Rope With Hole 2.0

Magic download (video) by Dingding
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Rope With Hole 2.0

10.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Dingding (10.00)

"Rope With Hole 2.0" is an impossible, exciting and visual penetration effect.

You introduce a playing card with three holes in it and then tie a string through the hole which jumps from end to end. Right when the audience thinks they have you caught, the string then jumps to the center hole right in front of their eyes.

The "Rope With Hole 2.0" gimmick is super fun to make and is easy to perform. A great close up magic trick for social media videos on TikTok and Instagram.

Download today and learn how to create "Rope With Hole 2.0" by DingDing right away.


Customer reviews for Rope With Hole 2.0



Good social media effect. Detailed instructions, easy to follow and can be done in person with the right skill set.
East to perform on social media
skill and performance required to perform in person which is fine if you follow his detailed instructions.





This is the best best bit of eye candy I've seen in a long time! Unfortunately,I couldnt follow the construction of the gimmick due to poor lighting.I 'd wiilingly pay someone to make one for me.Any suggestions Saturn,or anybody, as to who could make one for me?






Community questions about Rope With Hole 2.0

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  • Brandon asks: Could you build this with jumbo cards? And is this only for the camera or can it be done like in a parlor kinda show

    • 1. Emory answers: A jumbo card version? Maybe, but I can't say for certain without making one. Without exposing too much, I'll say that there is a gimmick that temporarily moves when the card is shaken. On a jumbo card, the rope will obviously have farther to travel if you space the holes out wider, and there might a chance that the gimmick would move back to its home position before the rope had finished moving over to the middle hole. Again, no way to know for sure without building one and testing. This is definitely good for video. For live performance, the good news is that there are no issues with angles. However, if you're performing close to your audience in good lighting, a sharp-eyed spectator might be able to spot the gimmick - It's camouflaged, but not perfectly camouflaged. But for a parlor performance with several feet of separation from the nearest spectator, the gimmick will be very hard to spot.
    • 2. Victoria answers: This is an old effect, David Ginn used to perform a stage sized version for children in his shows and sell a stage / parlour sized version of it, but his was a colourful patterned card he used for childrens shows rather than a playing card design. So yes it was originally a stage effect before this close up method of the same effect was invented.
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  • Paula asks: great video, but a bit complicated to make......but mostly what stops me in my tracks is where do I find the magnet???? I'd prefer buying this one - is it available?

    • 1. Alan answers: Not that I am aware of.
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