Trick by Lloyd Barnes
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Trick by Lloyd Barnes (39.95)

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ProCaps - magic
ProCaps ProCaps ProCaps ProCaps ProCaps ProCaps

One of the most iconic magic tricks of all time just got a major 21st century upgrade. Perform miracles with a stack of coins and a bottle cap.

The classics are the classics for a reason. But, sometimes, they need a makeover.

"Nickels to Dimes" (aka "Dynamic Coins") is one of the most popular magic tricks of all-time for good reason. It's so much more than just one of the best magic tricks for beginners. It has stood the test of time because it's:

  • Fooling
  • Visual
  • Extremely easy

So, why don't more professional magicians perform it? Because it's also always looked like a magic prop. There was nothing organic about it. That all changes with "ProCaps" by Lloyd Barnes.

What is "ProCaps"?*

This stealthy set looks identical to a normal bottle cap. Yet, it allows you to easily vanish, produce, transform and teleport a stack of coins...right under your audience's nose. The "ProCaps" take care of all the hard work for you.

No detail was spared in manufacturing "ProCaps":

  • Cross-continent research was done to make sure the color and design was a universal as possible
  • intricate precision sizing allows for a one-size fits all design for both UK and US coins (10p and Quarters)—and other similar small coins
  • You get two different colored caps (Red "Coca-Cola" style and Blue "Water" style)
  • Even the bang ring has been re-designed to look like the safety seal around the cap on a plastic bottle

Simply put, everything about "ProCaps" looks and feels normal. This immediately amplifies the beloved close up magic effect to new heights.

"ProCaps" are super easy to use and require essentially no sleight of hand. The gimmick takes care of all the hard work for you.

Expert Teaching

The "ProCaps" set alone would be worth the cost. But, you're also going to receive 11 unpublished routines taught by Craig Petty. Over two hours of detailed performances and explanations.

There are routines for all skill levels, from beginner tricks to professional showpieces. "ProCaps" is perfect for any magician. Whether you want to find a new vanish for your Coin Matrix finale or a gift for a beginner magician, "ProCaps" is the answer.

What's in the Box?

  • 2 specially-made "ProCaps" (red and blue)
  • Plastic seal "bang ring"
  • 11 new routines
  • 2+ hours of instruction from Craig Petty

"ProCaps" FAQ

Is this only for beginner magicians?
Absolutely not. "ProCaps" is built upon a time-tested, audience-proven concept that any magician can benefit from. It's easy enough for a beginner and powerful enough for a professional. It's a great magic EDC for any close up magician or street magician.

Are the caps branded?
The "ProCaps" were meticulously designed to look identical to many of the most popular bottle caps found around the world. They don't have name brand logos, but instead are designed to have a generally familiar and recognizable look that could be any number of brands. Unless you happen to perform for an avid bottle cap collector, nobody will ever suspect these are anything but a normal bottle cap.

Why does the coin stack look slightly different than one found in a traditional "Dynamic Coins" set?
To have the most realistic bottle cap possible, the coin stack had to be disguised in a special way. As such, it has a slightly wider bottom than normal. This is easily covered by moving the top coin slightly off-center as well.


Customer reviews for ProCaps



Love this. I used this at a corporate event and it was a hit. The bottle cap is organic. People worry the gimmick looks off a bit and I agree but with the right presentation the audience isn't going to come close to noticing.



It’s ok. When I used it only after 2 times the paint chipped off the gimmick making look suspicious and unable to use. The instructions are great but the gimmick not so much.



This is the ultimate "meh" product. After much hype, this thing falls short for me. 2 stars - 1 for price and 1 for quality. The biggest issues are:1) The stack does not look like the edges of a quarter. The seem thicker, but the bigger problem is that real quarters have a copper edge, NOT a full silver edge like the stack. So a real quarter on top of the stack looks waaaaaay off.2) The quarter jingles inside the cap. It is not snug, so if there is quiet, and move it in certain ways, it makes noise.3) If you offset the top quarter to make the ring at the bottom less noticeable, you run into another problem - the top of the stack is a blank flat silver surface! If the edge of the stack is viewable when you offset the real quarter, any discernible eye will see the "coin" underneath it is blank,4) I've heard Craig Petty claim he has done this trick a whole bunch of times and no one ever suspected anything. I really don't believe him. Either he is lying, only performs this trick to completely clueless people, or does magic tricks in the dark. The ring on the bottom does look off, but between the three issues above, I am not sure how he can say no one notices anything. 5) The best use for this would be if you could cup the coins in your hand, that could prevent the ring from being noticed....but guess what? You can't really perform it in your hand. You need to do it on a flat surface.6) Lloyd Barnes is a known name in the industry which makes the intro to the promo video all the more egregious since I feel like he is using his name to sell something that is "meh". The way he talks, he sounds like he discovered the lost tomb of Alexander the Great - some great treasure he recently unearthed. Everyone has seen a bottle cap before, right? Well guess what? I bet most people have never seen a bottle cap with a giant recycling symbol on top of it. It would have been way better to just make it solid red or blue. Put all these issues together and the product is just straight up sub par, even though it is well made and is not too expensive. Weirdly, even though I've criticized it a lot, it is still a decent buy just because of the price. But I feel obligated to let people know that this is not the perfect okito box you've always been looking for. Buyer beware!!

Update: I tested this on my 2 best magic testers - my kids. As expected, my 5 year old was relatively fooled, but my 8 year old, and I kid you not, instantly asked me/accused me, "are those coins all connected!?" So unless you are doing this on little kids, I don't expect you will get away with fooling many people with the extremely poorly constructed fake stack.


Community questions about ProCaps

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Robert asks: The “extra wide” bottom looks like a larger coin. I can’t imagine how moving the top coin off center could possibly hide that. Are there any photos of what that look likes and how it compensates for it because it looks pretty glaring for a spectator.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: To have the most realistic bottle cap possible, the coin stack had to be disguised in a special way. As such, it has a slightly wider bottom than normal. This is easily covered by moving the top coin slightly off-center as well.
  • Douglas asks: Does this come with both a Quarter stack and a 10 Pence Stack? Can either Cap be used with either stack?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes indeed!
  • John asks: It looks like the caps are threaded. Can you safely thread them onto an actual coke or water bottle either with or without the stack in place? Thinking that one might start by removing the cap from a bottle at the outset. Thanks.

    • 1. Don answers: I would photocopy the lid on my copier using photo paper.Cut out and glue to a red coke cap so they both have the recycle symbol.I unscrew the regular cap and put in pocket.Finish drink.Remove trick cap and quarters.You shouldn't grab the wrong cap since the gimmick has metal it should be slightly heavier and the plastic will not be the same either.
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  • Johnny asks: Hi, same question as John’s above - can the cap be screwed onto a normal bottle? Thanks very much.

    • 1. Peter answers: The cap is slightly smaller than a regular cap so no, at least not for the bottles I know of won’t work.
    • 2. Johnny answers: Ok. Thanks very much, Pete.
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  • Kenneth asks: Million dollar question: where can I purchase an additional bang ring separately? BTW mine arrived last week! It is such a worker! I'm a full-time working pro, it fry's people!

    • 1. Jim answers: The ring is not available separately. Sorry!
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  • Jessie asks: Will this fit on a normal bottle? (Doesn't have to screw on just curious if you can look like you are taking it off a bottle)

    • 1. Alan answers: It works on mine.
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