Trick by Craig Petty and The 1914
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Trick by Craig Petty and The 1914 (40.00)

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Visible - magic
Visible Visible Visible

What if we told you that you haven't even scratched the surface of what's possible with an "Invisible Deck?"

Don't get us wrong. The basic "Invisible Deck" routine, where a freely named card is the only reversed card in a deck of cards, is one of the strongest card magic tricks you can do. But, Craig Petty, believes there is so much more you can do with an "Invisible Deck". It's an incredibly versatile prop with a variety of mind-bending possibilities that have never been fully explored...until now.

Teaming up with The 1914, Craig Petty presents "Visible," a nearly 5-hour masterclass on using the "Invisible Deck" to easily achieve card magic miracles that were previously only attainable with difficult sleight of hand. Whether you want a powerful new routine for your close-up set or are looking for surefire magician foolers, "Visible" has it all.

"I don't think there's a person alive who has put more thought into this classic prop. Visible is not only impressive as hell, but also incredibly inspiring. Symbiotic has already gone directly into my close up set! A real wealth of material with a fresh new approach." Adam Wilber

In addition to receiving TWO brand new Invisible Decks, you'll also get comprehensive tutorials for a variety of different "Invisible Deck" effects for all skill levels.

Craig will show you how easy it is to perform the "Invisible Deck", including explaining his simplified handling with no mental math required. He also provides pragmatic suggestions and solutions to all your questions and concerns.

Get ready to fall in love with the greatest trick deck in the world all over again!

"An expansive, enigmatic, explosion of ideas that leaves you a bit shell shocked!" Lloyd Barnes

"No longer a one-trick pony, this course turns the Invisible Deck from a single trick into a valuable system that you will want to use at every opportunity" Alan Rorrison

"Craig has generated a plethora of strong new effects using this classic tool" Marc Oberon


A phenomenal cards across. Three freely selected cards teleport from the deck to a small packet your spectator is holding. Even expert sleight of hand artists could never do a version this clean. This is a true magician fooler.

Two decks of contrasting colours share a symbiotic relationship. Anything that happens to one deck, instantly happens to the other. So many presentational possibilities.

Celeb Prediction
Your spectator thinks of a celebrity and what they think might be that celebrity's favorite card. Impossibly, you've predicted both ahead of time. In fact, the celebrity's name is found to be written on the chosen card. This is a jaw-dropper.

Invisible Aces
A thought-of card appears in between the four aces your spectator is guarding. You don't even need a full deck in play. This one fries audiences.

Future Self.
A genius time-travel presentation for the classic invisible deck routine which involves hilarious phone calls made to and from your future and present self. Your cell phone will literally ring midway through your performance to tell you the card your spectator will name.

Mate Deck
Two randomly selected cards come together in a deck you never even touch! The hands-off nature of this effect makes it feel like its truly impossible.

A unique take on the "holy grail of magic", this is "any number at any card" instead of "any card at any number." A thought-of number appears written on the back of a thought-of card. They never even name their card out loud!

Condition Transpo
Two card transpo? Meh. How about a two DECK transpo?! And it's not the decks themselves that switch places, but their CONDITION. (This one sounds a little odd written out, but we know you'll enjoy it.)

Time Prediction
A methodically crafted method allows you to easily reveal both a thought-of playing card and a precise time (which is written on the card).

The classic mentalism trick is applied to a single deck of cards as you tell the tale of a fateful Poker game from your past. Your audience freely guides the story, correctly naming not only the outcome of the game but the winning card and the time the game took place.

Paper Bag Triumph
You place a deck of cards in a paper bag and give it to your spectator to shake. It creates a massive mess! Cards are up-side down, face-to-face, back-to-back and everything in between. Your spectator is asked to name any card. Instantly and impossibly, every card in the deck returns to face the same way again. All except for the precise card they freely named!

Do as I Do
Your spectator turns a card over in the deck, out of sight and under the table. You do the same. Against all odds, the two cards match. This effect gives a major upgrade to the classic of card magic by allowing the magician to remove their car first.


