Trick by Bizzaro and Danny Weiser
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Trick by Bizzaro and Danny Weiser (44.95)

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Write-Thru - magic
Write-Thru Write-Thru Write-Thru Write-Thru Write-Thru Write-Thru Write-Thru Write-Thru Write-Thru

The classic pen-thru-bill gets a groundbreaking upgrade that will floor every audience, heckler, and magician you come across. If this amazing effect wasn’t already in your EDC, that will surely change once you get your hands on “Write Thru” by Bizzaro & Danny Weiser.

"Such a great improvement and an EDC I can see many magicians using. Fantastic!" Angelo Carbone

One of our favorite fun facts is that humans landed on the moon before wheels were added to suitcases. We share this because it’s the perfect example of how sometimes we tend to get tunnel vision for the larger picture. As such, we can sometimes forget about the smaller details—which are often the most important.

This is exactly why it’s possible to make everyone’s jaws drop to the floor with just a simple click of a pen.


Developed by the super creative duo of Bizzaro & Danny Weiser, “Write-Thru” uses new patented technology to add a powerful subtlety to the pen through bill. After stabbing it through the bill, you can then click the pen as if it were completely normal. This completely shatters any connection to the method and quiets even the most persistent hecklers. You’ll have a ton of fun fooling your magician friends with this too.

This incredibly clever convincer is the epitome of “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?”. When you combine it with the fact that you can use the pen to write or draw as normal, you leave your audiences completely defenseless against what is about to hit them. Even those who might be familiar with the classic effect will have no explanation for how you’re able to remove the pen and leave the bill completely unharmed.

"Write-Thru" is an easy to do, practical, and powerful piece of organic magic that belongs in the arsenal of every magician. It's a pen through bill with proof that you are going to love performing.

"Very clever, very sneaky, and very commercial.” David Regal

"A wonderful added convincer to an already spectacular effect. A mainstay classic of magic just got better!” Matthew Wright

Puncture, click, heal. It’s time to rethink the impossible with “Write-Thru” by Bizzaro & Danny Weiser.


Customer reviews for Write-Thru



This for me is a great updated version on a old magic trick of the past and this one works very well. Many who think they know how this is achieved are put off but the fact you can click (abet a slow click works well) the pen. This small subtle change brings and adds another dimension to an old idea. The fact you can write with it also throws everyone off. This is in my opinion is better used with paper over polymer of course, so if you don't have paper notes use the pages of a book. I like this because of the small but well thought out nuances the creater has included.



This product is perfect for one type of spectator, the person who thinks that 'figuring out how it is done', is the whole point of a magic performance. I know from a few weeks of performing with this pen, even if I don't emphasise clicking the pen, it does dramatically throw off those searching for the method.
In realty, the pen works as I expected, and is very well made.
I will point out that I had a problem with my first order, and Vanishing Inc went beyond my expectations to correct it, so five stars for service.



What I like about this is it looks like a quality pen that I would use. What I don't like is that the one I got doesn't seem to work quite as well as the one in the instructions and will damage the bill. It still works well enough and I use it just can't do some things with it.



The only let down, is on the expected part of this gimmick, if you are a fast rapid clicker....it blows the trick....if only certain things were stronger, I'd be more attracted to this. Basically, Practice and do not click it too fast and/or furious.



Yeah, I don't get buyers remorse often but I'm not sure why I bought this. Maybe I'll show it to a magician friend once in a while? The cheap version I use is actually better. It looks unassuming and innocent and then I can hand out the pen to be examined. And when it craps out or I lose it I can just buy another for ten bucks. The convincer of this new version which is cool for magicians, actually makes no sense for a spectator. Even in the demo presentation video they penetrate the bill and then click the pen and actually say "look, it still works". Well....yeah...why wouldn't it?! If you penetrated a bill with a pen, then yes, at that point the pen would still click. And yeah it does damage the bill a little. They probably won't notice but still it makes no sense. To add an unnecessary prover you are actually damaging the bill which is the exact opposite of the point of the trick; to leave the bill unharmed. I'm impressed by the mechanics, but yeah it may actually be the silliest version of this trick I've ever purchased. Sorry, no offense to the creators. It's cool, it's just not for me. It just doesn't make sense for me. What I will say is it DOES work as described and it appears to be well made.


Community questions about Write-Thru

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  • Chris asks: Hi - the description says the pen writes like normal, but can it be handed out for inspection after the effect? Thank you

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is correct.
  • Ed asks: Can this be done with polymer notes?

    • 1. Andrew answers: One was actually used in the trailer ($5 Canadian bill).
    • 2. Ed answers: Thank you! Sorry didn’t have time to watch the trailer earlier and just scanned the ad copy ????? ??
    • 3. Eric answers: The penetration works but you can’t write on a polymer note/bill (which is part of the convincing).
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  • Andrew asks: Is the ink cartridge refillable/replaceable?

    • 1. Greg answers: Are those special cartridges available for purchase at VI and are they available already for purchase?
    • 2. Jim answers: Yes, with a special cartridge.
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  • dae hun asks: http://www.magic-deck.com/smartphone/detail.html?id=000000002552 This is a product already made in Japan in 2020. Is this a copy product?

    • 1. Jim answers: Your link is not working for me.
    • 2. Larry answers: The link worked for me just fine. Scroll down and you'll see it. It's called the Knockout Pen by K-GO. Cost is $21.55 with free shipping.
    • 3. Pierre-Ulric answers: Oh yes, it seems you are right. Don't know if it is a copy product or just bad luck, but it is not a great outcome either way... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMK4QBKDxU8
    • 4. Paul answers: The Chinese version might more properly be called the "Knock-off Pen". However, I wonder if Bizzaro & Danny had their pens made in China, which then, of course, steals the idea for their own purposes?
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  • Jan Britten asks: Can any borrowed bill -- at the moment of the performance, and not prior to it -- be used for this effect? I mean: The secret technology is Only in the makeup of the Pen, and Not the bill at all, yes?

    • 1. Jim answers: You can use any borrowed bill, with no preparation to the bill.
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  • Jan Britten asks: .....and if the bill has anything to do with the effect, can it, too, be given back/passed out for examination, like the pen can?

    • 1. Jim answers: The performance alters the bill in a tiny way, which should not be noticed, in general.
    • 2. Eric answers: „like the pen“ is unfortunately not true; you have to switch (something off) the pen to give it to spectators!
    • 3. Troy answers: This works okay with a bill, but it does dmg the bill a little. I dont like this version of the trick much because you cant do it on a playing card, piece of paper or buisness card without marring the thing you are "poking thru". So it is possible that a spectator examining the bill will notice something unfortunately.
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  • Mike asks: I hope this question also inspires ideas depending on the answer but…once the bill has been penetrated and clicked open…would that open portion be able to write while thru the bill?

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes, it can. You will eventually need to replace the special ink cartridge, if you do this a lot.
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  • Ian asks: Will it work with any paper like a lottery ticket or till receipt? Thanks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It will work with any paper.
  • Darren asks: In Australia our bills/notes are a special plastic type,not paper. Will the effect still work?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Plastic bills might not work for the clicking part of the effect.
  • Bruce asks: Can you hand put the pen as well as returning the bill?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is correct.
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