RD Insta Lite

Trick by Henry Harrius
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RD Insta Lite

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Trick by Henry Harrius (37.95)

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RD Insta Lite - magic
RD Insta Lite RD Insta Lite RD Insta Lite RD Insta Lite

This is, without question, the most visual cube-solve ever created. It's a visual masterpiece.

You hold a mixed cube still, between your hands. And instantly, visually, and without cover, it transforms into a solved cube. There are no elastics and no apparent movement. It's as if the stickers just shift into the right positions. Use it as an opener, a closer or as your entire cube routine.

This stunning, visually-arresting moment requires no skill. It looks like a special effect in real life. You won't believe how easy it is to do.

The best part? Immediately afterward you can hand the cube out for examination.

"RD Insta Lite" interfaces seamlessly with Henry's other cube products. It comes with complete instructions as well as a fantastic routine by cube-expert Vincent K and interview with Vincent and Henry.

This effect is an ideal piece to insert into your close-up or stage work. It comes with everything you need and requires only a minimal amount of practice.

The "RD Insta Lite" gimmick is ready to use right out of the box. Within a few minutes you will be up and running! You also receive a 50 minute video tutorial in which you will learn a number of applications.

What is the difference between RD Insta and RD Insta Lite?
"RD Insta" was the original version of this remarkable effect. The "Lite" version differs in a few important ways:

  • It is almost half the price
  • You receive the gimmick made up and ready to go
  • It does not include any extras (stickers, carry bag, or extra gimmick)

“I love it. So well thought out, it will make it so easy for other magicians to do this effect. (Maybe too easy LOL) I can’t wait to start playing with this version.” Garett Thomas

”RD Insta Lite combines my favorite cube concepts and techniques with a thoughtfully designed quality gimmick that will give current routines a visual boost and open doors to many new ideas. Highest recommendation! ” Karl Hein

“I hate that toy! I hate Henry! And and I won't change my mind until he gives me a box full of this wonder!!” Mario Lopez

“Looks great! You’ve taken my concept to another level! Great job!”Daniel Garcia


Customer reviews for RD Insta Lite



I love this product. A great closeup magic that will fool and amaze your audience. I highly recommend for anyone looking to buy a rubiks magic cube.



Incredible gimmick, ingenious activation method. Looks like CGI when done properly. You get lots of freedom as to how to use it, and you can get creative and make your own solves.



Fantastic gimmick and method by Henry Harrius. This allows a CGI like solve of the cube. The gimmick is really well made and will last forever. I like the fact that with RD insta lite everything is ready to go right out of the box. I have learned the core routine taught by Henry and I am about to tackle the Gradual solve routine by Mario Lopez which looks beautiful. This will complement my existing Rubiks cube routine and performance set perfectly.



Bang for your buck.
This is the definition of that. I am convinced this is the best trick to buy, it is almost perfect, the gimmick is solid and the instructions go fully in-depth. I love this and perform it whenever I can. Henry is someone to expect quality from in the world of cube magic, and he delivers!



I’ve been debating about learning some Rubik’s cube magic. I researched long and hard to find an entry level effect that would allow me to explore the possibilities. This was the perfect choice! And I’m so glad because there are so many choices out there. The instructions were clear and the props well made. I’ve performed it a few times with a great reception every time! I can’t ask for more!



Super cool gimmick. Henry keeps releasing one hit after another using a Rubik's cube. If you like cube magic then you're going to love this. It works with all of Henry's other products. I definitely will be using this.

VI Monthly


This trick is incredible!!! Straight out of the box I was able to the solve exactly as it looks in the trailer. The gimmick doesn’t seem to be quite as durable as I’ve heard, but that could totally be due to my heavy handedness. The gimmick is super clever though I wish the full version was available as I’d love to have the extra gimmick components to try some different things. This is the first Rubik’s cube effect I’ve ever bought, but everything about it is so good, I can’t wait to try out some of his other stuff!



The best gimmick ever! Get's the best reactions ever!!! Such a visual trick and gets the best reactions ever!!! Henry is a genius!!! Such a smart idea and recommend to anyone and especially worth it's price!!!



Just started getting into cube magic, and this is a great way to get the RD insta without the added cost of extra bits that you may not use. A simple gimmick, quality instruction, and ideas for a whole 3-phase routine, well worth it! Saving the pennies for venom cube now, but if you already have that then this gives instructions on how to combine the 2 effects as well. Everything HH puts out screams quality, and this "lite" version is no different, but affordable for the casual hobbyist like myself.



