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Trick by Menny Lindenfeld
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TRU Xtreme

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Trick by Menny Lindenfeld (35.00)

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TRU Xtreme - magic
TRU Xtreme TRU Xtreme TRU Xtreme TRU Xtreme TRU Xtreme TRU Xtreme

TRU™ Xtreme by Menny Lindenfeld

Menny Lindenfeld turned the world of rubber band magic on its head when he released Tru™ . Now he’s back, with Tru™ Xtreme. It’s band penetration magic that look like camera tricks.

Watch the trailer above, then come back.

This is no 2.0 release. With Tru™ Xtreme, Lindenfeld takes rubber band magic to a whole new level with completely visual moments that will cause your audiences to doubt their eyes are working properly.

There’s three volumes here, where you will be taught wholly new ways of performing lots of crazy visual magic your going to love performing as much as your audience will enjoy watching.

Let’s cover the basics:

  • New methods that use no cover at all
  • The band visually penetrates both your and your spectators fingers
  • You can allow your audience member to pull the band through your finger
  • Slow motion penetrations you’ll swear are camera tricks
  • Learn methods that will work with almost anything - pens, bottles, glasses and more
  • Almost everything is able to be performed surrounded
  • The bands you need are included and non-gimmicked

What’s on each volume?

Volume One - The basics

  • You visibly link a band on and off your finger, whilst your spectator is holding it
  • Get a rubber band to penetrate your volunteer’s finger
  • Make a band visibly melt off a spectator’s finger
  • Brand new visual techniques to link and unlink two bands that are different colors
  • Crazy finger to finger band jump using a brand new method

Volume Two - Ditch the fingers, bring out the other items

  • Super clean band through Sharpie
  • Cause a band to link on and off the middle of a pen
  • Make a rubber band go through many other items: a thicker pen, straw, fork etc
  • Have your spectator hold the end of a beer bottle and cause a band to penetrate
  • Learn a method where the rubber band will melt through borrowed sun glasses - whilst the spectator is holding them
  • See how to link the various methods into a solid routine with multiple phases

Volume Three - A whole new method variation of Tru™ Xtreme

  • Hold your hand palm up, wrap a band round all your fingers, as you pull on the band, it moves through your hand one finger at a time
  • Learn how to let the spectator pull the band off your hand
  • Reverse method where you can pop the band through each finger ended with the band over all of your digits
  • Cause a band through your fingers as you gently shake your hand
  • Make a band go through two fingers with just one pulling action
  • Learn how to perform many of these methods using borrowed headphones in a new method
  • Menny’s favourite - make a band melt through your finger in extreme slow mo

This is a best seller and it’s not actually released until the 20th of May. Pre-order now to avoid disappointment.


Customer reviews for TRU Xtreme



You get three videos, and three hours of play time off amazing tuition by Menny, Its so cool learning these amazing tricks, by just using these rubber bands, in the first video, follow the instructions that menny teaches you, and when you get to approxamatley the 46 minute mark, it all starts to fall in to place, and the magic really starts to happen, Menny even teaches you how to do some of these tricks using the spectators hand, I even fool myself with these tricks.These TRU Xtreme rubber bands arrived, i coundnt beleive how amazing these are, as to how these are so superior to the local shop ones i have used, The quality, the design, and the strechability, this is outstanding. What you get is, A great teacher, Three hours of great video production, and some very cool tricks, His teaching is so good in every aspect, cant ask for more, its Brilliant, I like to call this, WTF Just Happened.



After getting through most of the tutorials, the effects look pretty cool if you have the right type of hands. I can't do any of the effects without flashing so I'll never perform this. Pretty overpriced I think. $15 would have been more like it.
All in all, if you happen to have the right type of hand structure it's great. If not (like most, I think) then it's worthless.



Keep in mind that not everyone (myself included) will have the type of hands to perform this like the demo. I, like most, can pull this off with a lighter colored band but not with the black bands that come with the trick. The closer to flesh color the better. Unless you have the proper hand atributes, then the any color band will be fine.


Community questions about TRU Xtreme

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  • D Charone asks: Can you perform this with any rubber band? Can you perform it with larger and thicker rubber bands so that it can be seen while performing it on stage?

