Symphony Coins

Trick by Rocco Silano and RPR Magic Innovations
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Symphony Coins

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Trick by Rocco Silano and RPR Magic Innovations (From $100.00)

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Symphony Coins - magic
Symphony Coins Symphony Coins

This is a game-changing, new coin innovation that will allow you to enhance many of the classic plots in magic, including Coins Across, ThreeFly, Cylinder and Coins, and Matrix. Indeed, the applications are limited only by your imagination. We don't normally tip "the work" of coin gaffs, but in this instance it's important to us that you understand exactly what you're investing in.

"Symphony Coins" is a magnetic set of four silver dollars that can collapse into just one coin. What's most remarkable about this set is that craftsman Roy Keupers has found a way to alter each coin so that it is razor-thin, resulting in four coins that collapse, in a sense, into just one coin. The thickness of this one coin is just the width of 1.5 silver dollars. So it can be treated as one coin, tossed from hand to hand, lapped, or sleeved. Thanks to the magnets, the coins remain silent when nested together. With just a modicum of finger pressure, you can easily separate them to produce individually or all together in a flash.

What's most brilliant about "Symphony Coins" is that you can both produce and vanish the four coins; this gaff works great in BOTH directions. The extremely reasonable pricing means that you can buy TWO units for endless possibilities with Coins Across plots or stage productions. Imagine how squeeky clean a Cylinder and Coins effect would be with "Symphony Coins," or how "Symphony Coins" would make Matrix...moveless. This game-changing gaff is precision made by hand and, unlike shells and flippers, requires no maintenance or delicate handling. It will last forever.

  • Produce and vanish four coins
  • Ultra thin
  • Super smooth movement and perfect polarity.
  • Remarkably silent
  • Made from real coins, in the USA
  • Available in Eisenhower dollars, Kennedy half and English pennies.

"The craftstmanship of the Symphony Coins is beautiful. They will enhance your magic."Tony Clark

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Customer reviews for Symphony Coins



This was another awesome purchase! I opted for the largest sized coins and love them! The only problem was I wished I bought more... every option available! I've purchased from you guys before and will again! Your customer service was very fast and helpful as well as your sections below items where we can ask questions!



Rocco Symphony Coins is Extraordinary!! If you see the coins you must buy Symphony Coins now!!



Visual magic at it's best. If you like coin magic then get this. If you don't, get it anyways and you will end up loving it.



Awesome,Produce and vanish 4 coins so cleanly,Craftmanship is excellent as always from Roy Kueppers.Im looking forward to fooling alot of people with these coins..Great Product


David C.

I wanted a set of Symphony coins when I first saw them. Now I have an Eisenhower set and
I just love them.
Thanks RPR for another fantastic magic effect!!



4 coins that fit into a package the size of 1.5 coins, silently nest together, and milled edges on each coin. What more could you ask for? Incredible craftsmanship. Well worth the investment! -Shaun Jay



I am returning copy and video clearly state that the stack of 4 Symphony Coins are 1.5 times the thickness of a single coin...bought the half dollar version...they are at least 2.5 times the thickness...why is that cannot easily show the symphony stack as a single coin which was the buying reason for me....they are whisper quiet and I am very, very disappointed I could not use these as they did not live up to their own description.


Community questions about Symphony Coins

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Brian asks: Skill level required for the sleight?

    • 1. Perry answers: From a skill level from 1 to 10, 1 being the easiest. I would say in skill level Its a three. And most of that time will just be learning the routine that you would like to do with the Symphony coins the coins themself work almost automatically.
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  • Duane asks: What is the difficulty scale for this effect?

    • 1. Perry answers: I give it a 3 on skill level 1 to 10. Very easy to work. The possibilities are endless with these coins.
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  • Timothy asks: As a coin manipulator who occasionally drops coins what is the durability of these skinny coins? If the gimmick gets slightly dented will it still work?

    • 1. Perry answers: I have dropped the coins myself several times in working on new routines and nothing has ever happened to any of the coins. Even though that they are ultras thin, They are still extremely durable. You should be able to handle them like real coins with no worries.
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  • Kevin asks: When you say English Pennies, are they Old English Pennies (about half-dollar size) or modern English Pennies who are closed to size of a US nickel?

    • 1. Perry answers: Great question. They are designed in the Old English penny that is roughly the size of a 1/2 dollar. What is nice about the English penny being a different color than the other coins you can use 2 sets in a 8 coin explosion where you start off with either for Eisenhower dollars or for Kennedy 50 cent pieces then they morph into for English pennies we referred to this as the Symphony explosion.
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  • Daniel asks: I see that they are silver dollar sized, do you have half dollar sized also?

    • 1. Perry answers: Yes we offered this Symphony coins and 3 different currencies right now. Eisenhower dollars Kennedy 50 cent pieces English pennies ( old size, Roughly the size of a 50 cent piece).
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  • Jay asks: After "sliding" off the first coin are you able to show the "triple" coin BOTH SIDES (to show that it is silver) and when it is just a "double" coin?...and What do the backs of the split coin look like ?...thanks.... magicjay

    • 1. Perry answers: After you have produced the 1st coin from the four, you will be able to show 3 coins as one both front and back. The front will be heads and the back will show as a tails like a regular coin. After you produce this 2nd coin you still will be able to show the 2 coins that are still together front and back.
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  • Chris asks: Will there be a Euro version?

    • 1. Perry answers: The euro coin is in development as we speak.
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  • Randy asks: Is one size easier to work with than the other for a “coin beginner “?

    • 1. Perry answers: All sizes work similar to each other my preference of the 3 sizes is the Eisenhower dollar pieces just because the size of the coin is larger so it is more visual for the spectator to see.
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  • Kenneth asks: Will there be a set available in Morgans?