RD Insta Lite is a great introduction to Henry Harrius’ line of cube magic. The gimmick is high quality and works extremely well every time. The instructional video is very well produced and from my experience I was able to start performing this properly in a couple of hours! The only issues with this trick is that it is not repeatable to the same audience and is quite angle sensitive. However, the angle issue is addressed by Henry in the video and the handling ends up being quite deceptive. To address the repeatability issue, I recommend using the one cube routine taught in the video and/or combining this effect with some other of your favourite cube effects (Henry also has a section explaining how to combine this effect with his other products). Overall, I highly recommend this product to any cube magic enthusiast!



Can't say enough about this purchase it is so easy to do and it absolutely blows minds it is so easy to learn I practice for a day and had it down and performing it easily and like I said it blows minds and first time I have made a purchase that felt like it was worth ever penny if not more ...there is a little clean up at end but it's not hard to do... buy it you want regret it



The trailer is exactly how the trick looks in real life. Dare I say, it actually looks BETTER in person. For something that looks as visual as this, that is something truly special. A must-buy for any serious close-up magician, especially if you do any amount of Rubik’s Cube magic. The reset is a tad harder than I’d like to be (orientation is important which makes it difficult to reset on the fly or instantly), but I can hardly complain when the reaction is so damn strong. 9/10



The RD Insta Lite is worth every penny! The secret to the trick is so simple, yet so cleverly thought out and made to a high standard. The explanation video is clear, comprehensive, and gives various ideas for how to use the trick and how to make it your own. I've never really got into cube magic before - but the RD Insta Lite is definitely a gateway into it - it's a joy to use!



Very good gimmick, well made. Great tutorial video. I recommend this product.



i can say enough about this thing. i worked into SNAPS. it is genius. my first cube trick was sky cube, which was cool, still is. bit if slight and diy takes a bit of practice, like anything else. right out of the box ur good to go. video is sweet direct, easy, he gives you simple stacks, how a cube works. i never got into cubes,never solved one nor had any desire to, but just learning this trick and the satacks and such, i can solve a cube!!this thing is awesome. bought the viper, let you know how it is



I own the original RD Insta and had to buy this once I saw it was available. The only thing missing is the spare gimmick and extra stickers but at half the price that is entirely understandable. The gimmick is durable and reliable, its not a piece of plastic that will break after a couple of uses, nor does it look strange. The visual cube solve is one of the most visual and mind boggling effects in close up, and the RD Insta lite takes it to the next level, you just have to see for yourself.



THIS IS AMAZING IT LOOKS LIKE CGI but the reason I gave it a four is because of the cube. The cube is a great cube but if you drop it, it will split into a million pieces. I dropped mine and I can’t get it back so I’m forced to spend 12 more dollars on a new cube. BE CAREFUL



PROS: A very clever principle. The gimmick is unnoticeable (not invisible!) if handled correctly, Quality seems high. Mechanism feels very reliable. The cube itself is normal, so could be used with other cube effects or switched in. A real worker with the potential to have a profound impact on spectators - really looks like CGI when done perfectly; this is one you will definitely do in the mirror a lot!

CONS: As with any cube magic, realistically you need to learn how to solve a cube quickly if this is to go into your working set, as it's easy for the cube to get genuinely mixed when under fire. (If you are doing it for a parlour-set or a stage show, that's less important as you can reset the cube between shows.)

Also, when mine arrived, one of the stickers on the cube was damaged. Not a huge deal, I got in touch with VI to ask for a new sticker and sent a photo as evidence, but instead of sending me one, they asked me to wait until I ordered something else and they would include a fresh sticker. Disappointing, as VI customer service has usually been better than this.



Pros and a caveat:
Well made. Good effect. Polishing the moves is worth the time and effort.
But you gotta be able to solve a Rubik's cube (!) (The video has a cheat, and the customer support at VI is outstanding). But a bit daunting. And avoid dropping it on a hard floor! Came apart in about 10 pieces. Remarkably, with the help of the video, was able to reassemble like new.



It is a great cube magic and highly visual. Comes in a small package but I wish they provided the extra gimmick for my own personal creative change. great product and would highly recommend it.


Community questions about RD Insta Lite

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Leah asks: Can the spectator mix up the cube?

    • 1. Hertzel answers: No
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  • John asks: Is gimmick only, or does it come with an RD cube? Only asking because I don't have an RD cube already.