    • 1. Mohammed answers: Hello there! From my prior knowledge and from seeing how the original TRU method works you should use rubber band which are not very short or very weak. Normal rubber bands should do (not the thick version). Other than that you do get rubber bands in this product which are top notch quality. You can used the same color rubber bands which can be seen in some parlor stages but normally they would be difficult to see. You can try his version of the headphones (might be seen from a far distance).
    • 2. Garry answers: Use rubber bands that suit you, i purchase TRU Xtreme and while im wating for the elastic bands that come with this download, i went and bought a packet of coloured elastic bands from my local shop, and they work fine, also depends on your hand size, but you dont want these to be too short, otherwise you wont be able to stretch them between your fingers and thumb as yiu wil see in the video add, hope this helps.
    • 3. Garry answers: I have just received my TRU Xtreme rubber bands, and they are far superior to the normal shop bought ones, you even get a download link on the box were you can buy more of these.
    • 4. Garry answers: Correction, there is the brand name off these rubber bands on the leaflet that you get inside the box of the rubber bands, The link on the box is for the download tutorial, also these rubber bands you receive are far superior to the local shop ones i bought.
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  • Benoit asks: I have the orignal TRU. What is difference between TRU and TRUXtreme ?

    • 1. Mohammed answers: In this you will get many more new methods for new effects and a new method for a similar effect like the old one (rb from one finger to another-without having an rb tied on them). Here you get taught many different effects unlike the older one and you can create many different routines too per volume (or even more!).
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  • Joshua asks: Are the volumes separated into 3 different dvds?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: The trick comes with a pack of rubberband and there are three downloadable videos, not a physical DVD.
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  • George asks: What size bands come with this?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Size 19.
  • George asks: OMG!!! I've been watching the tutorial for 45 minutes and STILL haven't learned the trick! This is monotonous! WTF Menny, teach the fn trick! I miss paper instructions soooo much. Is there another tutorial out there for this that anyone knows about?

    • 1. George answers: Why did this come with black bands? It should've come with flesh colored or anyting but black. Not too happy with this.
    • 2. Garry answers: Go to a stationers shop and go and by some elastic bands, either normall colour, or coloured ones in a packet, or online magic shops you can usually buy the specially made elastic bands for these kind of tricks, were they are not only the recomended size but they have also been treated so they work better with your skin, do some research this will then make sence, if you watch the video properly at the beginning of the first video out if the three that you get, he will teach you how to disguise the elastic bands, which is explained on each one throught out. You must be doing something wrong, also as explained in the videos, is, to check your angles practice in a mirror, and even video yourself to see were you need to improve on doing these amazing tricks, the angles are also all demonstrated, and thoroughly explained in detail on these videos, i fool myself doing these tricks.
    • 3. Garry answers: I thought the same at first, but it was so worth watching the rest, as you need to learn the very basics first, then when you get past the 45 minute mark it all starts making sence, and it comes togeather, it all depends on how much you want to learn this, if this was on paper it would cost a fortune, with the ammount of images youd have to put into a book, then trying to explain this in a book, would this be realistic, its questionable for this to go into a book, in my oppinion.
    • 4. Garry answers: Type in Rubber Bands on vanish inc website and you will find plenty of choices for rubber bands including coloured ones. I received my TRU Xtreme rubber bands today, and they are far superior to the shop bought ones.
    • 5. Garry answers: Just received Joe Rindfleisch's Rainbow Rubber Bands (Size 19), which you can find on vanish inc website, the ones you get with TRU Xtreme, and these are amazing rubber bands, Plus you can get different single colour ones, and different size from a 16 or a size 19 depending, check them out, they are worth it.
    • 6. Garry answers: To George, if you watch video No2 you will realise why you need to use the black rubber bands, it is all very well explained why, especially when using the sharpie pen.
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  • Christofer asks: Is there a download only version? I already have rubber bands that I'm more than comfortable with, size 19.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We cannot sell the download separately.
  • Robert asks: Does TRU Xtreme teach the original TRU routine, or do I need to start with TRU, then get TRU Xtreme?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: TRU Xtreme teaches the new improved version very well. You do not need TRU.
  • Jonathan asks: What is the difficulty level in comparison to Crazy Man's Handcuffs?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It will take practise than CMH for sure. Definitely do-able though.
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