Customer reviews for Visible



If you are new to the Invisible Deck, this is a brilliant introduction to the very famous gimmicked deck. You will learn how it's made, how it works, the most common presentation, easier handlings, pitfalls and advice.

If you already know the Invisible Deck, this will give you additional ideas and presentations to get much more out of it:
- How to vanish cards
- How to produce cards
- How to use the Invisible Deck to make a non-card prediction
- How to force an Invisible pair

You will also learn interesting applications of Equivoque/Magician's Choice and false shuffles/cuts in the context of the Invisible Deck.

I personally felt some of the presented routines are variants of each other, and I think this would be a stronger product with some culling. I value the number of original ideas more than the number of routines or hours of video, so I wouldn't mind saving some watch time instead of hearing the same prediction explanation twice with a small variation, for instance.

I had never bought an Invisible Deck before so I can't compare the quality of the provided ones, but after breaking them in (in the way explained in the videos) I can't say I have had any issue handling them. The only weird thing I noticed is that they didn't come arranged in the taught way (odds vs evens), I think it was odd spades and hearts were in the same side as even clubs and diamonds. I imagine that's a more advanced way to arrange it to avoid a spectator going "hey, all the cards are even on this side!", but I found no mention to it on the videos.

The included routines are demonstrated with a live audience and very clearly explained. But undoubtedly the real value of this product is opening your mind to mix and match the techniques to develop your own effects.



Wow, what an amazing project! You receive 2 invisible decks but the real magic is in the instructional videos. You get more than 4 hours of high quality lectures. Craig presents 12 effects, some of them with an ordinary invisible deck, some with a modified one. Some effects require another decks of cards or props, some do not require anything else than the invisible deck.
All the effects are shown in a studio performance (in front of a real audience) and very carefully explained. The material is very well organized and everything is easy to understand.
All of the effects require handling an invisible deck which is described at the beginning of the lecture. This is definitely suitable for a beginner magician. Some routines require (or look much better with) additional sleights but these are also explained in the video. Usually a simpler handling (more suitable for beginners) is also presented. Some effects require a memorized stack but an alternative solution is also presented.
The only downside I could find is that the videos cannot be downloaded.
Craig's knowledge base is really huge and he was able to come up with an amazing collection of effects not usually performed with the invisible deck.


Juan Pablo

Love the teaching great trick!!



This is a fantastic product.
The quality of the cards are great and the tricks explained are mind blowing.
It is a must have for any magician.



I like Craig Petty from his YouTube channel. When I heard about this project, I was very interested because Craig comes across as a no B.S. magician with a low tolerance for lousy magic. I had to see what Craig had to add to the traditional I.V.

I can tell you this, Craig's handling of the deck will make you slap your forehead that you didn't think of it, and his first handling, "Future Craig", is a pretty genius way to perform the I.V.!

Craig is (from what I have viewed so far) a pretty excellent teacher who you can tell has passion for this. I cannot wait to continue learning!



I haven't actually received the pre-order decks yet but I have watched the online instruction. Craig really knocked this one out of the park. I always strayed away from the invisible deck due to the mental math ( I know it's not hard) without making it obvious I was counting or stalling while I figure it out. Craig eliminates all that and has made it all very easy and practical. Great teaching and strong presentations. The only downfall for me is that if you've ever gotten anything from the 1914 (always quality stuff) you know that they don't allow you to download their videos and you have to stream them. I understand this for piracy issues but sometimes I don't like dealing with bandwidth issues etc. Either way completely happy with my purchase.

VI Monthly


First off I just received this today via pre-order. Vanishing Inc is one of the best to pre-order from 90% of the time whatever item I pre-order arrives earlier than expected. Craig Petty is a worker and isn't someone who just does magic for social media, but he works for real people in the real world. So when someone at his caliber releases something I definitely pay attention.