    • 1. Alan answers: You’ll receive an RD cube with the gimmick.
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  • Isak asks: Should I buy the orginal RD insta or RD insta light?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: RD Insta is the complete package and comes with everything you need. RD Insta Light is just the gimmick so depending on what you're looking for, either one is a great choice.
  • Riddhipratim asks: I do not have any RD cubes . So do I need to buy RD cube separatly along the RD Insta lite. Or does it includes a RD cube ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It comes with a cube.
  • Ivan asks: Will I be able to perform out of the box with just the RD Insta lite? I only really need the cube and the gimmick installed.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yup! This is the cube with the gimmick ready to go.
  • Eddie asks: You responded to a question stating RD Insta comes with a cube and gimmick but RD Insta lite only comes with the gimmick. Then sdomeone asked if they need to buy a cube for RD Insta Lite and you answered no, it comes with a cube and gimmick. So, does the "Lite" version come with just a gimmick or is a cube included. What is the difference between RD Insta and Insta Lite?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: RD Insta lite comes with a cube and a gimmick.
  • Eddie asks: So what did you mean by this - "1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: RD Insta is the complete package and comes with everything you need. RD Insta Light is "just the gimmick" so depending on what you're looking for, either one is a great choice.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: RD Insta Lite is now the only version available. It comes with one gimmick, and the RD Regular Cube.
  • Eddie asks: RD Insta is $75. RD Insta Lite is $38 (half the price). What am I getting extra in the RD Insta?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: RD Insta Lite is now the only version available. It comes with the gimmick and the RD Cube.
  • Guy asks: Once you hand the cube over for examination and the spectator mixes the cube, testing if it's real, can the trick be repeated? If not, can this be reset at the venue easily?

    • 1. Jim answers: It is not instantly repeatable. Yes, it can be reset fairly quickly.
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  • Jan Britten asks: With RD Insta Lite, besides instantly changing a MIXED cube to 6 different colored SIDES: Can EVERY SINGLE EFFECT shown in the Video demo be done (without having to buy anything else — like “Rubik’s Dream”, etc)? With this, can you do the moves at the END of video: Changing only ONE White tile (on the completely WHITE side) to BLACK? Then making the BLACK tile instantly JUMP to different places on the WHITE instantly? Also, making just ONE VERTICAL COLUMN of the White side change instantly to 3 different COLORS? No extra things/gimmicks needed to do ALL of these moves? And, are ALL of the above EFFECTS TAUGHT in the Insta Lite TUTORIAL?

    • 1. Robert answers: You will have to change the gimmick to do those effects. So, you would pick your favorite, set up the gimmick, and then be able to do that one. If you want to do multiple effects, you would need to make (or purchase) multiple gimmicks. Once you understand the gimmick, you will know how to do the effects. The instructional video is one hour and twenty-three minutes long. Study all of that, and you will be set.
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  • Jan Britten asks: Also, when someone asked if a spectator can mix up the cube — after the total change is done, and it’s handed to him/her — you answered “NO”. But your answer to basically the same question, from someone else, says that he/she CAN. And the video shows a woman absolutely MIXING the cube up (right after the trick is done). So, Which Is it?: CAN or CAN’T the spectator TOTALLY INSPECT/MIX UP the Insta Lite Cube, IMMEDIATELY after the trick is done??

    • 1. Tod answers: As I understood the answers, it can be mixed by the spectator after you perform the trick but it cannot be mixed by the spectator before being performed without resetting the gimmick.
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  • Kyenn asks: How durable is this gimmick and how long will it last you?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The gimmick is very durable and will last you a long time as long as you take proper care of it. It is thin but is easy to store.
  • Isaac asks: With rd Insta (LITE) can we perform the one Mario Lopez does at start of the video, and does this come with video

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The Mario Lopez routine doesn't come with the video but you can perform that effect with this gimmick
  • Matthieu asks: Hi, once the cube is solved can you use it for Henry's cube in bottle trick and still get the gimmick back?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can because the gimmick is removable.
  • Avrohom asks: Can this be performed completely surrounded?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The angles are about 180 degrees with the audience in front of you.
  • Marlin asks: Does the gimmick need to be removed before the cube can be handed out for examination (after doing the instant solve)? Do the instructions teach a quick method for actually solving the cube (other than swapping the tiles) for times when it might be necessary? About how long does it take to reset cube?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The reset is almost instant, he teaches a way for the cube to be handed out after performance, they teach you some false shuffles with a cube but not how to solve.
  • Rodney asks: Can I use this cube with cube 3 or cube 52? Or do I need 2 cubes? Also, I saw the venom cube as well. Can a single cube do all of these ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes! You can use this cube with all the above routines
  • Rodney asks: So we get a regular cube along with a removable gimmick? I own cubes all ready, so can you just purchase the gimmick?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, you would need to purchase this as a set
  • noel asks: Can I use the gimmick to solve the cube in the end of the venom cube routine ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You couldn’t this would need to be a separate routine
  • Lance asks: Do you need to know to solve the cube

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Not necessarily but it is very helpful incase you mess up when practicing and need to reset the cube.
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