The Medusa Project

Trick by Perseus Arkomanis and Orion Magic
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The Medusa Project

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Trick by Perseus Arkomanis and Orion Magic (120.00)

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The Medusa Project - magic
The Medusa Project The Medusa Project The Medusa Project The Medusa Project The Medusa Project The Medusa Project

Like Medusa, you can turn items to stone. This miracle effect from Perseus Arkomanis is 10 years in the making and he is thrilled to finally share it with you.

With "The Medusa Project" from Perseus Arkomanis, you will transform a deck of cards, a Sharpie and a lighter into stone at your fingertips. You will receive multiple routines that use some or all of the items. Each routine is structured in a way that completely disguises the sneaky work. Your spectators will never see a switch, nor even consider one was possible.

Unlock truly unique and memorable effects with "The Medusa Project."

Comes with handmade props designed for the professional performer:

  • Medusa Deck
  • Medusa Sharpie
  • Medusa Lighter
  • Slo-mo change gaff card (Red or Blue Bicycle Playing Card)
  • Medusa pendant
  • Fully illustrated instructional booklet

IMPORTANT: The Medusa Pen is extremely fragile and is prone to breaking into two even pieces. Perseus discusses how to continue doing the entire routine even if this happens.


Customer reviews for The Medusa Project



Product arrived in "less-than-perfect" condition. The pen was broken at the point where the cap meets the rest of the pen and the deck has a noticeable chip on the top and an air pocket on the side. The lighter looks amazing.

I anticipated that, over time, these items would develop "character flaws", but not right out of the box. Not that it would have made a difference, but marking boxes that contain this items with a FRAGILE sticker might help. I will definitely use these items, but I would have been much happier if they arrived in better condition.


Community questions about The Medusa Project

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  • Lucas asks: This looks amazing- how durable/fragile are the props? If they were dropped/knocked off a table would they break/chip/shatter? (for example- I've had spectators drop a omni deck in surprise during the reveal).

    • 1. Perseus answers: Deck and lighter are more durable than the sharpie. Because of the slit where the cap ends it will immediately snap there if you drop it. There are ways to use just the cap if that happens in the explanation video. Now, it is part of the perforemance to drop the deck or lighter on the table. The sounds makes the whole effect stronger. But there is no way they would survive a table drop. They will break and/or chip. These props are made out of Stone (gypsum).
    • 2. Eugene answers: The props do look amazing. My set arrived today and the sharpie was broken out of the box right at the point where the cap meets the rest of the pen. The lighter looks awesome, but the deck arrived with noticeable chip on the top (deck's back design) and a noticeable air pocket on the side. I hope they stand up when put to use.
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  • John asks: Can this be performed as close up restaurant strolling magic. Is it angle sensitive and what is the reset time.

    • 1. Perseus answers: I've been performing this for the past 16 years in my strolling/tablehopping set. The reset time is a few seconds and the angles are up to the performer. Hope you'll have fun with it!
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  • Don asks: Absolutely beautiful props, no doubt. Would a standard deck shell fit over the stone deck? It looks a little to large to fit a card case. I have a few ideas for this depending on the dimensions of the prop. Many thanks, looks great!

    • 1. Jim answers: It might. It will depend on the shell. You will have to try it with your shell.
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  • NEOFYTOS asks: Are there any refills? extra Medusa mirrors for giving away as souvenirs? Or lighters and the other props gimmicks.

    • 1. Jim answers: None that I am aware of.
    • 2. Perseus answers: Unfortunately to keep track of who actually has bought the original product before getting any refills, we only provide refills through our own website to those who bought the original one of us.
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