Self Vanishing Headphones

Trick by Ellusionist
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Self Vanishing Headphones

39.95 usd

Trick by Ellusionist (39.95)

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Self Vanishing Headphones - magic
Self Vanishing Headphones Self Vanishing Headphones Self Vanishing Headphones

A fresh new take on one of the greatest tricks of all time.

The ball and vase is one of the best magic tricks ever created. There is a reason it is in every single beginner magic kit. Yet, you almost never see a magician (especially a younger street magician) perform this effect. Why? Because it often looks like a cheap, gimmicked magic prop. And since almost everyone has a magic phase at some point in their life, many people are familiar with its workings.

Here's the crazy part though. When this effect doesn't look like a magic prop, the method is actually phenomenal and is basically bulletproof. "Self Vanishing Headphones" (aka "Vanishing Airpods") are proof of that.

This amazing magic trick takes a classic effect and transforms it into a modern, everyday item that audiences are familiar with. It's organic magic that could not be easier to do. You show the headphones inside, close the case, open it again and they are gone. They have vanished and the case is empty. Truly powerful and easy to follow magic.

It's basically impossible to fail this magic trick. But, don't let how easy it is to perform fool you. This is a powerful moment of what feels like real magic. And since everyone recognizes Airpods, nobody will suspect a thing.

"Self Vanishing Headphones" is a perfect close up magic trick and street magic trick. You'll also love using it on your virtual magic shows. Each set comes with all the props and expert instruction from Eric Jones and Ryan Tricks (who both never leave home without this effect).

Note from the Creator: The original idea for this effect is credited to Lloyd Barnes who presented the concept in early 2020.


Customer reviews for Self Vanishing Headphones



a great idea to do it with the airpods, but very bad quality. 40$ is too much.



The quality is terrible it looks nothing like airpods. It makes lots of noise. No prop airpods were given. You would have to buy your own to have them reappear in your ears.


Community questions about Self Vanishing Headphones

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  • Jannik asks: Is the effect compatible with AirPods 2 or 3? Like do I get a complete case or is it just the "ball shell" from the original trick.

    • 1. Jim answers: It comes with everything you need to perform with it.
    • 2. Royce answers: You need to supply your own airpods for this trick, you could possibly get a knock off version for cheap tho if anything.
    • 3. Jannik answers: @Jim. That should go without saying. But is it compatible with the original air pods?
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  • Blake asks: Is it very fooling?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: For laymen, yes! If you liked what you saw in the trailer, then it might be a good fit for your routines.
  • Lee asks: Received mine today. Where can I find cheap earpods to produce at the end of the trick, since it only comes with the shell? I really dont want to spend another $90 on real earpods just to use as a prop to produce once the gimmick earpods have vanished.

    • 1. Jim answers: Maybe try eBay?
    • 2. Luke answers: Look for ‘True Wireless Earbuds Headphones’. These can be bought relatively cheap at under £15. They look exactly like the prop supplied here and are almost identical to AirPods.
    • 3. Andrew answers: Get your one-way ticket on he Aliexpress, and you shall find what you seek. ;)
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  • Daniel asks: Is the case the actual size of apple's air pod case? Like if i bought a silicone case so I could carry it on my keychain, would it fit the same as the actual AirPods case?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's the same size as a regular case yes.
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