European Coin Magic Symposium - Volume 1

Magic download (video) by Eric Jones, Akira Fujii, Miguel Angel Gea, Giacomo Bertini, Shigeo Futagawa, Curtis Kam and Hidekazu Kimoto
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European Coin Magic Symposium - Volume 1

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Magic download (video) by Eric Jones, Akira Fujii, Miguel Angel Gea, Giacomo Bertini, Shigeo Futagawa, Curtis Kam and Hidekazu Kimoto (20.00)

On November 26 & 27 2010 the first European Coin Magic Symposium brings 16 magicians from all over the world to Milan for 2 days of non-stop coin magic, with Lectures and Performances. Private sessions and Gala shows. The routines in this issue choices among the best and shot live at the symposium, are very impressive and strong. Expect some knuckle busters as most of the contributors in this issue are the best names in the Coin Magic genre. All routines are complete with performance and explanation. This is the content of this publication, one of the best in the history of coinmagic, with the others in the same series:


AKIRA FUJII: "Grown Up Coin" .Beautiful one coin routine with many surprises. Technique is very impressive and not very difficult to do. Intermediate level. Professional and beautiful routine for standup workers.

GIACOMO BERTINI: "Cylinder & Coins". This is his version of a classic routine, without the use of a wand. Many useful technique taught here but it will be a challenge to accomplish. A very well constructed routine that shows the hand empty from time to time. Plenty of subtle convincers here. Advanced level. Beautiful routine For standup workers.

JEAN EMMANUEL FRANZIS: "Coins No Purse No Glass". This is a tough one, you will need to be able to palm six coins in one hand. The routine starts off with the production of three silver coins and then changed to chinese coins and then ending with the chinese coins changing back to silver coins. Very nice routine, advanced level.Beautiful routine For standup workers.

SHIGEO FUTAGAWA: "Inflaction and Deflaction". A fun, short and original routine whereby one of the two half dollars changes to a quarter and the other half dollar changes to a silver dollar. Student of Shigeo Takagi, Shigeo is now considered the dean of japanese coinmagic. Beautiful routine to work at the table. Beginner/Intermediate level.

MIGUEL ANGEL GEA: "Esencia del Vaso". One of the master of spanish coinmagic presents one of the best routines of the download. Pure sleight of hand, pure magic and total enjoyment. A coins thru glass routine with seldom seen technique. A perfect lead intro a matrix or a four coin routine. Routine to work at the table. Intermediate level.

GINJIRO: "Cylinder and Chips". A classic Ramseyís routine using casino chips instead of coins. Interesting cork (magician fooler) used here. Very nice routine For standup workers, Intermediate level.

ERIC JONES: "Flash Dance". one of the most well-known american close-up magicians with a very visual 3 coin production using flash paper wads and a total vanish of the coins. Routine comprises of several mixtures of gaffs. Clever and easy to do. Beginner/Intermediate level. Professional and amazing routine for standup workers.

JOKE: "Fire Three Fly". A very original version of a classic routine, visual coins across choreographed to music with the use of a candle flame. Beginner/Intermediate level, professional routine for standup workers.

MARIO RASO: "Mirage". Performance and explanation of the use of the Mirage Coin. The performance is for standup workers, and easy to do. Beginner level.

**CURTIS KAM **"Be Like Water" (Performance Only). A production of 3 coins from a flask. Another beautiful and original routine, shot live at the symposium.

YOSHIHIKO MUTOBE: "Fancy Frame" (Performance Only). This is a special performance by Yoshihiko Mutobe, very slick moves. One of the few videos of the great japanese master that are on the market.

Apart from the performance and explanation from the working pros, this download will also include the complete performance and explanations of the top 3 winners in this conventionsí competition:

HIDEKAZU KIMOTO (1st prize): Beautiful coin across complete act for standup workers. Advanced level.A new and young Japanese coinman with great skills

TONY POLLY (2nd prize): Original and fun to the audience act for standup workers. Advanced level.

**MARCO PANTALEO **(3rd prize): Very original Spellbound coins act for standup workers. Cards and other objects. Spellbound for the first time performed with a card turning into a coin and viceversa. Advanced level

Running time: 1 hour 34 minutes


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This is by far one of the best downloads I've ever seen very informative. Thank you for sharing. . .




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