Quantum Coins and Cards

Trick by Greg Gleason and RPR Magic Innovations
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Quantum Coins and Cards

250.00 usd

Trick by Greg Gleason and RPR Magic Innovations (250.00)

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"It looks like real magic."Lance Burton

"One of the fastest matrix routines I have ever seen."Shin Lim

Wow. This just might be the hit trick of the year. Lance Burton saw it and said, "It looks like real magic." And you know what? We completely agree. Jeff McBride saw it and said, "You have completely revolutionized the Matrix." Exactly!

It's this clean: you clearly place four coins on the table in the standard matrix formation. You clearly cover them with four cards. With ABSOLUTELY no perceptible moves (and no sleights), you lift three of the cards to show the coins are gone. You lift the last card and all four coins are revealed beneath.

This is the rarest kind of effect: where practicality is met with ingenuity to produce something strong enough to fool even magicians, yet practical enough to close a professional show. And that's just what it is. Creator Greg Gleason uses "Quantum Coins" in his theater performances. With the aid of a close-up camera, this effect will ASTOUND thousands of people at a time: it looks like a camera trick.

Imagine this: you can perform this effect onstage with people on either side of you. Select a poetic piece of music to go with it, and you just added a television-worthy piece to your show...strong enough to be your closer.

There are all sorts of possibilities with “Quantum Coins.” Our favorite is to use this as an interlude in a stage show: With a couple spectators right by your side, you’re able to do THE CLEANEST MATRIX WE’VE EVER SEEN, and a camera can capture the whole thing from inches away. It’s even possible to make the four coins appear under a spectator’s hand. This gets GASPS.

Think this looks good on video? It looks even better in real life.

These precision-made props (manufactured by Roy Kueppers) will last a lifetime and take care of ALL the work for you. You get to focus on presentation and connecting with your audience.

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Customer reviews for Quantum Coins and Cards



I absolutely loved this set. It really looks magical and it’s easy to do. Gimmicks are well made and will last forever. Works wonderfully, even in a close-up situation. Using David Regal and John G’s version of McDonald’s Aces,(Picturesque), prior to Quantum Cards, gives a good excuse to switch in the Quantum Queens.



This is absolutely one of the best buy for me within these few years. Props are very well made, I think this price is not expensive. Highly recommended.



This is one of the best new effects on the market! The gimmicks are very well made. There are so many different handlings you can do with these cards and coins. It can be done IN THE ROUND, close up, on stage, even in someone else's hands. It's super easy to learn, however with everything it will take some practice. This is the PERFECT trick for beginners and pros alike. This looks like pure magic up close. Highly recommend it.



I just received Quadrum coins and cards. I really like this a lot, in fact so much I’m not sharing this with any of my Magic friends. It’s in the vault.
The Instructions show you how to use them virtually or when you do a live close-up show.
A game changer for matrix coin routine.



Ever since I seen sympathetic coins in the book Houdini on magic and watching Doug Hennings perform it on one of his specials as a child. I have been obsessed with this trick I even came up with my own version.
Greg’s version is hands-down the cleanest the most simple version ever created highly recommended!! I believe we can put the matrix to rest now ??



A couple of years ago I decided to add a Matrix routine to my show. I researched dozens of versions and ultimately picked the one I liked best. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I see video of Greg performing his Quantum Coins. I literally could not believe my eyes. I was convinced it was a camera trick. I felt like a kid in a magic shop getting bit by the magic bug all over again. I knew I had to own this version of the Matrix.

I received my coins a few days ago and couldn’t be happier. It IS an investment and worthy of the price. This is a quality effect. I’m taking my other Matrix out of the show and putting this one in! It’s that good. It’s that versatile. Thank you Greg and RPR for an incredible set of coins!



I got to tell you that from the onset when Greg showed me the first piece from Quantum coins I was hooked and I told him I got to have this. As I continued watching more and more of this be revealed I started frothing at the mouth like a Rabid wolf oh, I just had to have it. In fact I told Greg that I had to have it before a certain well-known magician got a set for himself. Don't know if it happened or not but it came in the mail yesterday and I was so pleased. The reason is that I lost the use of my right hand a couple years ago and even though I tried to do a matrix the traditional way holding the cards sometimes feels like I'm holding razor blades... and this new product from Greg and Rocco and Roy and Perry has made all the difference in the world ..it's truly magic in more ways than one. Visually of course, butalso for me being able to do something again that I had not been able to do for so long has just changed my life... if you're intelligent this is a product that you'll be able to use forever and your imagination will be your only limitation. Thanks guys this is great



Since there are so many positive reviews, and mine was going to be the same, I thought I'd talk a bit about what you get in the box, since that was my question before I ordered.

