The Tunnel

Trick by TCC Presents, Jimmy Fan and Artisan Coin
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The Tunnel

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Trick by TCC Presents, Jimmy Fan and Artisan Coin (59.95)

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The Tunnel - magic
The Tunnel The Tunnel The Tunnel The Tunnel The Tunnel The Tunnel

One of the most stunning and highest-quality Coin Penetration Tubes you'll ever find.

The Coin Penetration tube is a classic magic prop beloved by magicians. It's one of the easiest solid-thru-solid style effects you can do. No complicated sleights or techniques are required.

However, over the years, many manufacturers have resorted to constructing the props out of plastic. Cheaper materials and bright colors have made the prop look exactly like what it is...a magic prop. As such, many magicians have stopped using it.

TCC changes that by bringing you "The Tunnel" by Jay Wang, Jimmy Fan and Artisan Coin. This breathtaking brass and rosewood tool offers collectible-quality aesthetics paired with professional-quality performance.

Main Lenz's Law Routine".

You bring out two brass tubes with wooden exteriors and a magnet and ask your audience if they are familiar with Lenz's Law. To demonstrate this fascinating physical phenomenon, you drop the magnet through the brass tubes. As it falls, the speed of the magnet slows down, creating an almost slow-motion effect. You explain that this is a result of electromagnetic induction, but what makes this demonstration truly magical is the fact that the space inside the brass tube is distorted.

"The Tunnel" is a routine that combines the classic coin penetration effect with the physical phenomenon of Lenz's Law. This not only logically creates the "legitimacy" of the magic effect but also enhances the overall magical experience, making it more captivating and memorable.

The moment the coin seemingly passes through a solid object is truly unexplainable.

Design of "The Tunnel

A lot of thought and effort has been put into the design of "The Tunnel", from the stunning wooden exterior to the combination of brass and wood. After multiple iterations and revisions, the current version of "The Tunnel" is a high-quality, collectible item that is both elegant and functional.

The inner tube is made of 3mm thick brass, which maximizes the deceleration effect of Lenz's Law without compromising the aesthetics or stability of the brass-wood combination. The exterior is fully encased in high-grade rosewood, and each set has its own unique wood grain and color, adding to its high-end appeal.


  • A modern and fresh presentation on a classic effect
  • Collectible-quality prop
  • 3mm thick brass tube encased in high-grade rosewood
  • Magnetic connector design ensures your coins stay securely in place
  • Can also hold playing cards or plastic cards.
  • Can be handed out for examination
  • Prop does nearly all the work for you
  • No sleight of hand required
  • Uses four regular half dollars (not included)

You'll receive "The Tunnel" prop as well as a comprehensive online tutorial discussing both the coin penetration routine and the full Lenz's Law routine (some minor extra props will need to be acquired).

Important Notes
Please be aware that shipping restrictions prevent the "The Tunnel" from coming with the neodymium magnet required for the Lenz's Law Routine. You will still be able to perform the main coin penetration routine. However, if you want to add the Lenz's Law element, you'll need to acquire a cylinder neodymium magnet with the following dimensions: 20mm height x 30mm diamter. They are easily acquired online.

Additionally, when performing the coin penetration, please do not use credit cards, bank cards or anything with a magnetic strip as they could be damaged by the magnets.


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  • Caleb asks: Will this work with regular Kennedy half dollars or does it need walking liberty

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This should work with Regular Half Dollars
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