Trick by Jeff Prace
24.95 Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
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24.95 usd

Trick by Jeff Prace (24.95)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
Withdrawal - magic
Withdrawal Withdrawal Withdrawal Withdrawal Withdrawal Withdrawal

Our friends Josh Janousky and Jeff Prace have produced what we feel is their best effect yet. Just watch the trailer to see money just pop out of a gift card. 

Visually extract real currency from an ordinary gift card... not once, but TWICE... and the gift card is IMMEDIATELY EXAMINABLE with no palming, loading, stealing, or switching!

Watch the demo now!

You show a standard gift card with a $25 value. When you're strapped for dough, a gift card is useless; you need cold, hard cash. Your hands are clearly empty apart from the gift card, and a $1 bill stunningly POPS out of the card into your awaiting hand, leaving a $24 value PRINTED on the gift card.

Of course, $1 isn't enough. As an audience member inspects the dollar (NO SWITCHES!), you pull out MORE MONEY... this time a crisp $10 bill! The gift card now permanently has a $14 value and is IMMEDIATELY EXAMINABLE. There are no extra bits or gadgets anywhere to be found.

The automatic, self-working gimmick sits in your wallet and is ready at a moment's notice. There is only ONE gift card from start to end; the genius method allows it to be fully examinable with NO MOVES.

  • Insanely visual
  • Fits in your wallet
  • Quick reset
  • Multiple handlings taught
  • Custom-made gimmicks included
  • Gift card is 100% examinable
  • No sleight of hand
*IMPORTANT: Withdrawal is available in US Dollars, Japanese Yen, UK Pounds, and Euros. Please select the desired option when ordering. Product comes complete with materials; minimal assembly required.

Customer reviews for Withdrawal



Having worked restaurants for over 10 years I've noticed a trend of more and more people filming my magic for snap chat. Instead of getting upset.. I decided to take advantage. Withdrawal has allowed me to perform a quick visual appearance that those filming can shoe their friends over and over again.

I love it



I've had Withdrawal for a few months now and even though I haven't gone out into the real world and performed it yet, I absolutely love it. It takes a concept that is highly abused in the magic community right now and takes it to a totally different super cool very practical level. I can't say much other than if you like what you see in the trailer that you should just go ahead and purchase it. (There are some arts and crafts but they are not very difficult.)

Josh and Jeff always put out great material. Highly recommended.

- Ari



The method behind this effect takes a well known closeup apparatus, but dresses it up in a wildly different context. Basically this one gimmick allows for a visual appearance of the bill, visual change of the value on the card, and a hidden-in-plain sight ditch of the gimmick allowing for an examinable card at the end! This is honestly utilitarian thinking at its best. 5/5 Solely for the thinking/concept :)

Now, for the sake of completion and objectivity, there are a handful of small shortcomings as well that I feel are worth mentioning. First of all, the material used to activate the gimmick tends to be fragile. Mine broke in 2 days, so I had to replace it (not a huge deal... and most likely my fault). Also, you can't just take this out of your wallet right away to perform... you need a few seconds of misdirection to set the gimmick... again, not a big deal, but worth mentioning. Lastly I would say that the initial one time set up is decidedly more than minimal. It is certainly achievable by most, but be prepared to put a little time into it. I actually found that having to construct it myself provided me with insight into gimmick making I hadn't previously had. 3/5 for practicality.

That averages out to a 4/5! I recommend :)



A good trick and gimmick that could be used in the real world, unfortunately does need a lot of crowd management, and I ordered the GBP version and it was printed with the old £10 design so it's actually unusable, should've been updated really or at least had a warning, another one to sit in the drawer??



Good trick, TERRIBLE gimmick building explanation. They go through how to make this with 3 different glues... then after your all done he goes "btw some glue leaves resisdue which will mess up your card so I just use tape".

so after you have already jacked up your gimmick they say "nm all that"? does anyone like actually test their instructional videos?


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