You get EVERYTHING you need to perform the effect and it's all made up for you. The coins are supplied (they have a clever modification to them which allows the effect to work). You also get the cards too.

I was surprised at how easy this is. It can't have been more than 5 minutes before I was doing the effect and fooling myself with it.

If you like well-made, high quality magic that's practical, you'll have no problem justifying this price tag to yourself.



Just got the notification that mine has shipped so thanks for that Vanishing. Usually, I wouldn't write a review before a product has arrived (for obvious reasons) but I have spent a few days playing with a set owned by a friend of mine. After playing with hers for a few days, I just had to buy it. I'm seeing a lot of chatter about the price but IMO it's completely worth it. Were you fooled by the trailer? I was. That's why it's worth the money. And unlike other matrix effects, this one is practical. Please to see Vanishing getting the exclusive on this. Thanks Josh and Andi.



I agree with the previous review. This is great. It's pricey but you get quality gimmicks that will last a long time. Also - it's easy to focus on the method but you are also paying for the effect... and the effect is AWESOME. I'm happy with my purchase.



This is an expensive item so I was a bit nervous to invest in it. However, I'm a happy customer. The gimmicks are really well made and the effect looks as good in person as it does on video. I had considered buying the Rose Act but this is much more practical. The way to look at it is: if this is an effect you can see yourself performing, it's worth the price. If you just want a toy to play about with, maybe give this a miss.


Community questions about Quantum Coins and Cards

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Tommy asks: Is this gimmick good for beginners And, can the cards/coins be examined? Thanks.

    • 1. James answers: Any gimmick can be good for beginners, if they spend time learning how to use the gimmick. Depending on the routine, the cards can be examined before or afterwards. The coins are special, so they would have to be switched before handing them out.
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  • TJ asks: Are the coins easy to spend? I have spent every quarter gimmick I ever bought.

    • 1. James answers: While anything is possible, I would say that it is unlikely.
    • 2. Charles answers: That is a real dumb question...
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  • Owen asks: Can I only do the matrix routine shown in the trailer or can I change it for example to a normal matrix routine.

    • 1. Greg answers: Yes, the instructional video shows a regular matrix routine before going into the instant reverse matrix and then back into a instant matrix.
    • 2. Greg answers: There is also a great 4 coin 2 card matrix with a reverse matrix ending.
    Post an answer to this question
  • Owen asks: For the normal matrix routine, is it an improved version or the same old version that everyone knows how to do?

    • 1. Greg answers: Although it looks like a normal matrix routine, it is definitely not the method or handling that everyone knows.
    • 2. Clyde answers: So why are you trying to say this was your idea when this method has been around for a long time, not your idea & you know it! The thingy on the coin the od is greater than the od of the quarter & enough sticks out so that it flashes. I paid what for poorly made props. Oh yeah everyone is going to know about this.
    Post an answer to this question
  • Emir asks: Hi, are any other effects possible with these coins apart from the Matrix variations?

    • 1. Greg answers: The possibilities of effects and routines are endless with these cards and coins. It’s only limited to your imagination.
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  • Charles asks: Which of the effects in the video could be done "in person" in a close-up performance?

    • 1. Greg answers: There are several complete routines on the instructional video that can be done in person plus every one on the trailer.
    • 2. Owen answers: All of them.
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  • Sydney asks: This product reminds me of Shin Lim did on his At the Table lecture, called Card & Coin Move for Matrix. What's the difference?

    • 1. Greg answers: Nothing like it, and not like any previous matrix routines. Shin Lim got our first set and you can see his wife doing it on the end of the trailer.
    Post an answer to this question
  • Daniel asks: I use a vintage theme in my show. Could this be used with vintage cards or do you have to use the cards that come with coins?

    • 1. Greg answers: We can custom make your cards for you.
    • 2. Daniel answers: How do I contact the manufacturer about making this with vintage cards? Is there an additional charge for these cards? Dan
    Post an answer to this question
  • Simon asks: I assume the choice of coin means they are gimmicked. Any chance of a Canadian quarter release in the future as I can't just swap them in? US coins are usually a dead giveaway for gimmicks here in Canada.

    • 1. Greg answers: Canadian coins are currently in research and development phase.
    • 2. Simon answers: Great, thanks. Once they're developed, I'll be a buyer, for sure.
    • 3. Timothy answers: I’d love a Canadian set too
    • 4. Bill answers: I too would love a Canadian set!
    • 5. Matthew answers: Same here! I'd love a Canadian set.
    • 6. Simon answers: Any progress on a Canadian set?
    Post an answer to this question
  • Quenton asks: How fast is the reset for this trick?

