The Amazing 3D Puzzle

Trick by TCC Presents
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The Amazing 3D Puzzle

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Trick by TCC Presents (50.00)

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The Amazing 3D Puzzle - magic
The Amazing 3D Puzzle The Amazing 3D Puzzle The Amazing 3D Puzzle The Amazing 3D Puzzle The Amazing 3D Puzzle The Amazing 3D Puzzle

Challenge everything you know, and everything you believe in.

In 2009, Lu Chen took the magic world by storm when he premiered his incredible tile puzzle effect on a local Chinese television station. The audience, and many magicians, simply could not comprehend how, no matter how many new pieces were added to a square tile puzzle, its shape and size remained the same.

Since then, countless variations have surfaced from magnetic versions to wood, plastic and even stage-sized versions. Yet, despite attempts to make a unique offering, the basic idea remained the same.

...until now.

TCC has taken this iconic magic trick into the third dimension

A translucent box is introduced and shown to be filled perfectly with wooden blocks. All of the pieces are removed to perform the famous tile puzzle routine. Even after adding two extra pieces, the blocks retain their original shape. But, to take it one step further, you then show that it still can fit perfectly in the box—proving it also maintained its size.

The lid is then added to the box proving that the shape, surface area and VOLUME are still EXACTLY the same. Adding this three-dimensional element is a whole new experience for the audience that undoubtedly strengthens the impossibility of this effect.

Premium Wood Blocks
The wood blocks are constructed from gorgeous, high-quality Brazilian rosewood to ensure ideal aesthetics, feel and longevity. With a stunning red luster, polished surface and chamfered edges, these blocks offer a uniform structure that feels great and goes together perfectly.

Frosted Acrylic Case
The beautiful high-grade acrylic case serves as both a performance element and protective storage case. The frosted surface offers an elegant matte finish, while also remaining translucent enough to easily see the wooden blocks it holds. This unique finish also makes it more fingerprint-resistant than other similar boxes.

Perfect Portability
One of the biggest problems plaguing most tile puzzles is that that they are bulky and difficult to carry around. The fact that "The Amazing 3D Puzzle" measures just 8cm x 6.6cm x 4cm (3.1in x 2.6in x 1.6in), and easily packs into the acrylic case, makes it more practical and portable than any other similar puzzle. You can easily take this with you anywhere.

Complete instructions included.


Customer reviews for The Amazing 3D Puzzle



Beautifully made. I have several versions of the perpetual puzzle and this has become my favorite for casual and intimate occasions. Just leave it on your coffee table or your office desk and people will ask you about it. Perfect for your close up performance. It is a real puzzle that someone can play with and you can go right into the routine and really baffle some minds. Love the 3D popped out wooden pieces and it comes in a wonderful acrylic box. This is definitely a collector's piece and will last forever.

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I have been a fan of this effect way beyond its intrinsic entertainment value since being blown away by the Winston Freer puzzle years ago. I have acquired just about every version of the apparatus. i currently feature a parlor-sized version with wooden “tiles” embedded with magnets. The modus operandi of the version under review is identical except the size of the pieces allows the necessary skullduggery to be accomplished effortlessly by simple sleight of hand rather than mechanically. This version is attractive and nicely packaged. However, the pieces are cut in such a way that manipulating them is a bit like playing Scrabble with the pieces standing on end. I could argue that the cumbersomeness of the pieces contributes to hiding “the secret move,” such as it is, but the tradeoff is in extra work overcoming potential awkwardness during the “solve.” The video, in subtitled Chinese(?), is concise with no wasted words or motion. However, an illustrated text would have made the learning curve a lot shallower and more accessible. With those caveats, this is an eye-catching version of an effect seemingly very much in vogue these days. It’s just that with the care taken in design and execution, it could have been better.


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  • Nathan asks: So I purchased this effect.And I think I already miss placed a part of this wonderful litte puzzle..I have 11 pieces..Is this correct

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you email our Support Wizards on someone will take care of you.
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