The Twins

Trick by John Morton
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The Twins

13.50 usd

Trick by John Morton (13.50)

In stock.

A total sellout at Blackpool, here is your new favorite simple "Which Hand" routine that can be performed everywhere.

No electronics. No Magnets. "The Twins" by John Morton is a clever, direct and surefire "Which Hand" routine that you'll want to carry with you everywhere. As a special bonus, you'll also learn John Morton's impromptu Which Hand approach.

"'The Twin's is a genius trick that you can carry with you all the time. I love it!" Luca Volpe

"It's great! Really simple and direct. It's probably one of the most direct 'Which hand' routines I've seen. Really good thinking. Congratulations on a such a practical effect." Marc Paul

"A wonderful routine that, like all of John's effects, is simple to perform but baffling for the audience. Highly recommended." Kieron Johnson


Customer reviews for The Twins



Bought this because it reminded me of long forgotten effects that I learnt as a kid from Marvin's Magic sets and the method is just the same. That's not to say it's childish, it is very much a strong but simple idea and real fooler. The chips are of great quality too.



This piece of mentalism is definitely my "go to" effect for strolling, or at a table, and best of all on a phone call.
I love calling a prospective client and with 100% accuracy predict which hand their coin-- or for that matter any object they choose-- is in. This not a face-time call where the person can be seen, rather it can be done with a land-line phone as well. Believe me when I say that this is an extremely mind blowing effect. In addition the explanatory video is superbly done. In my humble opinion this piece is gold and worth lots more than you're paying just for the idea.


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  • Tom asks: If there are no magnets or electronics etc, do you really need the poker chips? Are these just provided to be able to charge a little more than just for a download or can you do this impromptu with two half dollars and a quarter etc? I can't help but think that people will suspect something fishy about the poker chips since that's not necessarily a typical every day carry for someone (and maybe they're right, I dunno).

    • 1. Diego answers: Tom, I'm pretty sure you can perform this effect with any 3 objects where 2 of them are same type but not "equal" if you know what I mean, and then the 3rd object to represent the white chip.
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