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Absolutely, the spectators can examine the pins.
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