Words Beyond

Trick by The Other Brothers
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Words Beyond

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Trick by The Other Brothers ($15.00 - normally $35.00)

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Words Beyond - magic
Words Beyond Words Beyond Words Beyond Words Beyond Words Beyond Words Beyond Words Beyond Words Beyond

A book test with no fishing?

Wait...what? A book test with no fishing? 

Oh yes. 

Here's what the audience sees: a book (which is examinable) is handed to a spectator who opens it at any page they like and is asked to think of any word they like. Then, with no fishing at all you are able to tell them the word. 

And then you can repeat it with a borrowed book. Uh huh. Borrowed. 

The plot may be old, but this method is unlike anything out there - as you'd expect from The Other Brothers. No tricky procedures, no pumping, no fishing, nothing hard to remember. 

The book itself is beautifully designed and looks like any regular paperback. 

For us, a good book test is one that looks like you're showing "real" mind reading. Forget all that "count to the 9th line and read the 4th word in". Open the book, any page, any word. Boom. 

Words Beyond makes it look like you can really read their minds. 

It ships with the specially printed book and online video instructions. As always with Vanishing Inc, when you buy it you'll get instant access to the video so you can start thinking about your presentation ideas straight away. 


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Customer reviews for Words Beyond


Greg Glau

I was fortunate to be able to get this at Magic live and it is absolutely terrific!



I was fortunate enough to get this at Magifest and it kills. Simple and easy to do with a HUGE impact. Definitely a reputation maker.

P..S. This is my first ever product review. This book test is So good that I had to get off the sidelines and into the game.



I was wary of the claims made about this book test because I collect book tests and there are some fanciful claims being made in the Ad text and trailer. I was always taught that IF SOMETHING LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT IS ALWAYS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.......... Until now

Genius, Amazing, Unique, Superb

I LOVE THIS. When I perform this as a hangman routine we have to sweep the dribble off the floor.




A fantastic book test method. It may not be the strongest book test on the market, but for the price you can’t complain about the flexibility it gives you. No, you do not know the exact word they are thinking of but you know enough information that after performing the effect several times you should be able to determine their word with little effort. I do wish there was an alternative method built in for revealing a whole word immediately, but nonetheless the reactions it gets are fantastic. Overall, don’t underestimate this effect. It will get great reactions and leave people baffled. Isn’t that what it’s all about?



I've been practicing magic for over 60 years and in my opinion this is a great book test. A quality book and so many ways to interact with the spectator while you reveal their word. Very very clever and thought out. Have fun with it.



A book test with absolutely no fishing!!! There's also a few additional effects added to this book test and the Other Brothers really go into details for anyone to easily perform this routine. Words Beyond comes highly recommended!



An interesting and diabolical twist to the book test. In many ways this is more believable in its effect...not a demonstration of omniscience and a perfect prediction/reading. Rather, it builds on progressive revelation and a stunning conclusion. Thanks.



Excellent! I love the simplicity...the universal application...the instruction. Gonna work it into a set asap!



Great explanation.



I like this book test. I like the addition of the second book at the end. The ad is a LITTLE misleading, because it does say that you KNOW their word, it is not like The Great Gatsby, where you actually know the word immediately, but a bit of a different method. I don't think it's a bad thing, because I like having different methods of doing the same effect, but the ad is a tad misleading on their claim. The book could be made a little better, good graphic designers do not cost that much. :) Over all it is a good trick, a decent addition to book tests, and I've gotten very good reactions each time I've performed the trick.



I think this is a great trick but it could be better one by the end of the trick you don’t know the word exactly but I think this could be better but it’s still great any thing VanishingInc puts out but this is not the best release



I read the description, and I thought "this seems to good to be true." When I received the book and learned the method I was very disappointed. The description is very misleading. It implies they of think of any word on the page. Not true, you limit the words they can think of, using a method a lot of book tests use. It also implies you immediately know the word, you don't. I can't go into much detail without giving away the method, but you DO NOT know the word they are thinking of, you make it seem like you do. I would recommend the great Gatsby book test. Much easier, faster and cleaner.



The method for obtaining the spectators chosen word is an interesting take on an old concept. However, anything of worth in this product are immediately wasted because the book itself looks like a piece of trash. I would be embarrassed to show this "prop" to my audience. It is the single least convincing book test I have ever seen. It screams "MAGICIAN'S PROP" the moment anyone sees it. And it is FAR from examinable, the text itself (even the text on the back cover) sounds like it was written by a 5 year old whose native language wasn't English.