Trick by Henry Harrius and Alex Ng
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Trick by Henry Harrius and Alex Ng (49.95)

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Totem - magic
Totem Totem Totem Totem

A perfectly-structured, multi-phase mentalism routine that convincingly toes the line of true mind control.

Henry Harrius Presents is proud to bring you “Totem” by Alex Ng. This wildly clever routine combines a variety of powerful mentalism principles and psychological elements to create a mind-blowing effect that you can easily carry in your pocket.

“A streamlined and surefire routine combining a number of classic methods resulting in a demonstration that will astound and surprise your audiences.” Colin Cloud

“Totem” begins by allowing your spectator to hold a coin-shaped object covered in gold foil. You then take them on an imaginary journey where they’ll make a variety of decisions including: a number, a color, a city, a flower and a painting. This process is so fair, they truly won’t believe their eyes when they unwrap the object in their hand and discover it’s actually a poker chip that perfectly predicts every decision they made.

The ingenious structure of this routine, and the combination of devious methods it employs, ensures you’ll always have a successful conclusion. You’ll never have to worry about potential for failure that can often accompany these bold feats of mentalism.

What You Get:

  • Custom-crafted “Totem” poker chip
  • Special gimmicks
  • 100 sheets of gold foil paper

You’ll also get comprehensive video instruction from Alex Ng, who walks through everything in complete step-by-step detail. He even shows how you can add some extra elements to the base routine or streamline it for quicker walkaround close-up magic events.

"This is like having a mini act in your pocket. The way psychological forces are used, connected with the final phase of the routine, is very clever so that you can always be accurate in the final reveal. This is something that, for sure, will always be in my pocket!" Luca Volpe

“The props are devious. The blending of methods both new and old are quite clever and well structured. ‘Totem’ will easily find its way into the daily repertoire of the modern mystery performer.” Patrick Redford

“I love sneaky methods. ‘Totem’ delivers one after another to give a multiple revelation routine that takes up no pocket space at all. What more could you want?” Jon Allen


Customer reviews for Totem



I love this effect. I am so happy with my purchase. It does take a little getting used to. When I first started playing with it, I was very hesitant as I did not feel confident. Overtime and a lot of practice, it does work very well. I do like the fact that it is not electronic. So I do not have to worry about whether The batteries dead, or when it will die or that something will go wrong with it in the middle of an act.

I personally do not care for the way the effect is presented per the instruction. But that is just my preference. But watching the presentation, gave me a specific idea to use it for myself before I bought it. It is reliable. I have done this for magicians and ask them if they knew how it was done. If fools a lot of people. Some magicians have an idea, but they aren’t completely sure. For laypeople, they have no chance of figuring it out

watching the presentation, gave me a specific idea to use it for myself. It is one of my best purchases. I have yet to get caught even though I feel very nervous with the gimmick in my hand. Far as I know, no one even suspects I have it in my hand.

My only advice is that it takes some practice to get used to the gimmick. I would go to my Magic club and just practice with my fellow magicians, seeing if I could figure out which hand is it in.



You're going to get a lot of magic out of this little coin if you play it right. The teaching is clear in what you should say and why it's important. Even if you don't get a "hit" on everything, you're still guaranteed so many hits you'll always be successful with it once you learn it. This is a mentalism piece, so you don't want to rush through this. Your story and patter are essential here. If you plan it right and give this the respect it deserves, you'll have a miracle in your pocket for any close-up situation.





This advice actually helped greatly - thank you!






This is a fantastic trick. The spectator feels like they really do have a free choice. The instructional video goes through the routine pretty well, with explanations to all possible outcomes; only thing that was omitted in the instructional video was a thorough explanation on using the tool that comes with the chip - vanishing inc. sorted that out in a reply to an email I wrote them, then everything made sense from there. Amazing service as always.



Very clear short video. I'm still awaiting my full instructions when my prop arrives but the method from this short video gives me a good idea as to how clever it will be. There perhaps could have been more detail but I imagine this will arrive when I receive my package. As always- thank you Vanishing inc for supplying our videos before our packages arrive!!!