    • 1. Perry answers: We don't offer a Morgan set yet. Because of the high cost of the coins and the manufacturing to retool for those would be quite expensive. Special order might be available in the future.
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  • Randy asks: But is one size easier to manipulate??

    • 1. Perry answers: All 3 styles work exactly the same. The choice of what set to be used would be up to the performer depending on what coins they liked to use in their routines. Me personally I find that the eisenhower dollar set is more visible for the spectator to see, so I find that to be more impressive, being able to manipulate for large coins at will.
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  • Jim asks: Hi, I understand that when the coins are magnetically attached you can then show both sides but when they are not attached, you would not be able to, correct? Thanks, Jim

    • 1. Perry answers: When all 4 coins are in a stack to make one coin you can show it front and back as 1 coin. As you peel off the coins from the original stack you can constantly show the stack front in back during your routine so it looks like one coin.
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  • Robert asks: Can the four coins be produced easily from a Down’s Palm? Does the strength of the magnets make it difficult to separate the coins?

    • 1. Perry answers: Yes, they can be easily produced from a downs palm. The polarity of the magnets are perfect for that.
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  • Daniel asks: Are there any routines that come with the coins? Are they from Rocco?

    • 1. Perry answers: Yes, When you receive the Symphony coins it comes with a video tutorial download the has several routines and handling tips all taught to you by rocco.
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  • Kenneth asks: I cant tell from the video, are the edges milled?

    • 1. Perry answers: Yes, all the edges are milled.
    • 2. Paul answers: Are the English penny sets also milled ?
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  • Simon asks: can you say when the euro coin version will be released approximately?

    • 1. Perry answers: At this point there is not a firm date. It is in the R & D process right now. But, for sure we are coming out will a Version with EURO 50 CENT. It might have to be a special order.
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  • Lloyd asks: So... can we perform Dean Dill's Explosion with 4 sets of these coins?

    • 1. Perry answers: With 4 sets you will be able to perform a similar version of Dean dills explosion but not exactly the same.
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  • Michael asks: Hi! Can you perform this closeup? I worry the thinnest of the coins might be noticeable. Thank you.

    • 1. Perry answers: Yes, You can perform the Symphony coins close up
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  • Steve asks: Can the Irish Hen penny be had rather than the English coin?

    • 1. Perry answers: Sorry, not at this time.
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  • Mark asks: How does this compare to Bob Kholer's coins?

    • 1. Mark answers: not in price but is there a difference in the construction of the coins and are there limitations compared to what Kohler's coins can do or what's the benefit of these coins compared to Kohler's
    • 2. Perry answers: SYMPHONY COINS does not use a turtle. Mr.kohler's does use a turtle. This is only one of the differences. Too many differences to mention on a forum like this without over exposing the secret.
    • 3. Perry answers: In what manner?
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  • Mark asks: ok I'm almost sold on them one last question ... how are these different then Johnny Wong's

    • 1. Mark answers: thanks ...
    • 2. Perry answers: The Symphony Coins Are quite different, They are butter smooth, super quiet, ultra thin with a perfect polarity to achieve a multitude of manipulations. As soon as you have a set in your hands you will immediately feel the difference.
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  • Jim asks: Just in case the side of the coins you aren't supposed to show happens to flash, is that side closer in color to the front (good side) of the copper or the silver coins?

    • 1. Perry answers: The copper English Pennies back color would match the closest to the front of the coin.
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  • Steve asks: Hi, Do These coins need to be stored in a particular way or can they be left all together as one coin. I know some other gaffs need card or paper to separate the magnets a little bit so they stay smooth when separating in performance.

    • 1. Perry answers: You do not have to take any special precautions when you are storing the Symphony coins. They are ready to go right out of the Box. Roy Kueppers craftsmanship is Superb.
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  • Paul asks: Can you show an image of the English Penny version. This way we can see not only what version;(Elizabeth/George/Edward/Victoria/William etc), but also what kind of metal, ie copper or brass, and also if they are highly polished or tarnished, stained, or aged with patina... Thanks.

    • 1. Perry answers: The English penny version of the Symphony Coins are made of bronze they have Queen Elizabeth on the face and Britannia on the back. All the sets of this Symphony coins are buffed and polished.
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  • Mark asks: I love these coins. Although the thickness of all four coins is not quite as advertised, they are still beautiful and workable. Are there any sources regarding other routines for those of us that aren’t keen on Roccos handling?

    • 1. Dottore answers: None that I know of. I would suggest dedicating some time to working with them in hand. With enough time, you will come up with new ideas and routines.
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  • robert asks: I was wondering if the coin(s) can be ditched like the ones used in Split Focus by G. Wilson?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes.
  • Randy asks: Can you compare for me Symphony Coins vs Split Focus? Is one easier to work with for a coin beginner.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They are similar, technically. One or the other is not easier for a beginner. Split Focus gives you access to Greg Wilson's routines, which are being well received by customers.
  • Keith asks: Being very new to coin magic, and have not really dabbled in coins before, would you suggest this set as a good starter?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Honestly, you'd probably be better off starting by reading Bobo, and then moving on to something like this when you have basic handlings down. However, if you really want to skip all the basics, you can perform miracles with this coin set.
  • Jim asks: The Symphony coins are awesome but since I use them (Eisenhower dollars) every day I know that one day I'll need to replace the Teflon.... Are there any suggestions as to where I could purchase replacements and which are the best to get? Thanks! Jim

    • 1. Jim answers: These may work:
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  • Kim asks: Are there other routines than the ones Rocco does on the explanation ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Rocco is the only one who teaches routines and explanations on the video.
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