By William Tyrrell
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Trick or download by William Tyrrell (Download + Gimmick Kit $19.95 or download for $12.95)

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Reconstruct - magic
Reconstruct Reconstruct Reconstruct Reconstruct

A hyper-visual torn and restored bill effect.

It looks and feels like real magic as four pieces of a bill are touched together and instantly melt back into a singular bill that can be shown on all sides. “Reconstruct” by William Tyrrell is an incredible, easy-to-do restoration that looks just as good in real life as it does on camera.

Unlike other bill effects, “Reconstruct” works with any currency. In fact, the gimmick is customizable for pretty much any paper object from newspapers to receipts, and everything in between. It’s as easy and fun to make as it is to perform. You can download and jump right in today!

Even magicians who are typically allergic to DIY will be able to put their “Reconstruct” gimmick together in just a few minutes. If you can make a few folds and stick down some tape, you can build this. No complicated thread or elastic work is needed.

No-Hassle Gimmick Kit Available

The few accessories needed to make the “Reconstruct” gimmick work are easily accessible and may already be in the toolbox of DIY magicians. But, you can also make life easier and save all that hassle with our special add-on gimmick kit. Available in limited quantities, each one comes with everything you need to jump right into “Reconstruct”. Just supply your own bill and you’ll be ready to go!

Build in minutes. Perform instantly. Get “Reconstruct” today, only at Vanishing Inc.!


Customer reviews for Reconstruct



Video instructions done well enough to teach the construction of your own gimmick, I am lazy and got gimmics shipped to me so I don't need to find all needed to make it. I enjoy the fact that you dont have to use just a bill but with good imagination you can make it how you see fit. As a Gospel magician I'm using mine to deliever a message, plays nice and gets the point across. Can not wait to see what else this young man puts out.



Will has been so helpful in helping with this trick that it's amazing he would take the time to respond to individual needs. I will support him in any new trick he does. Thanks so much!!



Pretty straightforward, if you like what you see, get this! Excellent visuals, easy (and fun) to do. Fantastic release! Highly recommended.



Very happy with this…especially since the creator added additional clarification on things. Strongly recommend the add on kit. I had most of the items but one of the items in the add on was a better fit for the gimmick.



Great trick. My original review said to buy the gimmick because it is pretty intensive to make without it. While that is still true this trick is amazing for both video and in person. Vanishing ink support is the best there is in the market and have always been very kind. Best trick, best online store, and best support. GET IT NOW.





This reminds me a little of Nicholas Lawrence's Revamped. It's highly visual and easy to do. I'm kicking myself for not buying the premade gimmick though, as I need to go buy some things to make this up. Also, I won't be using a real bill, as I'd be out another $3. However, almost any paper will work, so that is a plus!

Good trick Will, and I respect how responsive you are to the questions sections on here. You're an absolute gem in the magic community.


Professional reviews for Reconstruct

Alexis' Reviews

"It's just perfect"

Community questions about Reconstruct

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Dominic asks: Can you hand bill out for examination after reconstruction complete?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: We just uploaded a new FAQ video that talks about switching!
    • 2. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: After the restoration, the bill appears completely normal, giving you time to easily switch it out if you want to hand it out.
    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: We just uploaded a new FAQ video that talks about switching!
  • Bo asks: Can the gimmick separate from the bill to allow it to be examined at any point?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Its not separate but bill appears and handles as a regular bill if you need to switch it.
    • 2. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: I just uploaded a FAQ video that goes over switching!
    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Its not separate but bill appears and handles as a regular bill if you need to switch it.
  • Mark asks: In the UK we now have polymer based notes that are waterproof etc and a nightmare to fold and keep folds in ... Is Reconstruct adaptable to this type of bill/note.. Thanks

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: As shown in the trailer, I explain the workaround for this!
  • Richard asks: UK bills are not paper, they are tough plastic. Will it work with those?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: I perform it with many different "plastic" bills in the trailer and explain how to do this with any currency
  • Mark asks: Is there any performance to see of taking a spectators bill/note and tearing it into 4 pieces,, or taking a receipt or signing it prior to tearing etc.. before restoring it and handing it back .. Have some ideas but I just see the 4 pieces being restored so unclear what is possible to do.. angles , easy of handling etc..

