Pocket Voodoo

Trick by Liam Montier
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Pocket Voodoo

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Trick by Liam Montier (25.00)

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Pocket Voodoo - magic
Pocket Voodoo Pocket Voodoo Pocket Voodoo Pocket Voodoo Pocket Voodoo Pocket Voodoo

Fourteen custom printed Voodoo cards Special hidden features make performing magic and mentalism EASY! Kit comes in protective carry case

Liam Montier's 'Pocket Voodoo' is a perfect piece of pocket sized mind-meltory!

14 custom printed Voodoo cards with special hidden features that make magic and mentalism EASY!

Liam's favorite routine:

You draw a stick man onto a business card to represent a victim, which is left in the hands of a spectator.

An innocent passer by is shown a collection of voodoo cards, with voodoo dolls that have pins in various places. The stack of cards is placed aside.

The innocent party is now asked to name someone they wish to direct some 'bad mojo' towards. Let's say they go with 'Gordon'. They write the name on a piece of paper, and then select one of the cards at random.

The ritual is now complete, and the chosen card is turned over - it shows (for example) a voodoo doll with a pin in the chest.

The paper is touched to a flame to complete the ritual, and the name vanishes in a brilliant flash of fire!

You gingerly turn over the 'victim' - the business card placed aside at the beginning, and show that the stick man now has a serious burn, right in the centre of his chest!

And this is just ONE routine with the Voodoo cards... Liam teaches alternative handlings, a multiple prediction trick and even discusses further ideas for incorporating these beautiful props into other routines and tricks.


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  • Gary asks: Is the flash paper included?

    • 1. Liam answers: Ask Vanishing inc. Sry I cand tell u that.
    • 2. Leigh answers: I don't think so, but I use the original version of this trick at every gig, with no flash paper at all. Just some patter before the reveal.
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  • Joachim asks: are there different outcomes where the needle appears or is it always in the heart?

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    • irsan asks: What's kind of tutorial or instruction that will get? Is that ..vimeo.com?

      • 1. irsan answers: No.i m not your product...but I just wan to know is that your tutorial via vimeo.com or other media...cos in Indonesia I have problem with vimeo.com..ok?
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