What Craig has done here is take a classic in magic which I thought was a one trick pony and turned it into a power house that will slay audiences. Magicians won't even know you are using the invisible deck. I have just viewed the tutorial and I am excited to practice the effects taught on this project.

Craig Petty is a wonderful teacher and is easy to learn from. The deck does most of the work for you and this project does not require difficult sleight of hand. This does not mean you shouldn't put in the practice time before you add this to your act. If you haven't already subscribe to Craig's channel on youtube MagicTV. He is someone you should follow and learn from a real worker.

Thank you again Vanishing, Inc for the awesome customer service and shipping things faster than expected.



I enjoyed the exploration of new thoughts. No question about the ingenuity. I did not find the very best innovations to be the kind of trick that fits my themes.


Community questions about Visible

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Steven asks: Are any sleights required for this?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While many of the tricks are self working due to the nature of the deck, there is a small amount of sleight of hand involved.
  • Kent asks: One of the reasons I don’t use the classic version is the same reason I don’t use other gaffed decks aka 1 trick pony. Can you routine these (any, some) effects?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is not a one-trick pony. There are about a dozen different routines that really elevate what we know about the ID.
  • Brandon asks: Hello Vanishing Inc Team. I believe the question above is asking if any of these tricks can be routined together in the same performance without needing multiple ID's. For instance, in the same performance, could we open with the cards across and then go into the paper bag triumph? If that's what the original question is asking, then my apologies. I'll just ask the question for myself. LOL.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I don't believe that they can be routined together.
  • Robert asks: Are both of the included decks the same color, and back design?

    • 1. Anthony answers: No, you get one red rider back and one blue rider back.
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  • Murray asks: In what form are the tutorials -- on DVD? as downloads? or as damnable online-only videos (to whose continued access is therefore problematic)?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Downloads
  • Matthew asks: Is this better than Josh's Handpicked Astonishments take on the ID?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The two projects are different. If you are starting to dip your toes into the world of ID, then Josh's project would be better. If you are already familiar with the ID and want some new and exciting routines with it, Visible will be your choice.
  • Evan asks: One of the answers above says that the tutorials are downloads, but one of the reviews says that the material can be streamed, but not downloaded. Could you please clarify? I am really not a fan of streaming-only videos.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You get a link to the videos and you can watch them online. You can't download them onto your computer.
  • Steven asks: I have purchased previous ID and have had problems with the handlings , some say that is down to the stock of the cards or not enough grip on my side , are these easier to handle or are all ID similar regarding of how easy it is to spread

    • 1. Jim answers: This one is of average quality in my opinion.
    • 2. Rodney answers: I can’t download vanish help
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  • Simon asks: Will there be a download only version of this? I already own two invisible decks and have no desire to own more...

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately not at this time.
  • Vaibhav asks: Can this be done with a pre-owned ID? I already have one and I am comfortable with that one. I understand you'll be sending two IDs, but can I still use mine?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, any ID can be used.
  • Harel asks: Which of the trick can be preform in stage show? If any.. Thanks!

    • 1. Lior answers: I don't think that the deck would be visible.
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  • Rod asks: I live out in the sticks. Is there no way I can download the tutorial as the internet isn’t very good at home. This is a decider for me as if not no point in buying. If not why can’t we download it as we have bought it ??

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can stream the tutorial rather than download it. I hope that helps!
  • Barry asks: In the Instruction videos, Craig talks about a particular app he uses for the Future Craig to call him. Times change, and apps stop working. I can't find the app he specified in the video - so..... What app is Craig *currently* using to generate the fake call? (February 2023) Baz

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I believe it is the Diverter by Marc Kerstein
  • Barry asks: The Diverter (see previous answer) is not available in Australia or is no longer available on the Apple App Store. Can anyone suggest an alternative app (iPhone) to achieve the effect in "Future Craig"? Barry

    • 1. Jack answers: I don’t own visible, but Jonathan Levit’s ‘The Stranger’ has the same sort of type of trick, and in my opinions, it’s even better. It is a tad expensive, but if you want to do that trick, there is really nothing else.
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