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: This project is mainly about the visual of the torn and restore. I teach a handling to tear the gimmick first, and then if you want it to be examined you can simply switch it out just like a regular bill.
  • Ronald asks: Are there instructions included for switching the bill out?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: I just uploaded a FAQ video that goes over switching!
    • 2. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: No but a simple false transfer type of switch will work. If you have more questions about it, feel free to contact me or the support wizards
    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: I just uploaded a FAQ video that goes over switching!
  • Mark asks: Take it you could use a piece of bill/note sized paper with some details on like name etc.. I only ask as sadly here in the UK the days of the note/bill have sadly gone.. So many events nowadays people simply haven't got any money on them as everywhere is card only or the convenience of card so people don't carry money/note with them..

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Yes, you can use any other paper products to perform this with.
  • David asks: After the restoration of the bill, are you able to show both sides of the bill or have to soon after do a switch to show both sides and be examined?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: No switch required to show both sides!
  • Carl asks: Can the bill/item be torn in real time before the restoration?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Yes, I teach a handling that allows you to tear the gimmick in the beginning!
  • Adam asks: If we buy the Reconstruct Download + Gimmick Kit option, does the download get added to our VI account, or do we have to wait for the gimmick kit to arrive in the mail?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Download is instantly added to your account! Then you also get a link to download in the package if you need it.
  • Sam asks: Howdy Magic Community - Not fully understanding how the "Gimmick" works, I purchased "Foolaroid" and it was absolutely horrible, but the video and VI description made this look like a must have! I get it, they are in the business to make money and they are by far my favorite site. I just don't want to buy or get caught up in a cheap / clumsy trick that looks "Deconstructed"....Has anyone looked at the durability of the gimmick and its believability? Magically yours! "Magic Doctr"

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Here's a first review of the product:
  • John asks: what is in the Gimmick Kit?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Everything you need to build your gimmick other than bills and scissors. I can't give away specifics but there are special materials and adhesives included that you may not have lying around the house.
  • Adam asks: Are magnets required? If not I’m gonna buy the download, if so I’m gonna get the kit. If this is too exposing, please remove my comment and email me privately!

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: I can't exactly say what's in the kit, but if you don't have magnets you might want to buy it. :)
  • Harry asks: I just bought this and it did not appear in my account. This contradicts a previous question regarding this.

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Sorry about that! There have been weird bugs in the system involving the gimmick pack today. Contact a support wizard and they can help you out! You can also contact me at or on Instagram and I'll help you out
  • Peter John asks: Does it have the tearing of the object or an explanation of why you are starting with a torn object? It is a throw away quick flash restoration or is there more substantial routine involved? I don't care if it is just an add on quick throw away effect or a complete routine. I just want to know what to expect. (Do I have to figure out how to use it, or is there an established routine for ideas?)

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: I teach how to start with an object that you then tear! I don't teach a presentation to go along with it, but you can use any torn and restored presentation with it.
  • Derek asks: Won't fool anyone in the UK because you can't tear up a plastic banknote

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: This works with other paper objects as well!
  • Russell asks: This is cool eye candy, however… It “states” that bill can be shown on both sides, so why not show that in the trailer? Question has been raised if the trick has to begin with a torn bill — answered that you can begin with bill and then tear it…so, why not show that in the demo? I have learned over the years to be suspicious of things stated but not shown in demos.

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: The main reason I created this was for the eye candy, so we showcases that visual in the trailer. Email me at and I’ll send you the full performance from the instructions!
  • Mark asks: I know this might sound silly to someone who knows how the effect is done, but: could I tear the original bill in quarters so that it restores as a "mismade bill"?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Technically, this would be possible. However the bill would have to be rearranged in quarters like shown in the trailer, rather than the usual mismade bill where the bill is torn both horizontally and vertically. You'd have to make your own mismade bill with all the tears being vertical, if that makes sense.
  • Jeff asks: Can this be done tearing a piece of paper into more than 4 pieces--e.g. 8 pieces? Also, must the restored paper be the size of a dollar bill, or can it be longer?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately it can only be torn into 4 pieces.
    • 2. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Actually! Theoretically, you could... the handling would just be a lot more finicky, and you may need some other materials. Definitely not the best way to handle it but it could be possible!
    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately it can only be torn into 4 pieces.
  • Henok asks: Aside from a bill or paper product, could I apply these principles to a playing card?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Technically you could, however part of this works by having a piece of paper that you can fold. This means that when you restore a card it wouldn't be stiff like a regular card, but still would have folds in it.
  • Harry asks: For those people who regret not getting the gimmick kit or want to make an extra Reconstruct gimmick , will there be a way to purchase only the gimmick kit?

    • 1. Will Tyrrell (creator) responds: Reach out to Vanishing Inc's support wizards and they can help you out with this!
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