Revise 5 Mark II

Trick by Skymember Presents and Mike Clark
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Revise 5 Mark II

39.95 usd

Trick by Skymember Presents and Mike Clark (39.95)

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Revise 5 Mark II - magic
Revise 5 Mark II Revise 5 Mark II Revise 5 Mark II Revise 5 Mark II Revise 5 Mark II Revise 5 Mark II

"Revise5 is what happens when you take a good idea and make it a great one! This is visual eye candy at its best!" Adam Wilber

When it was first released in 2018, "Revise 5" was an instant sell out. This revolutionary multi-phased, color-changing gum effect was a visual miracle that took the magic community by storm. It was an instant viral sensation online and beloved by magicians around the globe.

Unfortunately, due to the fact each gimmick was handcrafted by creator Mike Clark, it was nearly impossible to keep in stock. As such, the product was discontinued and magicians around the world have been clamoring for its return ever since.

Now, after years of hard work, Skymember Presents is proud to present a brand new gimmick that is better suited to offer the same precision craftsmanship to a larger audience. This is "Revise 5 Mark II".

Every aspect of this innovative gimmick has been reimagined from the ground up with new materials that ensure you can perform "Revise 5" confidently every time. You not only can perform the effect exactly as you did before, but can now also conduct some new handlings. There's even a new kicker ending that allows you to end in the spectator's hands.

"Revise 5 Mark II" is effortless and practical visual magic at its finest. The pre-made gimmick is constructed from durable material. It's super easy to do and is a must-have gimmick for any close-up magician, street magician or Zoom magician.

Although this release will be more widely available than the original, there are still limited quantities. So, don't miss out. Grab your "Revise 5 Mark II" today

DISCLAIMER: While the gimmick comes pre-made, a one-time adjustment may be required. You will also need to supply your own gum sticks for the best results.

"Love this! This trick is so perfectly visual and deceptive. It's one of my favorite tricks I've filmed in the last several years." Justin Flom

"Magic that stays fresh and packs a punch" Kevin Li

"Revise 5 is such a fun effect, it's packed with visuals and it's easy to do!" Nicholas Lawrence

"Revise 5 is one of the most organic gum tricks you can own. There are endless possibilities from in person to performing on social media. Almost immediate reset and definitely one of my favorite!" Tyler Sherwin

IMPORTANT NOTE: The manufacturer of "Revise 5 Mark II", Skymember Presents, has elected to not grant the commercial rights to this effect. This includes, but is not limited to, using "Revise 5 Mark II" on TV and Web Shows. For commercial inquiries, please contact Skymember Presents. Vanishing Inc. is unable to grant this request for you.


Customer reviews for Revise 5 Mark II



I waited soo long for this and it was worth the wait! The best and most visual trick I've ever bought and just truly love it! It's genius and very fun to perform for any person and to any age! Definitely get this!



The gimmick is well made and the tutorial is solid. However, the "flick" change doesn't work very well, and it's almost entirely impossible to do it for real audiences in a full routine. Also, even though I've kept the gimmick almost entirely in case it came in when I'm not using it, it is gradually beginning to show its wear and tear over the past few months.



I was so excited to get this trick and while it has some clever gimmicks the product feels rushed and not as high quality as those you see I. The videos. The pieces don’t fit together seamlessly. They don’t line up or lay flat. It seems like it would work fine for a web cam but in person it would be hard to hide


Community questions about Revise 5 Mark II

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  • J asks: Will this product contain instructions for construction/repair?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You get it ready to use. It includes info on customizing it, which I would recommend. Once you have the props in hand, and have studied the explanation video, you should have no problems with repairs. Given the specially prepared props, raw construction would be challenging for all but the most experienced of "do it yourself-ers."
  • Owen asks: Will I be able to do 3 transformations? example: blue to red, red to blue, and blue to green.

    • 1. Andrew answers: Yes.
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  • Dan asks: Some Skymember videos have no audio and just film silent with no detailed explanation. Does Mike provide a detailed explanation in English on the tutorial? Thanks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, Mike presents the explanation in English. It is 32 minutes long.
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