SvenPad® Game Night

Trick by SvenPads
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SvenPad® Game Night

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Trick by SvenPads (65.00)

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SvenPad® Game Night - magic
SvenPad® Game Night SvenPad® Game Night SvenPad® Game Night SvenPad® Game Night SvenPad® Game Night SvenPad® Game Night

Welcome to the world's first BOOK TEST using ultra precision SvenPad® technology!

"The methods involved are very fooling, even is someone is aware of them. I've gotten nothing but great reactions thus far." -Josh Janousky

"I got the book test in Blackpool and loved it immediately. I will add it to another book test routine I do. The quality is very high as always, and there are many ways to use it." -Lior Manor

Mentalist John Morton and Brett Barry have teamed up with this fiendishly clever "Charades" book filled with mind reading secrets! This is the collaborative result of over a years' worth of cross-continent creative back and forth.

SvenPad® Game Night is a unique pocket-sized book test unlike any other. You can play it as a game AND you can play it as mind reading - or play it as BOTH. Some of the methods within this book are brand new, while others are a twist on the classics. This book was created FROM SCRATCH and looks exactly like a book bought at the store.

The secrets within are well hidden and waiting for you to demonstrate your mindreading powers! One can never have too many book tests. But some book tests are better than others.

We believe SvenPad® Game Night will become one of your go-to favorites to help you slay audiences, and make you feel like a super mindreading hero. Make it fun, and make it feel real. SvenPad® Game Night is a powerhouse.

  • FAMOUS SvenPad® quality!
  • MULTIPLE methods! MULTIPLE phases!
  • FAR more than just Svengali
  • READY to perform!
  • 4"x6" pocket-sized Charades book!
  • PDF instructions link (18 pages)!
  • VIDEO teaching link!
  • BUILT-IN secret CRIBS!
  • FLASH training cards!


Customer reviews for SvenPad® Game Night



Brett Barry has done it again! What I love about this prop is that it's a svenpad, that can be used to force more than one piece of information by making use of both the long and short pages. For the first time in my experience with svenpads that the pages can be riffled in either direction. Images and words and the book itself is a crib which is just helpful. It also makes ingenious use of Larry Becker's "flashback" principle. And Brett is the absolute best when it comes to customer service. Super down to earth guy.


Community questions about SvenPad® Game Night

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  • Dan asks: I am new to the concept and magic. Definitely a beginner. I’ve used Svengali cards. This product looks great. Based on reviews and method you get at least a 3 phase routine. My only questions are…these are the only 3 things that can be predicted? And after it has been been predicted can audience handle the book without figuring out the method (turning to the force every time)?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Welcome to the wonderful world of magic! As you've got Svengali cards, you'll be able to work out the method for this, so yes, there will be three things you can predict. And no, the pad can't be handled freely by your audience. But, if you don't put any attention to it, neither will they. Simply put it away after you've done what you need to do with it. Be brave! :)
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