    • 1. James answers: Pretty fast.
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  • Larry J. asks: How do I know the color option will currently use my mat/

    • 1. James answers: This will work with any mat.
    Post an answer to this question
  • Jean asks: Any chance of Euro coins release in the future ?

    • 1. Alain answers: I would really like a Euro version to...
    • 2. James answers: That depends on the demand for them.
    Post an answer to this question
  • Brian asks: Absolutely beautiful! Any US halfs on the horizon? Thanks for releasing this!

    • 1. James answers: That depends on the demand for them.
    Post an answer to this question
  • David asks: Those cards look a little thick. Can I do the bend and snap prior to the reveal to fool people in the know?

    • 1. Greg answers: Yes, you can snap the cards.
    • 2. James answers: In my opinion, the cards are not noticeably thick. They can be handled relatively cleanly.
    Post an answer to this question
  • Brian asks: Is this anything like Mark Mason’s Coin Flux 2 or is this something completely new and different?

    • 1. Greg answers: Actually this can be done very close up. The handling varies on the performance situation and is completely explained in the instructional video.
    • 2. Brian answers: I’m going to be very disappointed if I get this and it’s the same thing as Coin Flux. Somebody is going to have some explaining to do.
    • 3. Pasquale answers: Sorry, you're right. I checked better. I am not convinced of this trick. As far as I could understand, it is absolutely not to be done in close range. This can be a TV or social trick. Sorry for the earlier answer.
    • 4. Pasquale answers: I don't think it's not the same as Mason's Coin Flux 2. You know the system of that trick right? Because if that were the case, I paid a lot of money for a rip off. I trust Vanishing, I think it is a different system.
    • 5. Marcus answers: So, Is this anything like Mark Mason’s Coin Flux 2 or is this something completely new and different? Thanks
    • 6. Gunther answers: I understand that some people state that the "method" has been around for years, but putting this set together and making it available convinced me to do a coin routine for the very first time...I love it and to me it's worth every cent, live and online.
    • 7. Clyde answers: If you buy this coin set, I promise you will NOT be happy. This method has been around a very long time!!!!
    • 8. Ronald answers: Greg, does this effect use the same principle found in Coin Flux 2?
    • 9. Ryan answers: Clyde I don’t know what your issue is but this trick is amazing. Yes long time but you’ve never seen anything like this quit acting like a know it all
    • 10. J answers: Not new, parts of the effect is the same yes.
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  • Charles asks: Can the matrix effect be done without a hasty gathering up of the cards, and can the spectators be looking at the mat from a forty-five degree angle (i.e. not straight down)?

    • 1. James answers: In general, yes, and yes.
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  • Juan asks: Looks amazing, how many effects are included in the instructional video?

    • 1. Greg answers: Here are some of the routines you can perform https://vimeo.com/446945019 https://vimeo.com/446954659 https://vimeo.com/453540693 https://vimeo.com/446943209
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  • Greg asks: Here are some of the routines possible ? https://vimeo.com/446945019 https://vimeo.com/446954659 https://vimeo.com/453540693 https://vimeo.com/446943209 Many other possibilities can be created.

    • 1. Greg answers: Just copy and paste.
    • 2. SGKYDUYEN answers: The videos are not available.
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  • Joe asks: Can the cards be examined after the effect?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They can't be examined.
  • Joe asks: Or another question....Can the Cards be borrowed?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The cards cannot be borrowed, no.
  • Greg asks: How close can this be performed? Does this require several feet or could this be done up close and personal like in trade show setting with people as close to the cards as you are?

    • 1. Greg answers: Yes, they can be done in true close up conditions. The instructional video shows different handling for close up and television/social media. It can even be done surrounded and in their hands.
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  • Hsiang-Yeh asks: It is possible to have a purchase with the following choices: - Red card - Half dollar coin I use red deck and half dollar. Thanks.

    • 1. Jim answers: Half dollars are not available.
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  • Jonathan asks: How many coins do you get?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: 4
  • Marko asks: Will there be the 4 coasters available too in the future? I find, they make a huge difference when performing.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: None are available at this time. Sorry!
  • Sang Soo asks: Can you perform without a mat and is it possible to perform all the 4 acts in one go without additional set-up?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You do not need a mat to perform this effect, in one of the presentations the effect is performed on coasters. You will need to reset in-between performances.
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