I don’t know where to start! This is a worker for sure. If you are into mentalism and close up magic, then this is for you. This packs so small but leaves your spectator completely fooled and entertained. I cannot stress enough how powerful this is. I am a close up magician and a worker, and this goes with me everywhere I go. This effect makes fantasy a reality. Furthermore, it is so fun and easy to perform! The quality is amazing, and will last a lifetime!



The safety net for a failed psyche force is fantastic.

I don't care much for the foil, but that's my only complaint.



For which hand, this is great. As a prediction, sometimes it's hit or miss.



The method is easy to figure out. The promo doesn't show the whole painfully obvious process. I did this twice for laymen and they were easily able to figure out what was going on. You can use this as a "which hand" bit and that would be a fooler. This goes into the drawer with other "never perform again" tricks.



There's some ingenious combinations of thinking at the heart of this release, but the central gimmick aside I'm not sure it offers much that's particukarly new. They cleverly get around the issue of failed psychological forces, although any smarter-than-the-average-bear spectator may be suspicious at the way free choices are limited. Tacked together, they're pretty transparent. I wish more than one gimmick had been provided as it's something that will be easily lost when out performing. If you're in the UK, for example, geographical/cultural proximity factors make particular key psych forces seen in the trailer less likely to hit in my experience. More than one poker chip with different carefully selected images would have been a massive help. I hope they offer other options in future.


Community questions about Totem

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Steven asks: Skill level required for this?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No physical skill is needed, but there will be a degree of performance skill. But, as ever, with Vanishing Inc. we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so if you find something isn't for you, just mail it back and we'll give you store credit or a refund.
  • Einar Aron asks: Will this work in other languages?

    • 1. Jim answers: In theory, yes. YMMV, depending on the language.
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  • Stephen asks: Is there any slight of hand moves ?

    • 1. Jim answers: Nothing that I would describe as sleight-of-hand.
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  • Richard asks: I'm always a little skeptical when the trailer doesn't show a complete performance but here's my question: Can this be repeated with the same audience?

    • 1. Jim answers: As with most predictions, I would choose to not repeat this for the same audience.
    • 2. Daniel answers: Check the latest Wizard Magic Review, Dave gets it off the sticks and performs it for Wayne.
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  • Meik asks: It's delivered with 100 gold foils. Can I use any foil after that or do I need to purchase refills? If so, will VI carry them?

    • 1. Jim answers: You can use any foil.
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  • jim asks: Could this also be presented as an effect for a couple hundred people on a platform situation?

    • 1. Jim answers: Theoretically, yes. It would help to have a camera project the revelations onto a big screen.
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  • Les asks: Forgive the confusion but does each poker chip have all force items printed on it or just 2 , one of each side?

    • 1. Quentin answers: You only receive 1 poker chip with Totem
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  • dean asks: It shows the foil open and the 7h drawn on the inside of the foil is this also something as an extra force discussed within the instructional video?

    • 1. Quentin answers: Yes this is covered in the instruction
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  • Ben asks: Is there any chance the chip is magnetized so it could also be used in a which hand style routine?

    • 1. David answers: That would've been pretty cool.
    • 2. David answers: It is magnetized for that exact purpose. Details included in the instructions.
    • 3. Jason answers: That's a great idea! You can try Tequila Hustler too.
    • 4. Terence answers: Personally, I use a magnetic coin for which hand, and I keep the wrapped chip for the mental story forces this trick is designed for, in the explanation they explain a few ways you can use the included 'detector' as a stealth way of ensuring two or three more Mentalist 'hits', personally, I use my special detector Sharpie as a pointer/detector as this takes all heat off the poker chip. This is great for every day carry and close up walk a round, completely angle free and the hits Blue, 3, 7H, Paris, Roses, Mona Lisa are so strong - I rarely get less than 6 and always 5. Hope this helps.
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