The Lightning Box

DVD & props by Bob Kohler
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The Lightning Box

189.95 usd

DVD & props by Bob Kohler (189.95)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.

German magician Bruno Hennig invented the "Signed Card To Box". This powerhouse effect has seen countless improvements and modifications over the decades since it's creation.

The effect has been used by thousands of magicians and has fooled countless spectators. The effect is so powerful that many magicians close their shows with it. But every magician that has used this classic has always had a single thought in the back of their mind...if I could just do this, it would be perfect. The Lightning Box is perfect!

I've been personally performing the "Signed Card To Box" since my earliest days in magic. I've tried all of the variations. While many of them worked and were very good like most magicians that have used the effect I kept thinking "what if it could just do this...".

So in the mid-1990's I set out to create the perfect container for the effect. First I created some very stringent goals.

1. The box must look like an ordinary object.
2. The box must be able to work with any color/ back design playing card plus other objects such as money, business cards and billets. The objects must be the complete objects so the spectators can see depth.
3. The box must be able to use the Jamy Ian Swiss work for ultimate deception.
4. The box must be durable and able to withstand countless performances for professional use.
5. The box must have the ability to be shown empty both BEFORE and AFTER the revelation.
6. The lid must stay on for transport but be easy to remove.
7. The container must easily go through airport security.
8. The Reset must be automatic.

After countless prototypes I finally developed a working model. It worked but to be perfect I enlisted the help of professionals.

Thomas Wayne and Royal Jenner contributed concepts. Mike Lapidus did the final design and built the final prototype. Thanks to these gentleman for doing a great job.

The process of going from my working model to the final prototype took four years. Constant testing and fine-tuning have paid off. The LIghtning Box is no longer a pipe dream.

The Lightning Box has solved all of the problems and meet my goals.

1. The Lightning Box looks like a high quality jewelry box. I modeled after a cuff link box I purchased.
2. Users can very easily swap out the object inside the box. It takes about one minute. You can use any playing card, any type of paper currency from any country, you can use business cards or billets. Many other objects will certainly find there way into the Lightning Box for example sugar packets, small envelopes etc. It's up to the user to decide. The best part is all objects are real objects. Spectators can see all three dimensions because the objects are full cards etc.
3. The LIghtning Box is a cylinder with a removable lid. It's small enough to easily fit into your pocket. The CNC machining was designed to leave plenty of space so that you can add other objects that will fall out of the box to increase the illusion. The box is deep enough to easily contain .75" casino dice, 4 half dollars, candy, mints etc. Any small objects can be used.
4. The material we used to construct the Lightning Box is Black ABS Plastic. The material works real well for this application. It's tough and durable yet it's very lightweight. No sagging pockets. The Lightning Box is manufactured by a very high end CNC machine shop on computer controlled lathes and milling machines. Each Lightning Box is exactly the same and built to exacting specifications.
5. You can show the Lightning Box empty at the beginning of the routine and empty again after the signed card is revealed.
6. The lid is held in place by a high impact "O" ring that is used for hydraulic applications. It holds the lid in place yet it's easy for the spectators to remove. The Lightning Box comes with a backup that you can install in seconds if you ever wear it out.
7. The Lightning Box goes through airport security like butter. Professionals can easily take it on the plane with them.
8. Reset time is instantaneous. No trap doors to pry open or attempting to balance in an open position. The Lightning Box does the work for you.

The Lightning Box
So what is come included with the Lightning Box?

First and most important is the Lightning Box. This box is gimmicked. The solution is diabolical yet extremely practical. It is built to last. The best way to think about the Lightning Box is as a utility prop. It's super easy to use as the Lightning Box does most of the work for you.

Second is the training DVD. It's packed with everything you need to know and more. The running time is 1 hour and 15 minutes. The DVD contains several killer routines and all of the inside work on every aspect of using the Lightning Box.

Third is a spare "O" ring.

Fourth is a special "secret something" that is extremely powerful and useful with the Lightning Box.

The Routines
Included on the DVD are four performances.

The first routine is BLACK LIGHTNING. This routine is performed under test conditions. The Lightning Box is in full view BEFORE a card is selected and signed. The audience sees the face up signed selection until the very last second but the signed card appears instantly in the Lightning Box.

The second routine is WHITE LIGHTNING. This routine is totally practical, funny and stunning. There are two performances of this routine on the DVD to show you the variations that will help you fit the routine to your performance style.

To be crystal clear, these routines will show you the real work behind using the Lightning Box. It's all there, the methods, the moments and full patter.

The BONUS ROUTINE is fast becoming one of my favorite routines to perform. It's called INVISIBLE LIGHTNING. There's no deck but under test conditions any named card is instantly in the box. The routine has amazing choreography that make it a joy to perform and easy to do. I will tell you a secret, this uses Cosmo Solano's Q-The Quantum Connection as part of the method. If you order the Lightning Box you'll definitely want to order the Q-Quantum Connection from us. It's truly a great companion product.

The Training
The DVD contains all of the work you'll ever need to get the most out of the Lightning Box. Besides the 4 performances I go over each and every detail you need to completely understand the workings, the strategies, the moves and so much more.

Other Uses
The Lightning Box is the perfect ending for just about any signed card routine. If you do Ambitious Card, Card to Pocket or your own pet routine you'll soon discover that the Lightning Box is the best ending you've ever tried.

But the Lightning Box can go way beyond card routines. Since you can put a variety of objects inside you can easily adapt the Lightning Box to an incredible ending to any Signed Bill routine. You can just as easily make the Lightning Box into a dynamic mentalism piece using business cards or billets. I can't wait to see all of the creations that certainly will be invented.

Final Thoughts
The Lightning Box is destined to become a modern classic of magic. It has it all. It's virtually angle proof, the box has a variety of uses, it's durable and travels well on the airlines.

But the real crux is it's power. The Lightning Box allows the performer to show the box empty both before and after the revelation in a very subtle way. This takes an already powerful effect several notches higher. The Lightning Box is a minor investment for a major payoff.


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