Supreme Nest of Wallets

Trick by Nicholas Einhorn and Alan Wong
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Supreme Nest of Wallets

64.95 usd

Trick by Nicholas Einhorn and Alan Wong (64.95)

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Supreme Nest of Wallets - magic
Supreme Nest of Wallets Supreme Nest of Wallets Supreme Nest of Wallets

Nick Einhorn's Supreme Nest of Wallets is a trick for the workers: any small borrowed item such as a coin or ring instantly reappears wrapped in cloth, inside a nest of three leather wallets. The original set was beautifully made but this updated set has upped the game. The premium material is soft out of the box and is sure to last you a very long time

The Nesting Wallets is an effect with the same style as card or ring in nest of envelopes, but without the expense of buying lots of gimmicked envelopes.

  • Finest nest of wallets available.
  • Beautifully produced by Alan Wong and Nick Einhorn in top quality black leather.
  • Includes instructional DVD with handling advice, basic and advanced routines.
  • Use as a stand alone performance piece or as the perfect addition to any borrowed ring or signed coin routine you currently perform.
  • Re-set the prop in front of the spectators.
"I had never imagined using a set of nesting wallets before, but Nick Eihnorn's Nesting Wallets is now in my repertoire." Noel Qualter
"Minimum effort, maximum effect - Smart, sophisticated, elegant, powerful magic - brilliant!" Wayne Dobson
"The best close-up trick I saw at F.I.S.M 2012 - I cant wait to start doing it!" Bill Herz
"A devilishly simple and baffling effect, highly recommended" R.P.Wilson
"I saw Nick slay a group of laymen with his nest of wallets at dinner one night. This is real-world, commercial magic you will use!" Chad Long
"I am so delighted that you are releasing "The Deluxe Nest of Wallets". It really is a table top 'worker'." Michael Vincent

Pre-order now. Next batch will be shipped the first week of March 2013.

Alan Wong has firmly established himself as one today's leading manufacturers of quality magic props.


Customer reviews for Supreme Nest of Wallets



A tad pricey as is any magic trick.. but a great miracle. Had a friend pissed at me all day cause i wouldnt tell him the secret.



Such a beautiful product. Easy to setup and to perform. Quality is top notch. Worth the price. Ofcourse you get routines and instruction from one of the best too.



This is my favourite coin trick and I know that I will be performing this many many times in the future. The angles are very good and you can perform this surrounded. The method itself is really interesting and does require some practice but once you got it, it’s easy (including reset).

The wallets itself is very good quality and will last a long time. I would say the cloth needs to be better quality because when I opened the item for the first time the cloth was already starting to fray which is a bit annoying. Also when you do the certain move there is a sound issue and if the company that produces the wallets could use a soft material that would be brilliant but don’t let this stop you from getting this amazing trick.

The instructions is very clear and understandable and the packaging is very good and protects the wallets really well.



Great product.The leather is soft right out of the box.Although,i feel that the cloth is too thick but i guess it’s to conceal the item in it until you open it at the very end.You also need to practice the loading part quite a bit if you want to do it as quickly as mr Einhorn.As for the video tutorial,everything’s well made.Nick will teach you everything you need to know to perform this trick.He also teaches you a couple of his favourite routines.I did this trick for my students and they love it.This will give you great reactions.All in all,this is a wonderful little prop that you will definitely use in your routine.



This is my favorite up close magic trick ever. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this effect will amaze anyone.



I had the original Nest of Wallets and there was always an issue during the opening process where they would a little difficult to open smoothly. So I thought these would do the trick. However, these are just too soft. They are accurate when saying the leather is soft! It is extremely soft! So soft that that the “move” was impossible to me. Outstanding effect, but I have went back to the original version



Let me say that I have always been satisfied with my purchases, however, this one is a horror show. I trust Josh and Co.'s attention to quality and detail but I think better quality control of stock is warranted here. Super Soft N.O.W.'s Soft yes, that's about all. The material smells more like processed leather or vinyl and is thicker that it should be, as a result when the package is "set" to perform it is an excessively think, bulky mess that is difficult at best to even get a coin in it, let alone do it quickly. The texture is NOT smooth either, more like a heavy embossed levant or sheep skin making manipulation a complete struggle and hinders the unpacking to such an extent that it is perform with that amount of struggling. The lesson to be learned here IMO is to get relatively expensive props when they first come out because this set is definitely NOT an improvement and as such will take it's place in the junk draw


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  • Jorge asks: Are these the new Super Soft Nest Of Wallets or the original ones?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Correct. These are the newer super-soft ones.
  • Seral asks: Hi, I am wondering what type of cloth this is? Can I reorder just the cloth as I lost mine and need one urgently?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The cloth is not available on its own I'm afraid.
  • Rohit asks: Which version of the wallets are these--Plane, Lined or Dotted Leather?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Dotted Leather
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