Shattered Porcelain

Book by Kyle Littleton
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Shattered Porcelain

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Book by Kyle Littleton (30.00)

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Shattered Porcelain is a one-of-a-kind experimental magic book designed to help you tap into the deepest depths of your creative potential.

Developed by one of magic’s most innovative creators, Kyle Littleton, this special softcover book contains seven amazingly unorthodox ideas, two fun-sized essays and amazing hand-drawn illustrations unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Each effect purposely uses a distinct and different prop such as:

  • Rubber Ducks
  • Bananas
  • Coffee
  • Eggs
  • A tongue
  • And more…

This is more than just a collection of magic tricks though. Shattered Porcelain has been carefully crafted in a non-linear fashion where the secrets are embedded within a series of outlandish stories and doodles. While some secrets might require a magnifying glass, others could be as simple as a giant word or image hidden in plain sight right in front of you.

Beyond being a ton of fun to read, this unique concept helps simulate the idea of finding ideas on your own. While all the core concepts to make the tricks work are there, this book is purposely designed to avoid influencing the way you bring them to life. As such, Shattered Porcelain forces you to create your own personalized approach to each effect and ensures every magician walks away with a different interpretation of the secrets it holds.


Customer reviews for Shattered Porcelain



A fantastic book that is one part magic and one part art. While there aren't any straight forward methods in this book, it does spark ideas and fuels your creative juices. Shattered Porcelain remains on my coffee table for magician buddies to peruse at their leisure. If you are looking for a beautiful addition to your book collection then get this.



So different than any other book you'll ever read. It's not going to be for everyone but I really enjoyed it. I'll be holding onto my copy reading it again with my magnifying glass.



The common theme you will hear that I am also echoing: "This Book Is Not For Everyone". This book is a great idea but as some one else pointed out I wanted more and would have been really on board if this were smaller in size and around the 20 dollar mark. This is essentially an abstract art project rather than an instructional magic book. Which I'm on board with , but depending on who you are you either will get a lot out of it or you may get nothing. Overall I'm a fan, but it will push you and not hand you anything. But is that really a bad thing?



I'm going to suggest right away that this book isn't for everyone. I loved the pitch from the get-go, and I think I got what was advertised. If you're a tinkerer, or a person who enjoys deconstructing effects, or even a DIY/Maker kind of person, this is a must-get for you. I liked what I got; however, I think I wanted a LOT more. The book is well-made and mostly well-designed (it needs trade dressing on the spine and a modicum of text). You'll dig the production value inside. I only wish that the format and the overall delivery of the material had been thought through a little better; this didn't need to be 8.5 X 11 and $30. It could easily have been A5 or 9 X 6 and $15-20. That's my only misgiving.

If you're looking for a Presentation/Effect/Secret-style format, this is not the book for you. At all. Ever.


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    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Soft cover
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    • 1. Brian answers: From what I can tell from Kyles Instagram and a review I found on YouTube, it’s a soft cover.
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