Ency of Coin Sleights Set (Volumes 1 - 3)

Magic download (video) by Michael Rubinstein
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Ency of Coin Sleights Set (Volumes 1 - 3)

99.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Michael Rubinstein (99.95)

The close-up magician must use various sleights as his tools in creating finished masterpieces. Often this is a difficult and time-consuming venture as the sleights are scattered far and wide and finding just the right sleights takes a tremendous amount of time, searching, sorting, and more searching. 

The Encyclopedia of Coin Sleights, featuring Dr. Michael Rubinstein, provides a plethora of coin sleights making the creative process much easier and more focused. Dr. Rubinstein takes the viewer through a range of coin sleights from basic palms to fairly intricate changes. These videos do not pretend to examine every sleight in coin magic. Instead, Dr. Rubinstein has done much of the research for the viewer and carefully hand picked what he considers some of the finer coin sleights. Dr. Rubinstein is a superb teacher and really understands how to explain coin magic so that anyone can understand it from the beginner to the advanced performer. Each sleight is examined from a few carefully and wisely chosen angles. In every case, Dr. Rubinstein examines several variations of each sleight and also often includes his own thinking and ideas which are quite excellent. He breaks down each sleight in great detail with a voice-over as you watch extreme close ups from a few carefully chosen angles specific to each sleight.

These videos were digitally edited and remastered from the original Videonics footage.

Volume 1:

Concealments: Classic Palm; Finger Palm/Low Finger Palm/High Finger Palm; Thumb Palm; Angle Palm; Back Fingerclip Palm; The Front Fingerclip Palm; Fingertip Rest; Edge Grip; Goshman Pinch; Downs Palm.

Steals: The Vernon Steal; Rubinstein Variation of Vernon Steal; The Al Schneider Steal; Rubinstein Variation of Schneider Steal; Steal One Coin from a Group (Al Baker); Steal One Coin from a Group - Rubinstein Variation; Retention of One Coin from a Group (Rubinstein); Retention of One Coin from a Group - Variation #2; Tenkai Pinch Steal;  The Quick Steal (Rubinstein).

Shuttle Pass: Roth Shuttle Pass; Shuttle Pass (Michael Ammar); French Drop Shuttle Pass (G. Latta); French Drop Shuttle Pass Variation; R.F.D. Shuttle Pass (Rubinstein); V Retention Shuttle Pass (Rubinstein); Rubinstein Shuttle Pass; Fingertip Shuttle Pass (Rubinstein).

Changeover Palms: Chanin Changeover Palm (Jack Chanin); Vernon Changeover Palm; Shuttle Changeover Palm; Spellbound Changeover Palm.

Vanishes: French Drop Dingle Method; French Drop Buckley Method; French Drop Rubinstein Method; Spider Vanish (Ed Marlo); Spider Vanish Rubinstein Method; Classic Vanish (Al Schneider); The Twist Vanish (Rubinstein); The

Volume 2:

More Vanishes: Multi Coin Vanish; The Drop Vanish; Giant Coin Vanish; Giant Coin Tenkai Vanish; The Variation Retention Pass; Retention Pass Variation #1; Retention Pass Variation #2; Ken Krenzel Retention Pass; Herb Zarrow Retention Pass; Tips on the Retention Pass.

Loads: The L'Homme Masque Load; The Vernon Load; The Vernon Load Rubinstein Variation; The Fingertip Load (Rubinstein); The Snap Load (Rubinstein); The Fingertip Heel Clip Load; Silverdust Production (Ben Harris).

Spellbound Moves: Standard Change One (Dai Vernon); Standard Change Two (Dai Vernon); Standard Change Two Variation #1 (Mendoza); Standard Change Two Variation #2 (Dingle); Impromptu Touch Change (Rubinstein); The Strike Change (Rubinstein); Snap-Out Move (Mark De Souza, Rubinstein); Krenzel Spellbound Move; The Rub Change (Rubinstein); The Soft Change (Rubinstein); The Blow Change (Rubinstein); Stone Slap Change (Sol Stone); Stone Slap Change (Rubinstein Variation); Spellbound 9333 (Rubinstein); Triple E. G. Spell (Rubinstein).

Double-Faced Coin Moves: Fantastic Chip Turnover Move (modification); The Flip Turnover.

Volume 3:

More Double-Faced Coin Moves: The Two Coin Turnover (Rubinstein); The Two Coin Turnover Variation (Rubinstein).

Han Ping Chien: The Classic Move; The Classic Move Variation (Rubinstein); Rubinstein Toss.

Subtleties: Ramsey Subtlety; Kaps Subtlety.

Coin Roll

Switches: Utility Switch from Finger Palm; Utility Switch from Classic Palm; Utility Switch with Thumb Clip; Fingertip Utility Switch; Thumb Palm Switch; The Latta One Hand Coin Switch (Latta); The Classic Angle One Hand Coin Switch (Rubinstein); R.S.P. Turnover Switch (Rubinstein).

Click Passes: Single Click Pass (Chester Woodin); Double Click Pass; Bounce Click Pass; Bounce Double Click Pass; Rubinstein Click Pass; Thumb Click Pass; Double Clip Click Pass; New Theory Click Pass.

R.O.P.S. Technique: R.O.P.S. Move; New Theory Retention Pass; R.O.P.S. Click Pass; R.O.P.S. Double Click Pass; R.O.P.S. Card Move.

Coin & Card Moves: Pick-Up Move (Dingle Schneider); Harris Steal (Paul Harris); Bilis Vanish (Bernard Bilis); Card Lever Load (Rubinstein); Pick-Up Load; Point Load; Twirl Load (Al Schneider); Display and Flip-Over Move (Rubinstein); Card Ping Chien (Rubinstein).


Customer reviews for Ency of Coin Sleights Set (Volumes 1 - 3)





Michael Rubinstein is a living legend of coin magic. Sure, the DVD quality isn't great, but it was for its time! Don't let that deter you—everything is clear, and the material is timeless!

A lot of magicians who want to learn sleight of hand coin magic start with Bobo's book, and then don't know where to go from there. When asked for a recommendation, I would always point them this way. The unique sleights presented in these videos are not all well-known, and are sadly underused in today's trendy, "flashy" brand of social media coin magic. Real magicians performing for real people will find this set indispensable and invaluable.

Take particular note of the section on the ROPS technique. You will fool other magicians badly with this, if practiced and done correctly.



Ency of Coin Sleights Set (Volumes 1 - 3)
Magic download (video) by Michael Rubinstein ($ 34.95)
hi I would like to know but the price includes the whole set or just one?



There was a pricing error and the whole set was 33$. This is a great DVD set to get after the Metal series and David Roth's Expert Coin Magic. The ROPS move is really the highlight. It allows you to steal a coin from your hand very cleanly. Once you get the move down, it is not difficult or suspicious at all. I think this is for the advanced magician who wants to add some extra touches and get creative. Recommended but not Highly Recommended



Even though the DVD seems to be a little older, most if not all of the material is still valuable. It is easily explained and would serve any coin magician from beginning to advanced level.

The download itself was easy and pretty quick though I would prefer having the option to download ISO format too so I can have DVD menu and immediately jum to the things I am looking for. As it is, I have to make do with searching through the videos.


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  • Diego asks: Is this the price per volume or for all 3 downloads?

    • 1. Thomas answers: The price for three downloads are $99.95, I believe Vanishing has made a mistake and they lose a lot of money for each order
    • 2. Diego answers: Yup. looks like they just corrected the pricing error. Darn it. should have purchased when it was $33! ;)
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